dÄHLer competition line, X5 M (F95) and X6 M (F96) DCL - the "Powerhouse"

dÄHLer competition line, X5 M (F95) and X6 M (F96) DCL - the "Powerhouse"

16.01.2021: X5 M (F95) and X6 M (F96) DCL dÄHLer competition line – the “Powerhouse” As we all know, when it comes to the size of cars, bigger is not always better. However, when it comes to power and torque, more is most definitely better, and the

X5 M (F95) and X6 M (F96) DCL dÄHLer competition line – the “Powerhouse”

As we all know, when it comes to the size of cars, bigger is not always better. However, when it comes to power and torque, more is most definitely better, and the current X5 M and X6 M models reimagined as the DCL dÄHLer competition line do not disappoint.

The letter “M” sparks endless fascination on an SAV – especially if the “M” is combined with a “powered by dÄHLer” power upgrade and makes it debut on the road as a comprehensively optimized and harmoniously balanced complete vehicle. It very soon becomes clear that this car – with its mighty, ursine presence – is a “powerhouse” on wheels, while also exuding athletic elegance.

The High-Performance M TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder gasoline engine with 4.4 liters of cubic capacity unmistakably sets the tone: With 441 kW (600 hp), 750 Nm (553 ft-lb) as standard and 460 kW (625 hp), 750 Nm (553 ft-lb) in the Competition – this is the most powerful engine of all BMW series vehicles.


Building on this basis, Dähler Competition Line AG from Bern, Switzerland, has tapped the full optimization potential of the X5 M and X6 M and provided finishing touches to both vehicles in the form of comprehensive customization work and a hefty power boost.

Technical highlights:

• Power boost level 1 “powered by dÄHLer”: 515 kW (700 hp), 840 Nm (620 ft-lb), with the factory-set maximum speed limit raised to 302 km/h. WLTP-E6d-temp tested and approved for sale in the EU and Switzerland, with corresponding supplementary warranty in addition to factory warranty

• Power boost level 2 “powered by dÄHLer”: If some is good, more must be better! Level 2 with even more power is still in development.


• 4-pipe stainless steel complete exhaust system “built by dÄHLer”: With the sporty, sonorous, signature dÄHLer engine sound, it is a real highlight. The exhaust system is rounded off by the ceramic-coated dÄHLer tailpipes measuring 116 mm in diameter. The ceramic coating is not only highly practical – with outstanding features such as a high hardness and resistance to wear, electrical insulation, low thermal conductivity, and a consistently reproducible surface structure – it also has a highly refined look.

The new-and-improved exhaust system also works in perfect harmony with the factory-installed gasoline particulate filters (GPF).

And if that wasn’t enough, for real BMW enthusiasts dÄHLer is offering an additional, CAN bus-controlled exhaust valve controller. This gives the driver 100% control over the noise levels – regardless of driving mode or r.p.m. and speed range. (Not EU/CH-approved)

• Carefully configured, fine-tuned sport springs “built by dÄHLer” that lower the chassis for greater driving stability, far fewer rolling movements, reduced sensitivity to crosswinds, and improved aesthetics –
specially tailored to the “EDC electronic damping system”.


Coming soon:

Performance coilover suspension “built by dÄHLer” (adjustable in height and hardness) specially and carefully tailored to the vehicle for greater agility.

• The cherry on the cake: The perfectly sized, stylish, exclusive, and ultra-light 23-inch forged wheels “dÄHLer CDC1 FORGED”. Using the latest manufacturing technology, dÄHLer has designed a wheel that meets the most exacting of standards thanks to its high strength and low weight.

The wheel blends seamlessly into the overall aesthetics of the X5 M and X6 M, effortlessly enhancing the imposing presence of the vehicle. It is available in 11 x 23″ in many different colors.

Advantages at a glance:

• Weight 30% to 35% lower compared to conventional light alloy wheels

• Greatly improved longitudinal and transverse dynamics

• Greatly improved acceleration and deceleration values thanks to the lower, accelerated mass

• Better and more agile handling/steering behavior

• High-quality powder coating for perfect protection of the wheel surface

• Large selection of surface colors with incorporated FORGED and dÄHLer logo

Experience it for yourself: dynamic power, precise performance, and enjoyable driving in any situation – be it on
asphalt, gravel or sand, in rain, snow or mud! With the coveted X5 M and X6 M DCL dÄHLer competition line complete package, you can really feel the technological harmony and precision and enjoy the thrilling driving sensation to the max!

Dähler Competition Line AG- also photos

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16.01.2021 / MaP

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