DTC - Danish Touringcar Championship Race Calendar 2006

09.03.2006: DTC - Danish Touringcar Championship Race Calendar 2006

April 30th 2006 Jyllandsringen Round 1

May 21st 2006 Padborg Park Round 2

June 11th 2006 Sturup Raceway Round 3

August 13th 2006 Ring Djursland Round 4

September 2nd 2006 Jyllandsringen Round 5

September 3rd 2006 Jyllandsringen Round 6

September 23rd 2006 Padborg Park Round 7

September 24th 2006 Padborg Park Round 8

October 15th 2006 Jyllandsringen Round 9 


Morten Alstrup

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09.03.2006 / MaP

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