Subaru report from service D

Subaru report from service D

01.11.2008: Subaru report from service D

On the second morning of Rally Japan, the four stages ran without complication and there were no further cancellations. The weather was much milder than on Friday, and whilst muddy, the stages were dry and there was no snow to be seen.

The top three remained unchanged, and indeed there were very few changes throughout the top ten. On the very slippery opening stage, Solberg and Mills slipped to seventh position, only to recover in dominating fashion on SS12. The duo won the stage, 1.8seconds faster than rally-leader Mikko Hirvonen, and in doing so jumped to fourth position overall. Atkinson and Prévot slotted into fifth position overall.

Atkinson and Prévot battled the tricky conditions of SS11 and were the fastest men on the stage at one point, finishing the stage fifth fastest. Both Solberg and Atkinson brushed the guard rail on a left hander near the start, as did much of the field. Atkinson’s Impreza suffered only a minor scrape, whilst Solberg’s was more noticeably damaged. Neither instance caused any further problems however.

SS12 was the second longest of the rally at 31.12km, and the fast and flowing roads were much more suited to the new Impreza. This was followed by SS13, the longest of the rally at 33.66km on which Solberg and Atkinson finished fifth and sixth respectively to consolidate their overall positions and edge ahead of Suzuki’s PG Andersson in sixth position overall.

SS14 was more similar to the slippery roads of SS11, but there was no change within the top six after its relatively short 9.55km distance.

Solberg was very happy with the feeling in his car on the faster and more flowing stages 12 and 13, whilst Atkinson reported oversteer on the slippery tests. The afternoon’s repeat passes of the stages will be more rutted and slippery.


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