"IDW unique opportunity to meet industry in single location"

"IDW unique opportunity to meet industry in single location"

19.08.2014: Exchange to bestow honorary membership on GIA President Photo caption: Part of the trading hall of the Israel Diamond

Exchange to bestow honorary membership on GIA President

Photo caption:  Part of the trading hall of the  Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) during the Spring edition of the International Diamond Week, April 2014

"The International Diamond Week (IDW) is a unique opportunity to meet and trade with Israeli manufacturers and dealers who usually do not attend the international trade shows. Therefore the time spent on the trading floor during the four-day event offers sourcing opportunities that cannot be realized anywhere else." (Chaitanya "Charlie" Vanjara)

With hundreds of Israeli, Belgian and American diamond manufacturers and dealers on the IDE trading floor during the first four days of September, visiting diamond buyers will have an unprecedented choice of goods to browse through and choose from.

"I look forward to participating once again in the International Diamond Week," said Chaitanya "Charlie" Vanjara, of Sunview NV, Antwerp. "On the IDE floor, you meet not only the large Israeli diamond companies, but also an impressive number of smaller operators, niche companies that produce goods of a carat and larger, as well as fancy-shaped and fancy color goods.

 Many of these smaller firms do not participate in the larger trade shows, such as Hong Kong," Mr. Vanjara noted. "Therefore, the term one-stop-station for polished diamonds is a perfect description of this diamond trading festival," he added.

Invitation to the International Diamond Week,  September 2014 


Among the guests of honor who will be attending the September 1-4 International Diamond Week is Susan Jacques, the President and CEO of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). To mark her visit and in recognition of her contribution to the gem and jewelry industry and trade, the IDE will bestow her with an honorary IDE membership.

Meanwhile, during the summer break, the IDW's core team is continuing to cater to buyers' registration and hotel room booking requests. The September show will also feature an exclusive polished diamond auction by the Rapaport Group. Meanwhile, negotiations are also taking place with other partners for the organization of additional, value-adding events during the week.

The registration page for the International Diamond Week in Israel can be found HERE.

These are the participating Israeli companies: 

4C'S Ltd. * A. h * A.B.T Diamonds Ltd. * A.G Diamond Direct Ltd. * A.R.D * A.S. Lugano Diamonds Ltd. * A.T.S Diamonds 2008 Ltd. * A.V.Milestone Ltd. * Aarohi Diamonds (Israel) Ltd. * ABC Diamonds Ltd. * Abraham Mazor * Adicomd Ltd. * Advanced Quality Acc Ltd. * Aharonoff Creations Ltd. * Alex Daniel Diamonds Ltd. * Aliya Diamonds Ltd. * Alon Grinker * Amiram Gertler Diamonds * Amnon Barkai * Amnon Hanimov * Andre Messika Diamonds Ltd. * Annita Diamonds Ltd. * Appelbaum Diamonds Ltd. * Arabov-Global Diamonds D.Z. Ltd. * Arad Diamonds Ltd. * Arbusman Yair * Arie Israelov * Arie Pienica Sons Ltd. * Asher Cut Ltd. * Asher Gertler Diamonds * Asherian Diamonds Ltd. * Assif Danieli Diamonds Ltd. * Assis Yitzhak Diamonds Ltd. * Avalon Diamonds Ltd. * Avh Diamonds Ltd. * Avnit Diamonds * AX Aloni Exchange Diamonds * B And V Diamonds (Israel) Ltd * B. Namdar Diamonds Ltd. * Babaev Jacob * Babayoff Diamonds * E.A (2011)Ltd. * Banis Diamonds Ltd. * Bardan Diamonds Ltd. * Barzilai Moshe Dia Comp 2000 Ltd. * Belisdiam Ltd. * Ben Yamin Diamonds Ltd. * Ben Yehuda Pinchas * Ben Yona Diamonds * Bendiaco Ltd. * Benma Diamonds Ltd. * Benny Galanter Diamonds * Benyamin Adler * Berman Diamonds * Beta Diamonds Ltd. * Biderman Nati * Binyaimin Cohen * Birenbaum Rami * Blankitny Diamonds Ltd. * Bond Asia * Boom Diamonds Ltd. * Boris Davidov * Boris Izhakov * Briza Lior Ltd. * Broide Eliezer * Brotfeld Diamonds * C.A.M.D Diamonds Ltd. Chaim Marx Diamonds 1990 Ltd. * Chen Feldman * Cohen Ben Zion * Cosmos * Cousins Diamond Ltd. * Dahan Max * Dalumi Group * Daniel Brothers Diamonds Ltd. * David Arabov & Sons 2013 Ltd, * David Assaf * David Levy Diamonds * David Weiter * Dayagi Avraham Diamonds Ltd. * Dbo Ltd. * DDS - Direct Diamond Solutions Ltd. * Devora Nissim * Diamanti Ltd. * Diamond Boutique Ltd. * Divine Diamonds Ltd. * D.N Diamonds 2007 Ltd. * Dor Diamonds (S.E. Vogel) Ltd. * Dorit Shbat * Dov Diamonds (1999) Ltd. * DTCI * E.Ben David * E.L.D Diamonds Ltd. * E.S.Y. Diamonds Ltd. * Eitan Grosman * Eli Achrak * Eli Melamed Diamonds * Eli Sadeh Diamonds Ltd. * Eli Shiri 2001 Ltd. * Eli Zamir * Eliav Jeki Diamond * Elul Diamonds Ltd. * Elyahu Mishaely * Elzya Diamonds Ltd. * E.M.A. Diamonds L.P. * Emma Janover Diamonds Ltd. *  Eshed Diam Ltd. * Eshkar Diamonds Ltd. * Every - Diam Ltd. * Eyal Badichi Diamonds Ltd. * Eyal Mizrachi Diamonds Ltd. * Eyal Sasson * Firestone Diamonds Ltd. * Fischer Diamonds Ltd. * Fraiman Yehuda * G. Arabov Diamonds Ltd. * G.F.D Diamonds Ltd. * G.I.D, Diamonds (2005) Ltd. * G.S. Diamonds Ltd. * Gal Diamonds Ltd. * Ganon Shabbi and Shuki * Gemerald Ltd. * Gem-Processing Ltd. * Gidon Khafi Diamonds * Gidon Menashe * Gil Kimchi Diamonds Ltd. * Goldstein Landau Diamonds * Gos Diamonds Ltd. * Gretzer Avi Diamonds * H. D. Herman * H.S Diamonds Ltd. * Haba Diamonds (1982) Ltd. * Haim Katz Diamonds * Haim Matyah * Hanan Abramovici Diamonds Ltd. * Hausman Y & A Diamonds Ltd. * Hnd Diamonds * Holzman Fabian Diamonds Ltd. * House Of Gems * I. Pascal * I. Sadeh & Sons Diamonds * I.C.S. Diamonds Ltd. * Ideal Diamonds * I.J. Diamonds Ltd. * Israel Ichak Diamond & Jewellery Manufacturer * Izak Levavi Diamonds Ltd. * Iztkovich Orna * Jediamex Diamonds Ltd. * J.K.D. Trading Ltd. * Joe Brima Ltd. * Josef Herskovits & Co. * Julius Klein - Eliaz Diamonds Ltd. * K.G.M. Diamonds Ltd. * Kanner Ami * Kaplin Elchanan * Karma Diamonds Ltd. * Katzauer Shalom * Keren Or Diamonds A.S. * KGK Diamond Israel Ltd. * Kimchi Diam Ltd. * Kobi Ohev Zion * Koldan Diamonds * Koren Yoram & Sagy Diamonds * Korn Diamonds Ltd. * Kupermanbros Bros Diamonds Ltd. * L&N Diamonds Ltd. * L.B.R. Diamonds Ltd. * L.D.Z Diamonds Ltd. * L.S.A Aminov Diamonds Ltd, * L.Y.E Diamonds Ltd. * Landau Selected Diamonds * L.B.E Diamonds Ltd. * Legacy Diamonds Ltd. * Leibish & Co. Ltd. * Lenshizky Ya'akov * Leo Shachter Diamonds Ltd. * Leon Pinassi Diamond * Lidan Diamonds Ltd. * Liel Diamonds Nava Rottenberg * Lili Diamonds * Lior Gross Diamonds * Lior Martin Ltd. * Liraz Diamonds Ltd . * Lj Diamonds * Lustig Brothers Ltd. * Luz Diamonds Ltd. * M. Moses Diamonds Ltd. * M.A Anavi Diamond Group * M.O.Y Yishffe Diamond Ltd. * M.S.D. Diamonds Ltd. * Makore Diamonds Ltd. * Mamashi Diamonds * Maoz Meir * Margolin & Shalom Yuval Ben-Guy * Maroz Diamonds Ltd. * Marquis Diamond Ltd. * Matan Diamonds * Mavrik Diamonds Manufacturing Ltd. * Mayoli Diamonds * Meir Elia Diamond Ltd. * Melees By Size Ltd. * Menni Cohen * Mesika Chino And Sons Ltd. * Miamor Diamonds (Israel)Ltd. * MID House Of Diamonds Ltd. * Migdal Diamonds Ltd. * Moshe Bleiweiss Diamonds * Moshe Levy Diamonds * Moshe Nofarber * Moshe Reginiano * Moti Ganz * Moti Kashi * Motti Fluk * Motti Kahana Diamonds Ltd. * MTD Teller Diamonds Ltd. * My Way Diamonds Ltd. * Myclass Diamonds Ltd. * New Star Diamond Ltd * N.F.C. Diamonds Ltd. * Niru Diamonds Israel (1987) Ltd. * Nisay Diamonds Ltd. * Nissim Shmuel & Sons Diamonds Ltd. * Nof Ofer Diamonds Ltd. * Nofarber Diamonds Ltd. * Novel Collection Ltd. * NY Diamonds * O.T.D Diamonds Ltd. * Onyx diamonds Ltd. * Ostfeld Diamonds Ltd. * Ovadia Diamonds Ltd. * Paloma Diamonds Ltd. * Paz Diamonds Israel - Shalom Mizrachi * Paz Diamonds Israel * Paz Diamonds Israel-David Shalti * Paz Diamonds Israel-Ofer Shrager * Paz Diamonds Israel-Pinchas Fouzailoff * Penta Diamonds Ltd. * Podicko Diamonds Ltd. * Poligem Ltd. * Porati Shmuel * Priel * Protea Diamonds (1984) Ltd. * Protea Gem Diamonds Ltd. * Protea Gy Diamonds Ltd. * R.D.S Diamonds Ltd. * R.G.E Diamonds Ltd. * R.L Diamonds * R.P.A Diamonds Ltd. * R.R Diamonds Ltd. * Red Diam Ltd. * Regent Diamonds Ltd. * Riegler Diamonds * Rio Diamonds Ltd. * Rising Star Ltd. * Ronen Jacob & Sons Diamonds * Ronit Fish Praiss * Rony Duek Diamonds Ltd. * Rosy Blue Sales Ltd. * S. Juwal & Co. * S. Schnitzer Diamonds Ltd. * S.A. Diamonds * S.H.R. * Saban Diamonds * Sahar Atid Diamonds Ltd. * Samir Gems Israel Ltd. * Sasportas Moshe Diamonds * Segaldiam Ltd. * Selected Diamond Traders Ltd. * Seren Diamond Ltd. * S.H. & A. Diamonds Ltd. * Shely Daniel Diamonds * Shi.Di.Di Izakov Ltd. * Shine Diamonds * Shirel Platinum Diamonds Ltd. * Shirtal Diamonds Ltd. * Shlomo Bichachi Diamonds Ltd. * Shmuel Gerbi Diamonds * Shoham Ayalon Diamonds Ltd. * Shoki Abaca * Simchayoff Yacob Diamonds Ltd. * Solitaire Diamonds Ltd. * Sorum Diamonds Ltd. * Sri Diamonds Ltd. * Steinfeld Diamonds Ltd. * T. Kaufman Diamonds * T.O.C The Excellent Make * Tali Raviv * Taly Diamonds Ltd. * Thelet Diamonds * Tsuberi Diamonds Ltd. * Turgeman Mordechai * U.S.D. Diamonds 2006 Ltd. * Udi Limor & Sons Diamonds Ltd. * Universal Diamonds International Ltd. * Vardi David * Victory - Rafael Lalo * Vision International Diamonds Ltd. * Vivial Color Revealed Diamond Ltd. * VMK Diamonds Ltd. * Vulcan and Co. * Wertheimer-Fruchter Diamonds Ltd * Windiam Israel Ltd. * Y.Dvash Diamonds Ltd. * Y.L.Golan Diamonds Ltd. * Yakobov San Diamonds Ltd. * Yakrangi Tuvia * Yam Gem * Yaron Moradov * YDI -Yoshfe Diamonds International Ltd. * Yerushalmi Bros. Diamonds * Yes Diamonds * Yoel Deil Diamonds Ltd. * Yohanan Benaroche * Yona Lev Ltd. * Yondor Diamonds Ltd. * Yoni Salton * Yosef Zamir Diamonds * Yossi Yerushalmi Diamonds * Yshai Rosental Diamonds Mfr * Zaban Diamonds B.S. Ltd. * Zev Hershler Diamonds * Zofiof Oren * Zvi Adler Diamonds

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