Apple Announces New Products. Now, How Do You Get Them in Luxembourg?

17.09.2015: Big Apple Buddy, NYC-based shopping concierge, delivers the latest Apple products

Big Apple Buddy, NYC-based shopping concierge, delivers the latest Apple products ¬ the Apple Watch, iPad Pro and iPhone 6S - straight to your doorstep


Apple announced the release of its new products on September 9th, causing the usual shopping frenzy around the world and a rush to acquire the new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro. Apple Watch fans were also presented with a new range of colours and designs, including an ultra-chic Hermès collection.

Sadly, the privilege of owning the slickest technology upon release only belongs to a select number of countries. For example, the Apple Watch is only available in 24 nations and the new iPhone 6s will only be released in 12 countries initially, leaving behind the rest of the world, including Luxembourg.

Big Apple Buddy, a shopping concierge in New York, was founded with the mission to bridge this gap in international shopping, giving a chance to anyone in the world to purchase latest tech gadgets directly from the U.S., including the latest Apple products.

The process is extremely easy - consumers simply tell the company what they would like to buy from America and then they will have their product personally sourced and shipped to their doorstep. The New York startup has already developed a loyal client-base in over 55 countries around the world. Their clientele are mainly professionals, who simply want the latest products hassle-free.

Apple fans in Luxembourg can order the Apple Watch immediately through Big Apple Buddy today. The company has partnered up with reliable shipping carriers, Fedex, UPS and DHL, meaning customers can receive their new gadget in as little as a week.

Consumers interested in the unlocked iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro can put their name on the waitlist, and get notified as soon as the products begin shipping in America.

When you order your products through Big Apple Buddy, you will experience a completely personalized and seamless shopping experience. The company handles the entire process for the client from order to delivery. They will source the item as quickly as possible, check and repackage the goods upon arrival at their facility, prepare all necessary customs documentation and have the parcel safely shipped to your doorstep.

All costs are set out in a free quote with a minimum service fee of $40 per order. The service fee covers all the leg work the company does for its clients, including discount negotiations, packaging, shipping and providing personalized product and shopping advice.

Big Apple Buddy has a mission to eliminate international shopping barriers, giving consumers access to the latest tech products as soon as they are released in America, regardless of where they are in the world.

For more information, please visit

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17.09.2015 / MaP

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