University of Luxembourg computer science ranks 58th worldwide

University of Luxembourg computer science ranks 58th worldwide

24.11.2016: Times Higher Education World University Ranking The University of Luxembourg belongs to the circle of the world’s 200 best

Times Higher Education World University Ranking

The University of Luxembourg belongs to the circle of the world’s 200 best universities: this year, it ranked 178th, from 193th last year, in the prestigious "Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking".

"A very important factor for attaining this excellent position is our sustained, determined effort to attract excellent first-rate researchers in computer science," says Prof. Rainer Klump, President of the University.

Computer science has been a research priority at the University from the start when the Computer Science and Communications (CSC) group was established in the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication.

 In 2009, the University launched the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) to spearhead this research priority and increase the socio-economic impact of computer science research.

In a relatively short time, the investment in this priority has paid off beyond all expectations: the University is ranked 58th in the field of computer science, placing it in the league of reputed universities such as King's College London (ranked 52th), the University of Stuttgart (ranked 60th) and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (ranked 73th).

 "We are very proud of this result which acknowledges our ability to achieve excellence in areas we prioritise," says Prof. Klump.

Attracting outstanding professors

Pascal Bouvry holds a chair in the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication: "The University has gone through a remarkable evolution during the 13 years since its foundation: we started off small and persistently concentrated on scientific excellence and top-notch academic training. That is the basis for the outstanding position we have now achieved."

Prof. Bouvry emphasises that a major advantage was how the Faculty attracted outstanding professors from the beginning: "They brought excellent researchers to Luxembourg and thus ensured an internationally recognisable output of scientific articles."

This, Prof. Bouvry continues, was only possible because Luxembourg offers ideal research conditions for scientists: "The small size and agility of the country accelerates decision making and enables us to quickly launch projects and acquire the necessary funding. Close cooperations with the industry helped to guide our research and focus on relevant areas."

Socio-economic impact

SnT hosts a large number of computer science researchers and has today over 250 employees. "At SnT, we place a strong emphasis on going beyond excellent research to create socio-economic impact", says Prof. Björn Ottersten, the founding director of SnT.

The centre has aligned its strategy to that of the Government of Luxembourg and is a sought-after cooperation partner for companies and institutions. Some 30 long-term partnerships have been established with infrastructure and service providers, technology and system integrators, banks and financial institutions, as well as public agencies.

"By creating efficient synergies between public and private investments in research, we can ensure that our partners become more competitive and continue to invest in the country," says Prof. Ottersten.

SnT has recruited outstanding computer scientists, among them two FNR PEARL chair holders and two ERC advanced grant awardees.

 "We are convinced that excellence and impact directly result from our focus on areas aligned with national priorities and industrial needs," says Prof. Ottersten.

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