Cebit Hannover : Communications, Products and Innovations, part 1

Cebit Hannover : Communications, Products and Innovations, part 1

05.02.2009: CeBIT 2009, 3 to 8 March Secure data analysis for Windows platforms Data analysis on full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet connections places special demands on data acquisition. Analysis is possible on lightly loaded Gigabit networks with

CeBIT 2009, 3 to 8 March

Secure data analysis for Windows platforms

Data analysis on full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet connections places special demands on data acquisition. Analysis is possible on lightly loaded Gigabit networks with traditional Ethernet NIC, but on high-performance networks with corresponding peaks in demand, packet loss is often unavoidable. Full data acquisition in real time is only possible if the hardware used has sufficient capacity. Hence CeBIT exhibitor Psiber Data has developed a high-capacity dual-port Gigabit Ethernet data acquisition card for Windows platforms.

The system is comprised of three main components: a dual-port Gigabit Ethernet board, a specific Windows driver and an application programming interface (API) for adapting the system to your own application. The ports can be configured as desired in respect of the measurement method employed (full-duplex/SPAN port). Pass-through measurement is also possible.

With this measurement method, the data is fed through both ports, whereupon the actual data traffic between both communication participants is visible. The user also thereby receives information about compatibility and connection problems.

Psiber Data GmbH
82152 Krailling Germany
Hall 13, Stand C89

With analysis, network problems have no chance

Enterprise-wide network monitoring and performance analysis, which enables detailed analysis of network data in the event of a fault, are fairly high on the wish list of many an IT manager. When implementing a solution for real-time performance monitoring and troubleshooting, important factors to consider are collation of the data for further analysis and creation of reports in a central location. At CeBIT 2009, Psiber Data will be presenting a solution that meets these requirements.

Through centralization in the Observer Reporting Server, the administrator can obtain an overview of the performance of the enterprise-wide network. The administrator also receives a real-time overview of the network and application performance behavior. However, in order to detect network anomalies through real-time performance monitoring, the 'normal' network behavior must already be known.

The Reporting Server therefore has a function for ascertaining the usual behavior of the monitored applications and for issuing a warning in the event of a fault. Retrospective network analysis is the preferred method of analyzing network and application problems. This involves recording network data over a long period of time and, in the event of a fault, the actual network transaction data is then available for analysis.

Psiber Data GmbH
82152 Krailling Germany
Hall 13, Stand C89

A new generation of processor - powerful and eco-friendly

The Intel Core i7 920 (2.66 GHz) and 940 (2.93 GHz), as well as the particularly powerful Core i7 965 Extreme Edition (3.2 GHz), are the first Intel processors based on the new Intel Core microarchitecture. According to the manufacturer, these CPUs offer high data transfer rates and improve performance by up to 40 percent - without increasing power consumption. This has been made possible by novel innovations, such as the Intel Turbo Boost Technology, the integrated DDR3 memory control and the Intel Quick Path Technology, all of which can be scrutinized at CeBIT 2009.

The processors offer a memory capacity for desktop platforms that need to satisfy particularly high requirements. Specific applications, such as video editing and sophisticated computer games, as well as popular office and Internet applications, will benefit from the extremely high performance of these processors. According to the manufacturer, the Intel Turbo Boost Technology significantly improves chip performance by accelerating applications that do not utilize all processor cores.

The Power Control Unit (PCU) integrated in the chip monitors the power requirements of the processor and automatically adjusts processing power to suit user behavior. The Intel Quick Path Technology optimizes the flow of data to and from the processor and gives processors more than twice the memory bandwidth compared with previous Extreme platforms.

Intel GmbH
85622 FeldkirchenGermany
Pavilion P33

Comprehensive entertainment for hotels and hospitals

A comprehensive media service for hotel guests and hospital patients: a set-top box and a server bring together many different sources of external media to cater for the tastes of all hotel guests and hospital patients. Whether it is Internet, pay-TV, radio, interactive shopping, television or video monitoring that is required - this entertainment system provides them all in a bundle of services.

Games consoles and media players can be connected via the USB interface, and the system can also be used for digital video recordings, video conferences and surveillance in buildings. The manufacturer, Nonius Software, which will be presenting this system at CeBIT 2009, considers hospitals and hotels to be the primary areas of application.

Nonius Software
4200-298 PortoPortugal
Hall 12, Stand C55/1

Link networks without risk

Integrating external networks, visitors or mobile employees into a company's own network is a challenge for any administrator. In order to guarantee control and security, Taiwan-based Billion Electric Co. Ltd. has developed a VPN (Virtual Private Network) gateway that links networks and that also has low power consumption.

This solution is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises needing to establish secure as well as reliable and flexible connections to their own corporate networks. The device enables employees and visitors to work in various networks and to switch between networks such as LAN, WLAN and WAN without gaining unauthorized access to the company network.

Furthermore, mobile employees with external access to the Intranet are securely connected. Gigabit WAN and LAN ports ensure capacity and speed, even for particularly demanding applications.

Billion Electric Co. Ltd.
Hall 13, Stand C56

A switch connects two monitors with multiple PCs

Multiple computers with simultaneous access to two large LCD monitors: film studios definitely depend on this solution, but so do stock market traders who need to collaborate with their colleagues as well as all enterprises that cut videos using PCs. A small box makes it possible for everyone to work on the screens at the same time. Taiwan-based Uniclass Technology Co. Ltd. will be presenting its product, a dual-monitor, dual-link DVI-KVM Switch, at CeBIT 2009.

According to the manufacturer, the picture quality remains superb and users are able to link various combinations of devices - a Bluetooth mouse, for example, or a keyboard for sophisticated video games.

Uniclass Technology Co. Ltd.
231 Taipei Hsien
Hall 13, Stand D73/1

Sound that doesn't strain your eardrums

Conventional hearing aids work by transmitting amplified sound to the eardrum. In the worst case, however, this can actually exacerbate hearing problems. In contrast the 'Sound Booster', from CeBIT exhibitor M Tech MFG Ltd., works entirely differently: this hearing aid does not use electromagnetic waves, but transmits sound directly to the auditory nerve through vibration of the bones, thus bypassing the eardrum.

According to the manufacturer, users can thereby hear clearly and avoid risking further damage to the eardrum. This hearing aid is therefore particularly suitable for the hard of hearing and the elderly who have problems with low and medium pitch and for people who cannot wear hearing aids. The Sound Booster offers an ergonomic fit and long operating time.

M Tech MFG Ltd.
Hong Kong, Kowloon
Hall 16, Stand A02

The world's first and only non-electromagnetic telephone

Good news for skeptics who want to get out of the electromagnetic smog: the world's first and only non-electromagnetic telephone will be on show at CeBIT 2009. This telephone transmits sound directly to the auditory nerve through vibration of the facial bones, thus bypassing the eardrum.

The manufacturer, M Tech MFG Ltd., is promoting this as a device for the whole family, but especially for those with hearing problems. The telephone is equipped with the usual functions, including caller ID as well as incoming and outgoing call logs.

M Tech MFG Ltd.
Hong Kong, Kowloon
Hall 16, Stand A02

Fanless DSS system

A CeBIT premiere: a digital security surveillance (DSS) system that is not only very small, but also works without an annoying fan. This system for monitoring digital security is based on an Intel Atom processor and, although compact, also has a hard drive.

The high-performance DSS system from Portwell Inc. is ideal for devices such as IP video servers (encoders). Measuring in at only 160 x 222 x 75 mm, the system has a correspondingly low power requirement, but is equipped with four USB ports, one VGA port, one RS-232/422/485 port and one RJ-45 port.

Portwell Inc.
235 TaipeiTaiwan
Hall 12, Stand D70

Mini hard drive is a powerhouse for mobile devices

Mobile devices used in medicine, banking and video gaming rely on powerful hard disk drives that do not take up much space. There will be an external memory system on show at CeBIT 2009 that fulfils both these requirements, measuring in at just 120 x 120 mm, but nevertheless offering high performance.

According to its manufacturer, Taiwan-based Portwell Inc., this hard drive has been developed to consume very little power, can be battery operated and, more importantly, does not require fan cooling. Nevertheless, the board is not lacking in equipment: it comes with a Gigabit Ethernet link, six USB ports, a Compact Flash adaptor, an SD card and various other functions to complete the package.

Portwell Inc.
235 Taipei, Taiwan
Hall 12, Stand D70

- Gabriele Dörries-


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