CeBIT 2009: Digital community converges on Hannover

CeBIT 2009: Digital community converges on Hannover

06.02.2009: From 3 to 8 March 2009 the world's digital community will converge on Hannover for the world's leading exhibition of information technology and telecommunications. The scope of offerings will range from business software and navigation technology all the

From 3 to 8 March 2009 the world's digital community will converge on Hannover for the world's leading exhibition of information technology and telecommunications. The scope of offerings will range from business software and navigation technology all the way to scientific scenarios of the future. Numerous products and services will be geared to two major topics which are already putting their stamp on CeBIT and the entire ICT sector this year: the Webciety and green IT.

The official display categories at CeBIT 2009 consist of IT Infrastructure/Consumer Electronics, Business Processes, Communi­cations, Telematics & Navigation, Automotive Solutions and Transport & Logistics, Internet & Mobile Solutions, Interactive Entertainment, Public Sector Parc, Public Infrastructure, TeleHealth/eHealth, future parc, CeBIT Security World, Banking & Finance and the Planet Reseller special display. The Partner State for CeBIT 2009 is California.

CeBIT Global Conferences feature keynote addresses by ICT sector's leading minds

The 'CeBIT Global Conferences 2009' feature keynote addresses by some of the leading lights in the ICT sector as well as a 'CeBIT Panel' made up of providers and users from a number of different nations. The four keynote topics are 'ICT and Civil Society', 'Mobile Communication, Media & Entertainment', 'Business 2015' and 'The Webciety'. Participating enterprises include Accenture, Acer, Alcatel-Lucent, amazon, AOL, Capgemini, Ciao, Dell, E-Plus, Epson, Flickr, IBM, Infineon, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, My Space, Porsche, Skype, Software AG, T-Mobile, Xing and Yahoo as well as representatives from the Partner State of California, France, the European Parliament and the German ICT association BITKOM.

California: Leading U.S. business region partners with CeBIT 2009

The U.S. state of California is the official Partner State for the German IT and telecommunications industry as well as for CeBIT. A special highlight of the Partner State program will be the German-Californian ICT Summit on the first day of the trade fair.

 The key focus of the Californian presentations at this year's CeBIT will consist of Web-based technologies and green IT. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will open CeBIT together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Intel Chairman of the Board Craig Barrett and BITKOM President Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer.

Webciety: CeBIT puts spotlight on Internet society

The Internet society - the so-called 'Webciety' - will be a major topic at CeBIT 2009. Whether it involves cloud computing, Enterprise 2.0, open source, blogs, wikis, Web TV or social networks - the Internet is revolutionizing nearly all business processes at a growing tempo and can no longer be excluded from any area of global cooperation.

In numerous examples across all exhibition sectors as well as at a special 'Webciety Area' in Hall 6, CeBIT will reveal how the Internet is increasingly penetrating all aspects of our lives and work, highlighting the solutions that are poised to characterize the Web of the future.

New CeBIT display category: 'Internet & Mobile Solutions'

A new CeBIT display category, 'Internet & Mobile Solutions', has been introduced to reflect the mega-trend towards digitalization and mobility. This display sector - located in Hall 6 - is broken down into three subcategories: 'Digital Media Solutions', featuring the full range of offerings for the digital media landscape, 'Web-based Solutions', consisting of new solutions for online marketing and eCommerce and 'Enterprise Mobility', showcasing applications for the mobile workplace.

CeBIT underscores impact of Green IT

A further CeBIT highlight involves green IT. In 2008 CeBIT launched its own green IT platform, which was the recipient of strong international exposure. At CeBIT 2009 manufacturers and ICT associations will be on hand at the 'Green IT World' in Hall 8 to demonstrate how this market has developed and the solutions it now offers for dealing with the major economic and ecological challenges of our age.

Exciting telematics and navigation solutions

New solutions involving telematics and navigation will be on display in Hall 15. The offerings will range from intelligent traffic networks with service-oriented offerings for public mass transit to cost-effective processes for recording traffic flows.

 'Floating Car Data', for example, promises an entirely new set of services: for example, local warnings ahead of construction zones, accidents or wrong-way drivers, but also warnings for icy roads. In a new CeBIT first, navigation devices which are capable of complying with the special requirements of truck transport will be presented. CeBIT 2009 will also feature a display of energy-conserving, battery-powered vehicles in Hall 15 as well as an outdoor demonstration of heavy trucks to illustrate the current state of the art in 'autonomous driving'.

Planet Reseller trading forum charts successful course

The first port-of-call for specialist retailers is the Planet Reseller special display in Hall 25, which, over the six years of its existence, has developed into the leading international trading forum for distributors, manufacturers, system providers, cooperative purchasing associations and industrial associations.

 An interesting bonus for Planet Reseller resellers as well as for Internet spectators involves the TV programs produced directly at the special display by CRN TV, consisting of hourly interviews, talks and discussions with prominent representatives of the ICT industry, associations and government.

New developments in netbooks and GPS-enabled digital cameras

CeBIT 2009 will showcase the next generation of pocket PCs, which come with new and improved features which allow users to access the Internet from virtually anywhere, work on a presentation in the hotel lounge or call up their e-mails at a restaurant. The new digital cameras - digicams for short - are also sure to generate lots of enthusiasm: they come equipped with a GPS satellite navigation chip plus a WLAN module for wireless Internet access.

CeBIT creates more space for securit

CeBIT 2009 will be presenting the 'CeBIT Security World' in its own hall, Hall 11, for the first time ever. Offerings here range from anti-virus applications, authentication tools and card technologies to mobile security and network security. Additional displays will feature solutions for video surveillance and building protection. A special highlight will involve the reproduction of a functional computer center, including all security-relevant aspects.

TeleHealth: Expanded run of six days

The topic of ICT and medical applications is being substantially expanded at CeBIT. The international TeleHealth congress and expo will run for the full six days of CeBIT for the first time next year, at its new location in Hall 9, with 'People - IT - Health' as the official slogan.

The focus will be on the latest technological solutions and techniques for the health care market, featuring representatives of the telemedicine and health care management industries as well as the Health Care Project. A new highlight involves the 'future care' special display, where visitors can get a close-up look at how digital medicine can be used to improve the quality of patient care. A further highlight consists of the two-day, international TeleHealth congress on 5 and 6 March.

Get smart, with CeBIT: New eLearning offerings on display

At CeBIT 2009 the topics of eLearning & knowledge management will play an even bigger role than in the past. The spotlight - in Hall 6 - will be on Web 2.0 technologies, with the range of subtopics extending from social software and open content to personalization and game-based learning. Big-name speakers will present the latest trend topics at the Learning & Knowledge Solutions Forum.

The keynote speech will be given by Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment. And for the first time, there will also be a special area for eLearning startup companies.

Software for free: CeBIT Open Source shows how this works

CeBIT 2009 has picked up on the trend towards open-source systems by positioning the subject of 'free and open software' in its own dedicated display category. Based in Hall 6, the 'CeBIT Open Source' special display will showcase the latest license-free software developments.

This display category will be supported by a continuous program of presentations in which speakers from the open-source community will offer an overview of the practical applications for open-source solutions in companies and at government agencies.

CeBIT offers full range of business solutions

Leading manufacturers of IT business solutions will be on hand in halls 2 to 6 at CeBIT 2009 to present all aspects of this key field, including the latest data storage systems, solutions and concepts for digital mail processing, multifunctional printers and copiers as well as applications in the areas of Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management.

Supporting forums will feature tips and tricks on project management as well as implementation strategies for new software and hardware components. In Hall 7 the spotlight will be on AutoID/RFID technology.

A special highlight here will consist of the Solutions Park, occupying around 2,000 square meters of space and highlighting the diversity of applications for this cutting-edge radio chip technology. The program at the supporting speakers forum ranges from trend predictions to the current political debate at the European level.

New at Public Sector Parc: 'Citizens Meet Administrators' special event, plus PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE congress and expo

Just how quick, convenient and efficient communication with the public authorities can be - that is the special focus of the 'Citizens Meet Administrators' special display within the framework of Public Sector Parc in Hall 9.

And in a new first, the PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE congress and expo will be staged under the conceptual umbrella of Public Sector Parc. Whereas Public Sector Parc is dedicated to ICT and administrative solutions for public sector applications, PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE in Hall 8 represents a congress and expo featuring solutions for applications involving public infrastructure - for example, planning, financing, construction, maintenance and operations.

-Gabriele Dörries-


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