CeBIT 2010, 2 to 6 March Hot Topics - No. 2

24.02.2010: Open sesame: cell phones as house keys Nowadays cellular phones are multi-functional devices that can be used for services as varied as paying at vending machines, surfing the Internet or listening to the

Open sesame: cell phones as house keys

Nowadays cellular phones are multi-functional devices that can be used for services as varied as paying at vending machines, surfing the Internet or listening to the radio. AT CeBIT 2010, the Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences (Technische Hochschule Wildau) will be presenting a brand new function for this high-tech device - the cell phone as a house key.

With the aid of sophisticated technology, the cell phone displays relevant color coding and is able to send secure door opening signals. A smart feature of this house key is that, depending on its programming, it can enable permanent access to the residence or restrict it to a limited period. In addition, whenever access is gained, near field communication technology allows important information to be sent directly to the cell phone.

Technische Hochschule Wildau (FH)
(Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences)
Bahnhofstr. 1
15745 Wildau
Tel.: +49 3375 508 365
Fax: +49 3375 508 324
Contact at CeBIT 2010:
Prof. Birgit Wilkes
Hall 9, Stand B39

High speed powerline adapter

Up to 200 Mbits per second - that is currently the impressive data transmission speed provided by dLAN powerline connections. But this will only be classified as high performance until CeBIT 2010, as that is where devolo AG will be presenting the new dLAN generation.

The new high-tech adapters produced by the German manufacturer of powerline home networking solutions can transfer data at speeds of up to 500 Mbit per second. This new adapter can, for example, be simply connected to a computer and then plugged into a power socket in order to create a connection to other adapters or other network-compatible appliances in the home. The latest generation of dLAN adapters uses the new, Powerline Standard IEEE P1901 in order to achieve its high transfer speeds. Large bandwidths are also possible and allow, for example, four HDTV channels to be played in parallel on a home network.

Devolo AG
Charlottenburger Allee 60
52068 Aachen
Tel.: +49 241 18279 502
Fax: +49 241 18279 999  
Contact at CeBIT 2010:
Judith Regling
Hall 15, Stand D24

Watch TV in XXL format anywhere you like

This could be a big seller for the upcoming soccer World Cup. Aiptek International GmbH presents its MobileCinema D25 at CeBIT 2010. This is a real all-rounder in the world of mobile entertainment. At its core is a DVB-T-receiver that enlarges the TV picture using a projector to create an image size of approx. 75 inches.

According to manufacturer data, the LED projector used by the MobileCinema D25 creates a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and has a luminosity of 20 lumens. The image can be rotated through 270 degrees, thus allowing horizontal and vertical projections. The image format is 4:3. The device, which optically resembles a ghetto blaster, can also play DVDs, music CDs and MP3 files, display photos and other pictures and be used  as a radio.

Aiptek International GmbH
Stahlwerk Becker 8
47877 Willich
Tel.: +49 2154 9235 656
Fax: +49 2154 9235 680
Contact at CeBIT 2010:
Andreas Koll
Hall 14, Stand H16
Cell: +49 172 293 77 83

DECT headset provides comfortable and straightforward office telephony

Anyone looking for a headset that is elegant and comfortable to wear, as well as being packed full of functionality, will find the very thing when visiting Sennheiser at CeBIT 2010. The new DW Office DECT headset is cordless, making it possible to work independently with the device's intuitive controls. Incoming telephone calls can be received and managed directly via the headset. The conference mode enables straightforward connection to up to four devices.

It's easy to use for people that make frequent use of the telephone: the DW Office is very light and comfortable while at the same time being robust. Technical highlights include the so called noise canceling microphone, which allows communication even in environments subject to a lot of background noise, as well as the active hearing protection that automatically dampens sounds that are too loud without impairing the voice quality.

Further features include an extended range of up to 180 meters in the open air or 55 meters within buildings as well as the intelligent rapid battery charging function. The new DW Office can be connected to a telephone or computer using the base station supplied. No complicated settings are required and the connection is created automatically. The headset can even recognize if a broadband connection is available and then automatically select the relevant mode.

Vertrieb und Service GmbH & Co. KG
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 76a
30625 Hannover
Tel.: +49 511 54267 82
Fax: +49 511 54267 97
Contact at CeBIT 2010:
Esther Ammann
Hall 15, Stand F37

VideoWeb brings the future to your TV

In just five years from now, up to 50 percent of all flat screens may have interactive functions built in. Such technology came to people's attention in January this year when VideoWeb received the coveted "CeBIT 2010 Innovation" preview award. According to manufacturer data, the VideoWeb 600S is the first satellite receiver to integrate the worlds of HDTV and Internet TV as well as a wide range of online applications. It is also constantly updated with the latest applications and extensions via the Internet.

VideoWeb 600S is the first device to integrate all key functions of the hybrid receivers of the future, including digital video recording, an HDTV Internet video store (first satellite receiver with integrated HD-VideoOnDemand and the latest Hollywood blockbusters), WebTV livestreams and provision of additional information about the current program being shown. What initially sounds complex, due to the range of functionality on offer, is actually very easy to understand and clearly structured thanks to an intuitive user interface.

Operation is very straightforward with the remote control unit. The VideoWeb 600S is also one of the first receivers to receive HD-Plus certification.

VideoWeb GmbH & Co. KG
Amalienbadstraße 41
76227 Karlsruhe
Tel.: +49 721 60561 1
Fax: +49 721 60561 500
Contact at CeBIT 2010:
Doris Kucera
Hall 13, Stand C39
Cell: +49 179 100 64 74

Cinemizer - the 3D cinema right in front of your eyes

Reading or watching the countryside go by on long train journeys is a thing of the past - this and other similar situations now offer the chance to enjoy a good film in 3D. That is, if one is the proud owner of the new Cinemizer Plus, which will be presented by Carl Zeiss AG at CeBIT 2010.

Optically, the mobile 3D cinema is reminiscent of a pair of thick sunglasses. The personal cinema experience can be connected to iPods and iPhones as well as other video sources such as cell phones, Playstations (PS2/PS3), and DVD players. The perfect cinema feeling is provided by the simulation of a big screen two meters in front of the viewer with an image size of 45 inches. Both 2D and 3D video data can be played on the glasses. A number of different shapes and sizes of nosepad and the adjustable earpieces ensure a comfortable fit for the Cinemizer Plus. People who wear glasses are also catered for as a diopter value between + 3.5 and - 3.5 can be set. The film audio is provided by in-ear loudspeakers, although viewers can also connect their own headphones.

Carl Zeiss AG
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 22
73447 Oberkochen
Tel.: +49 7364 20 0
Fax: +49 7364 20 4485  
Contact at CeBIT 2010:
Michael Lücke
Hall 16, Stand C31/1

Smart cities of the future

Residents of modern cities expect ever more efficient electricity supply grids and traffic networks, healthy food, clean water, environmentally sustainable policies and transparent city administration. How these demands for 'smart' cities can be met in times of rapid population growth and funding shortages will be demonstrated by IBM at CeBIT 2010.

A 16 meter wide and 5 meter high cityscape invites visitors to interact with it and shows which projects IBM is working on together with other companies, as well as governments, city authorities and a range of organizations, in order to create cities that are more intelligently designed and pleasanter to live in. One such solution on display will be an intelligent electricity supply network for electric vehicles that utilizes wind power and ensures individual mobility. The electric vehicles in this scenario do not just provide a means of transport from A to B but can also be used as mobile energy storage repositories. When a vehicle is not being used, it saves energy in its battery and can, if required, feed this back into the supply grid.

IBM Deutschland GmbH
IBM-Allee 1
71139 Ehningen
Tel.: +49 7034 15 0
Fax: +49 7034 15 3400
Contact at CeBIT 2010:
Michael Kiess
Hall 2, Stand A10
Stand tel.: +49 511 89-529-0
Cell: +49 171 492 11 78

Feng Shui for IT

Harmony and positive energy should be present in living and working spaces if they are configured in accordance with the provisions of Feng Shui. And it's the same for laptops and the like. They too can't just be installed in a random fashion. The best way of placing them without disturbing the positive Chi energy will be demonstrated at the Logitech stand at CeBIT 2010.

The company has developed a Feng Shui advice tool together with the expert Paul Darby. This helps people determine the best way of integrating modern technology into offices and living rooms while maintaining a sense of harmony. For example, when chatting online, one's laptop should be placed in a south-facing position. However, a west-facing position is preferable if one wants to relax while listening to music.

Streiflacher Str. 7
82110 Germering
Tel.: +49 89 12175268
Fax: +49 89 12175268
Contact at CeBIT 2010:
Igor Josifovic
Hall 14, Stand L56, Planet Reseller 2010

Pictures floating in front of the TV

The electronics specialist Sunny Ocean Studios promises completely new views on the good old television. At CeBIT 2010, the company will be presenting a 3D television that can generate 3D pictures without the need for special glasses. In more precise terms, the newly developed auto-stereoscopic display can provide spatial viewing experiences from up to 64 different angles.

The television set is also able to convert conventional television signals into 3D images, so that in future TV stars might really seem to come into your living room. Further information such as the resolution, technical details, price and planned market launch will be announced by the company at the trade fair.

Sunny Ocean Studios Pte Ltd
#09-24, International Plaza
10 Anson Road
079903 Singapore
Tel.: +65 9 2255490
Fax: +65 9 2255490
Contact at CeBIT 2010:
André Schmidt
Hall 17, Stand K06, Singapore Pavilion

Cell phones help fight product piracy

When inspectors want to detect product piracy they will soon be reaching for their cellular phone, because it will be able to detect whether brand products are genuine articles or fakes using a product code that is impossible to forge.

This clever function is made possible by the IT services of the newly founded SAP subsidiary Original1. The exact details will be demonstrated at CeBIT 2010 when the company shows how a t-shirt range in a sports store can be checked for authenticity.

Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16
69190 Walldorf
Tel.: +49 1805 343424
Fax: +49 1805 343420
Contact at CeBIT 2010:
Hilmar Schepp
Hall 4, Stand D12

Andrea Staude- Deutsche Messe Hannover


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