TSS Press Conference 2016 & Champions Night 2015 in Thailand

TSS Press Conference 2016 & Champions Night 2015 in Thailand

28.04.2016: Thailand Super Series 2016 Thailand Super Series is pleased to announce that the ‘Press Conference 2016

Thailand Super Series 2016

Thailand Super Series is pleased to announce that the ‘Press Conference 2016’ and ‘Champions Night 2015’ will be jointly held at ‘Asiatique The Riverfront’ on Wednesday 4 May when all the exciting plans for the new season will be outlined and during the same occasion our champions of last year will be honoured for their successes.

This year will represent ‘Season Four’ for TSS, which was born in 2013, and after three years of continuous growth there will be no slowdown this season.

In fact one of the highlights of the Press Conference is certain to be a display of TCR cars with the format being officially presented to the media for the first time.

The venue is a high profile location for the Champions Night and upends tradition – and that’s exactly the thinking behind selecting it, explains TSS Vice President Preeda Tantemsapya.

“Usually we’ve chosen closed functions, such as hotels, for the Champions Night events,” he explains. “Being there will expose us more as there are a lot of visitors, also there are many foreign visitors and tourists in the area, we hope it opens up another avenue for us to explore by connecting with both Thai and foreign people together.

We don’t want to do the same thing every time, but to push out new ideas.”

Khun Preeda reckons that reaching out to gain wider exposure is a core strategy for TSS. “We want to attract more foreign competitors, especially with the new racetrack in Sri Racha and this year we will change the Bangsaen Thailand Speed Festival to become the Bangsaen Grand Prix,” he says. “Presenting TSS in locations like this is going to help us as we look for a bigger reach.”

The Press Conference will present the programme for 2016 and amongst the key changes is the arrival of the new Super Compact category and, arguably the most exciting new racing format for several years, TCR Thailand.

“TCR is something we really want to put in the spotlight at the Press Conference,” Khun Preeda notes.

“Demand is really growing now, demand is growing across the world too for TCR, but here since the first cars arrived it’s really jumped and that’s coupled with fairness of the regulations and that homologation is all done by TCR.

"Getting the cars though is the tricky part though as many brands are sold out due to the demand and so some orders put in now would only see the cars delivered at the end of the year," he adds.

"However we have a good base to start with TCR Thailand and by the end of the year we expect numbers to make their way up to about sixteen cars.”

- Edd Ellison - also photo


28.04.2016 / MaP

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