TSS - Family doubles up in Super Car

TSS - Family doubles up in Super Car

28.04.2016: Thailand Super Series 2016 While last week’s shakedown test of the striking new Lamborghini

Thailand Super Series 2016

While last week’s shakedown test of the striking new Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo to be driven by Khun Sarun Sereethoranakul this year grabbed most attention, there was another ‘body in white’ racecar lurking in the garage, that was the Porsche 997 GT3 Cup that he’s driven for the last two season but is now vacating.

The car isn’t destined to remain idle for long as it’s being taken over by his brother, Khun Saravut who will be entering his Super Car rookie year.

However in the space of a week he’s had two tests, at Bira and Buriram, and that means he’s acclimatised himself on tracks that will comprise three-quarters of the calendar.

After a one-day shakedown at Bira Circuit it was across to Buriram for a two-day session and as he gets to grips with his new car Japanese pro Khun Keita Sawa, who has been tutoring his brother for the past couple of seasons, is also guiding him.

The tests went well for Khun Saravut with plenty of running time and he’s satisfied that he’s headed in the right direction. “The test at Buriram went alright and I’m ready for the races in May,” he says.

“My best time was 1 [minute and] 44 seconds and [I was] very consistent to get 1.44 [on] almost every lap. My Japanese coach Sawa was happy with result and said I have improve a lot at Buriram, the next target is 1.41 he said.”

With relatively little racing experience behind him Khun Saravut doesn’t have the easiest of rides in the shape of the mount that has been bequeathed to him by his brother, Porsche’s breed of rear engine cars are fabled for being tough to tame, many fancied drivers have failed to extract the ‘max’ from the 911 lineage.

However the news emanating from the tests is that Khun Saravut’s made a strong start in mastering the iconic German sportscar.

“I got told [by] my brother, Sarun, that the Porsche with [its] rear engine is the hardest car to drive and even some professional drivers still have problems if they never driven the Porsche before,” he says.

“I found it quite hard at first turning the car, which was understeering, but Sawa is an expert at driving Porsches [and] he told me don't worry about the engine being at the back so much [but] just drive it and feel the feeling of the car and try to control it.

 Now I'm fine and found that the car has very good braking and can brake very deep, turn and then jump out of corner with very high traction.

“I usually get to use mid-engine and front engine-cars, but now I’m okay” he adds. “If you can drive a Porsche then you can drive all types of car my coach Sawa said.”

With a solid and proven racecar and an equally solid and proven team behind him coupled to a pair of promising tests, Khun Saravut, who will race in the ‘AM’ class is looking forward to his Super Car rookie year with relish. “I’m so excited and can't wait for the races,” he says. “I’m looking for trophies.”

 - Edd Ellison- also photo


28.04.2016 / MaP

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