BLACK FALCON starts with 9 cars and new main sponsor in VLN race 3

BLACK FALCON starts with 9 cars and new main sponsor in VLN race 3

26.04.2019: VLN Endurance Championship Round 3 preview BLACK FALCON will compete in the third race of the 2019 VLN Endurance Championship season at the Nürburgring with a large line-up: Three Mercedes-AMG GT3, three Mercedes-A

VLN Endurance Championship Round 3 preview

BLACK FALCON will compete in the third race of the 2019 VLN Endurance Championship season at the Nürburgring with a large line-up: Three Mercedes-AMG GT3, three Mercedes-AMG GT4, one Porsche 991 GT3 Cup MR II as well as two Porsche 991 Carrera will start at the last VLN race before the 24 hour race for the team from Meuspath. An AMG GT3 and an AMG GT4 will also celebrate a premiere within the framework of this major event. At the third VLN race, the vehicles will be wearing the colours of the new BLACK FALCON main sponsor AM Solutions for the first time.


The spearhead of the event is the BLACK FALCON GT3 department, which uses three factory-supported Mercedes-AMG GT3 cars in the SP9 class: Patrick Assenheimer (Germany), Nico Bastian (Germany) and Yelmer Buurman (Netherlands) take turns in the BLACK FALCON Team AutoArena Motorsport AMG GT3 with the number 6.

Two more AMG GT3 will compete in the competition of the Mercedes-AMG Team BLACK FALCON. Maro Engel (Germany), Adam Christodoulou (Great Britain), Manuel Metzger (Germany), who has recovered from an injury, and Dirk Müller (Germany) will be driving the GT3 with starting number 14, which will be one of the two BLACK FALCON cars with the new AM Solutions livery. The number 16 sister car is shared by Maxi Buhk, Hubert Haupt and Luca Stolz (all from Germany).

The cockpit of the BLACK FALCON Team TEXTAR Porsche 991 GT3 Cup MRII (starting number 57) is shared by Peter Ludwig (USA), double starter Metzger and "Takis" (Switzerland). After the second VLN race fell victim to a snow storm, the 911, internally called the "Breitbau" Porsche, will celebrate its race premiere in 2019 next weekend.

In the SP10 class for GT4 vehicles, one of three BLACK FALCON AMG GT4 cars will start. Tobias Müller (Germany), Tim Scheerbarth (Germany) and Tristan Viidas (Estonia) drive the BLACK FACLON Team IDENTICA AMG GT4. After the opening victory at VLN race 1 and the pole position at VLN race 2, the fast driver trio has their second win of the season firmly in sight.

In the SP8T class BLACK FALCON sends two more Mercedes-AMG GT4 into the race: Mehmet Kaya (Turkey), Axel König (Germany) and Ace Robey (USA) alternate in the cockpit of the yellow-black BLACK FALCON Team KNUFFI AMG GT4 with start number 152. Kaya and Robey already celebrated their joint class victory in the SP8T at the first race of the season. Yannick Mettler (Switzerland), Stephan Rösler (Germany) and Mike Stursberg (Germany) share the sister car with the start number 155. This AMG will also be wearing the AM Solutions livery for the first time next Saturday.

BLACK FALCON Team TEXTAR will start in the V6 class for production vehicles with two Porsche 991 Carrera. The 911 with starting number 394 will be driven by Carsten Palluth (Germany), Carlos Rivas (Luxembourg) and Tobias Wahl (Germany). The V6 class winners of the first race share the sister car with the starting number 395: Alexander Akimenkov (Russia), Ronny Lethmate (Germany) and Vasilii Selivanov (Russia) start again with great ambitions for the class and classification group victory.

The new BLACK FALCON main partner AM Solutions is a brand of Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH and offers machine solutions for the post-processing of 3D-printed components (3D Post Processing), which are individually adapted to customer requirements, regardless of the type of material (metal, plastic, etc.) or the 3D printing technology used. This year a Mercedes-AMG GT3 and a Mercedes-AMG GT4 will start at selected races of the VLN and the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring in the colours of AM Solutions.

Managing Director Stephan Rösler, who has already completed countless races on the Nordschleife, pilots the AMG GT4 in all races with different team mates
. "3D printing offers undreamt-of possibilities, especially in motorsport, as components can be completely redesigned to ultimately deliver improved performance. With our machine solutions, we are now able to ensure the desired surface quality of 3D-printed components," says Stephan Rösler.       

Next Saturday the VLN will have its third race of the season. It starts at 8:30 a.m. with the one-and-a-half-hour qualifying, followed by the four-hour race at 12:00 noon. The entire event can be watched live on the Internet on the official website of the organiser. There you will find a commentary in German and English as well as live timing.

At the third VLN race, four BLACK FALCON vehicles (#14, #57, #152, #155) are equipped with on-board cameras and broadcast live images from the cockpit, which can be seen on YouTube and in the official VLN live stream.

Event Schedule (All Times CET)

VLN Run 3

Saturday, April 27th

08:30 - Qualifying *

12:00 - Start race *

* Livestream:

- Black Falcon also photos


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