David Dermont avoids the pitfalls!

30.08.2008: David Dermont avoids the pitfalls!

30/08/08 - Nürburgring Race 1

Everything started badly for Michaël Rossi (TDS) who stalled at the start. The Frenchman still managed to make it into first place, taking advantage of the misfortunes of Maxime Martin (Thierry Boutsen Energy Racing) and Dimitri Enjalbert (Tech 1 Racing). But a technical problem hampered Rossi on the final lap, handing victory to David Dermont (Thierry Boutsen Energy Racing).

The poleman, Michaël Rossi, stalled on the start line. Dimitri Enjalbert made the most of it, but crashed out on the first corner. Ludovic Badey (TDS) took first place ahead of Maxime Martin and Fabrice Walfisch (Team Oregon). At the end of the first lap, Enjalbert was in tenth and Rossi in twelfth.

On the second lap, Maxime Martin shook off Ludovic Badey. Badey in turn had to fend off the advances of Walfisch. In fourth, Jonathan Hirschi had caught up with the two men. Meanwhile, Enjalbert and Rossi continued to make progress. At the end of the third lap they held seventh and eighth places. The two drivers then swapped places as Rossi saw his chance.

Jonathan Hirschi was the first to refuel on the fifth lap, followed one lap later by teammate Dimitri Enjalbert and then by Michaël Rossi. Meanwhile out in front, Maxime Martin increased his lead, while Badey and Walfisch struggled to break free. Just behind them, David Dermont was waiting to make his move.

The leaders opted for the same strategy and entered the pits on the seventh lap. Maxime Martin held onto first place ahead of Michaël Rossi and David Dermont, as Ludovic Badey gave up the chase due to a rear-suspension problem. Dimitri Enjalbert was also forced to retire due to a burst radiator.

Twelve minutes from the finish, Maxime Martin, who was still in the lead, span off while passing a back marker, handing first place to Michaël Rossi. Martin lost a lot of ground in the incident, and dropped back to ninth.

Michaël Rossi defended his lead over David Dermont until the finish. But in a final twist during the last lap, Rossi slowed down, his car coming to a stand-still just after the chequered flag.

David Dermont took advantage and claimed his first victory in Eurocup Mégane Trophy ahead of Michaël Rossi and Bernhard Ten Brinke (Equipe Verschuur). Ten Brinke moved up to take the third place on the podium when Matthieu crashed out. The Dutchman was also rewarded for a daring choice of strategy, waiting until the last minute to refuel.

Fifth overall, Jean-Philippe Madonia (TDS) claimed victory in the Gentlemen Drivers category.

David Dermont: «This is my first win in Eurocup Mégane Trophy. I was sixth before refueling. I was hoping to finish fifth, but I made it up to second and then first place. It's unbelievable!»

Rossi: «Everything started badly for me, I really mistimed my start. Since the start of the weekend, my temperature warning light has kept coming on. It happened again in the final laps. Thankfully, only my rivals for the Championship title knew I had problems. So congratulations to David, he knew when to take his chance!»

Bernhard Ten Brinke: «I started on fresh tyres today. So I knew that I'd be able to my opportunity when the other drivers were in the pits. I waited until the last moment to refuel. All in all, this is a good result for me, one more podium!"



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Spa-Francorchamps - Preview The Eurocup Mégane Trophy title will once again be highly coveted this season. Twenty-two drivers are expected to line up on the starting grid for the opening meeting at Spa-Francorchamps, where the new Eurocup Mégane Trophy car will make its racing debut. Anyone with ambitions to succeed Pedro Petiz as champion will need to sta more >>
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Collective testing Barcelona The Eurocup Megane Trophy drivers had their first opportunity to up against one another as they gathered at the Barcelona circuit in this, their first outing of the season. Four drivers stood out as the men in form and fought it out over the two days for supremacy: Michaël Rossi (TDS), Mike Verschurr (Equipe Verschurr 1), Bernhard Ten B more >>
Michaël Rossi and TDS gear up for 2008
09/11/07 - Paul Ricard HTTT collective testing Michaël Rossi was one of the revelations of Eurocup Mégane Trophy 2007, and he's determined to build on the experience he has acquired next season. The Frenchman, driving with TDS, clocked the best time of the day. Renault Sport Technologies also invited the national Clio Cup champions along to get a taste of the Mégan more >>
Racing For Belgium closes a chapter and announces a new era
RFB WTCC – WSR Mégane Trophy Barcelona Racing For Belgium closed a chapter this last weekend. The Bornem based team competed in its last World Series by Renault Mégane Trophy meeting in Barcelona, a championship which saw the young Belgian Jan Heylen walk off with the trophy in 2005. Joining the Frenchman Michaël Rossi team boss Wim Coekelbergs also decided more >>
Cheruy et Madonia dans les points, Badey malchanceux
WORLD SERIES by RENAULT EUROCUP MÉGANE TROPHY BARCELONE - 7e Manche - 26-28 Octobre 2007  Tout avait bien commencé sur le circuit de "Catalunya" pour Ludovic BADEY, auteur du meilleur temps des essais collectifs vendredi, en étant le seul à passer sous la barre de 1’53". Matthieu CHERUY et Jean-Philippe MADONIA terminaient la journée avec de bonnes information more >>



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