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SS16 Overall Classification top10

SS16 Overall Classification top10

01.08.2009: FINLAND RALLY 2009 1. 3 Mikko HIRVONEN M 2:01:29.8 0.0 0.0 2. 1 Sebastien LOEB M 2:01:57.8 +28.0 +28.0 3. 4 Jari-Matti LATVALA M 2:02:38.6 +40.8 +1:08.8


1. 3 Mikko HIRVONEN M 2:01:29.8 0.0 0.0
2. 1 Sebastien LOEB M 2:01:57.8 +28.0 +28.0
3.   4 Jari-Matti LATVALA M 2:02:38.6 +40.8 +1:08.8
4.   2 Dani SORDO M 2:02:40.0 +1.4 +1:10.2
5. 10 Matti RANTANEN M 2:05:01.2 +2:21.2 +3:31.4
6. 14 Mads ÖSTBERG  2:05:42.8 +41.6 +4:13.0
7. 12 Sebastien OGIER M 2:05:44.9 +2.1 +4:15.1
8. 16 Jari KETOMAA  2:05:59.9 +15.0 +4:30.1
9. 5 Matthew WILSON M 2:06:42.2 +42.3 +5:12.4
10. 8 Conrad RAUTENBACH  2:09:05.7 +2:23.5 +7:35.9

- full results, videos and more on www.wrc.com   photo copyright Willy Weyens
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01.08.2009 / MaP

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WRC Rallyes SS15 Overall classification top30
FINLAND RALLY 2009 1. 3 Mikko HIRVONEN M 1:53:28.8 0.0 0.0 2. 1 Sebastien LOEB M 1:53:54.8 +26.0 +26.0 3. 2 Dani SORDO M 1:54:32.5 +37.7 +1:03.7 4. 4 Jari-Matti LATVALA M 1:54:38.9 +6.4 +1:10.1  weiter >>
Sebastien Loeb: Now it starts to look very difficult
After coming off second best to Mikko Hirvonen on the first of Saturday's repeated stages, defending World Rally Champion Sebastien accepted his victory battle with Hirvonen was looking 'very difficult'. Completing the test weiter >>
WRC Rallyes SS14 Finland overall classification top30
FINLAND RALLY 2009 1. 3 Mikko HIRVONEN M 1:42:53.4 0.0 0.0 2. 1 Sebastien LOEB M 1:43:05.9 +12.5 +12.5 3. 2 Dani SORDO M 1:43:49.9 +44.0 +56.5 4. 4 Jari-Matti LATVALA M 1:44:00. +10.4 +1:06.9  weiter >>
Solberg suffers after moving into Finnish top-five
FIA World Rally Championship Rally Finland, 30 July–2 August 2009 Update after SS13             Stobart VK M-Sport Ford driver Henning Solberg is out of Day 2 of Rally Finland after sustaining suspension damage to his car on the second stage of the day.  But team mate Matthew Wilson is now weiter >>
Ford news from Service Park
Hirvonen and Latvala's cars will run with increased ride height and stiffer suspension springs for the second pass over this morning's three stages. Mikko Hirvonen said: "I could drive a little faster if I needed to but I'm comfortable at the mome weiter >>
Tweaks to Loeb's car
The Citroen team made some slight alterations to Loeb's car's set-up in service. "They were only small detail changes because the base set-up is good," said Loeb's engineer Didier Clement. "If there was a magic solution we would have fitted it on the first day!" weiter >>
Petter Solberg retires again
Petter Solberg's SuperRally return looked like in doubt when he arrived late to the Service Park. The Norwegian's Xsara suffered a broken suspension mount on SS13, but it was a problem with the re-built engine in his car which caused the most concern. As he left for SS14 Petter said he would decide whether or not to start the stage depending on weiter >>
New gearbox for Kimi Raikkonen's Abarth
Kimi's co-driver Kaj Lindstrom said: "In the first service today we had hoped to make some changes to the car after the Super Special and change a few parts, but time was a bit too tight so we couldn't do everything. Because of this the car wasn't 100 per cent this morning and when we got back for this service we found a small problem - so we have to fit a new gearbox. weiter >>
WRC Rallyes SS13 overall classification
 FINLAND Rally 2009 1. 3 Mikko HIRVONEN M 1:32:50.0 0.0 0.0 2. 1 Sebastien LOEB M 1:33:00.9 +10.9 +10.9 3. 2 Dani SORDO M 1:33:42.8 +41.9 +52.8 4. 4 Jari-Matti LATVALA M 1:33:51.1 weiter >>
KNAF Talent First Team Holland: Disappointing opening day in Finland…
 RALLY FINLAND – DAY 1 (FRIDAY)•    Kevin Abbring: Podium chances gone after puncture and other issues…•    Hans Weijs jr.: Leaking radiator forces into early Super Rally restart… weiter >>
Solberg sixth as Wilson battles in Finland
 FIA World Rally Championship Rally Finland, 30 July–2 August 2009 End of Day OneStobart VK M-Sport Ford driver Henning Solberg is occupying a strong position at the end of Day 1 of Neste Oil Rally Finland, the ninth round of the FIA World Rally Championship, moving up to sixth place after ten stages of fast-paced action around the Finnish lakes and weiter >>
Red Bull Rally Team: A great result after the opening leg
2009 World Rally Championship – Round 9, after Leg 1Neste Oil Rally Finland, July 30th to August 2nd, 2009.Juho Hänninen proves himself with incredible consistencyEight fastest times today and a convincing lead in Group weiter >>
Petter Solberg to make SuperRally return
Norwegian driver Petter Solberg has confirmed he will re-start Rally Finland as a SuperRally entrant tonight after retiring earlier in today's competition. Solberg, who drives a privately entered Citroen Xsara WRC, was second overall when he suffered a puncture, and later got his car stuck in a ditch, on SS4.Despite his disappointment, the 2003 weiter >>
WRC Rallyes SS9 overall results top50
FINLAND RALLY 2009 1. 3 Mikko HIRVONEN M 1:02:51.4 0.0 0.0 2. 1 Sebastien LOEB M 1:02:55.4 +4.0 +4.0 3. 2 Dani SORDO M 1:03:11.7 +16.3 +20.3 4. 4 Jari-Matti LATVALA M 1:03:20.9 +9.2 +29.5 5. 10 Matti RANTANEN  1:04:04.1 +43.2 +1:12.7 6. 6 Henning SOLBERG M 1:04:07.2 weiter >>
Advantage Hirvonen in day one
With just the short Super Special Stage to go today, BP Ford Abu Dhabi team driver Mikko Hirvonen leads Rally Finland by four seconds from defending World Champion - and last year's winner - Sebastien Loeb. The two championship rivals were locked in a maximum-attack duel on the Finnish roads from the word go today - and proved extremely evenly matched. Loeb has won five of the nine weiter >>
Lead battle rages on
The nip and tuck battle between Mikko Hirvonen and Sebastien Loeb for the lead of Rally Finland raged on through SS7 and SS8, with Hirvonen's advantage standing at 6.5sec heading to the last forest stage of the day. As he had been earlier, Hirvonen was fastest through the repeated Kruununpera test (SS7) extending his lead to 7.6sec. But Loeb repeated his own stage win on the Mokkipe weiter >>
WRC Rallyes SS8 overall standings top25 - Kimi Raikkönen on 17th now
FINLAND RALLY 2009 1. 3 Mikko HIRVONEN M 55:47.3 0.0 0.0 2. 1 Sebastien LOEB M 55:53.8 +6.5 +6.5 3. 2 Dani SORDO M 56:05.1 +11.3 +17.8 4. 4 Jari-Matti LATVALA M 56:15.3 +10.2 +28.0 5. 10 Matti RANTANEN  56:54.1 +38.8 +1:06.8 6. 6 Henning SOLBERG M 56:59.5 +5.4 +1:12.2 7. 1 weiter >>
WRC Rallyes - SS7 overall standings top60
FINLAND RALLY 2009 1. 3 Mikko HIRVONEN M 49:09.2 0.0 0.0 2. 1 Sebastien LOEB M 49:16.8 +7.6 +7.6 3. 2 Dani SORDO M 49:26.2 +9.4 +17.0 4. 4 Jari-Matti LATVALA M 49:31.3 +5.1 +22.1 5. 10 Matti RANTANEN  50:09.0 +37.7 +59.8 6.   6 Henning SOLBERG M 50:15.9 +6.9 +1:06.7&n weiter >>
Henning holds position as Wilson climbs in Finland
FIA World Rally Championship Rally Finland, 30 July – 2 August 2009 Update after SS5 Stobart VK M-Sport Ford driver Henning Solberg is sitting in the points after the opening morning of Neste Oil Rally Finland while team mate Matthew Wilson has climbed up to tenth place after a tricky start to the day.  After the traditional opening Super Speci weiter >>
Red Bull Rally Team: So far all has been going according to plan
Juho Hänninen extends his lead in Group N – thanks to three fastest times in four stages!2009 World Rally Championship – Round 9, after SS 5Neste Oil Rally Finland, July 30th to August 2nd, 2009.So far everything has been going according to plan for the Red Bull Rally Team at the Neste Oil Rally Finland, the ninth round of th weiter >>
Hirvonen edges Loeb on rocky repeat
Rally leaders Mikko Hirvonen and Sebastien Loeb continued to set the pace on SS6, the first of Rally Finland's repeated stages, despite an increased risk of punctures from rocks that now littered the road. The earlier passage of 90 cars had made the weiter >>
WRC Rallyes :SS6 overall results top 20
1.3 Mikko HIRVONEN M 42:46.9 0.0 0.02.1 Sebastien LOEB M 42:52.1 +5.2 +5.23. 2 Dani SORDO M 43:00.8 +8.7 +13.94.4 Jari-Matti LATVALA M 43:06.8 +6.0 +19.95.  +1 10 Matti RANTANEN 43:38.4 +31.6 +51.56.  -1 14 Mads ÖSTBERG 3:41.1 2.7 +54.27. 6 Henning SOLBERG M 43:44.4 +3.3 +57.58.  +1 12 Sebast weiter >>
Martin Prokop goes for glory in JWRC
Citroen driver Martin Prokop has made a near-perfect start to the penultimate round of his Junior World Rally Championship campaign in Finland this morning.Prokop could be crowned champion for the first time on this event, if he scores one more point than J-WRC rival Michal Kosciuszko and four more than Aaron Burkart. Instead of sitting back and waiting for the result to come, Proko weiter >>
Pace note error blamed for Novikov crash
Evgeny Novikov's crash on SS2 was the result of a pace note error, not over driving, according to the Russian's co-driver, Dale Moscatt. The Citroen Junior Team driver crashed his C4 into trees 8km into SS2 after taking the wrong line on the entry to a corner.Novik weiter >>
Red Bull Rally Team – a perfect start in Finland
2009 World Rally Championship – Round 9, after SS 1Neste Oil Rally Finland, July 30th to August 2nd, 2009.Fastest time for Juho Hänninen on the super stage – and to weiter >>
Stobart kick off Rally Finland with strong Super Special
FIA World Rally Championship Rally Finland, 30 July – 2 August 2009 Update after SSS1Stobart VK M-Sport Ford drivers Henning Solberg and Matthew Wilson made a strong start to Neste Oil Rally Finland, the ninth round of the FIA World Rally Championship, as they kicked off the event at the traditional opening Super Special Stage at the Killeri trotting track.&nb weiter >>
Loeb leads after Thursday's Super Special Stage
Defending World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb holds the lead of Rally Finland tonight after setting the fastest time through the opening head-to-head Super Special Stage. Thousands of spectators flocked to the Killeri trotting track in Jyvaskyla to watch the action, which took place weiter >>
Kimi Raikkonen interview
photo copyright Willy Weyens Here's what the Ferrari F1 star had to say today, just hours before making his World Rally Championship debut in Finland.Why choose Rally Finland to make your WRC debut?"Wh weiter >>
Rally Finland stays WRC until 2014
Rally Finland, one of the classic events of the FIA World Rally Championship, will have a place in the series until 2014 under the terms of a new agreement announced today by WRC promoters, ISC.The new five-year deal runs from 2010 and is the first long-term agreement brokered by ISC and the organisers of a World Championship rally.First run in 1951, Rally Finland has be weiter >>
Sebastien Loeb leads shakedown in Finland
Citroen Total team driver Sebastien Loeb got his bid for a second Rally Finland victory off to a good start this morning by setting the fastest time at the pre-event Shakedown. Last year Loeb became one of only four non Scandinavians to win Rally Finland since it was first run in 19 weiter >>
Infos pratiques pour la Finlande - A retenir
Rally Finland (manche 9/12) (30 juillet – 2 août) Surface : terreOù : Jyväskylä Infos pratiques : Le PC et le Media Centre du rallye sont installés au Jyväskylä Paviljonki. Le parc d&rsq weiter >>
Trois questions à… Sébastien Loeb
Dans quel état d’esprit abordez-vous cette neuvième manche du Championnat du Monde ?« Même si la situation actuelle n’aide pas à se libérer, j’ weiter >>
Citroën - Le Championnat débute en Finlande !
Rally Finland (30 juillet - 2 août 2009) – Présentation En abordant le Rallye de Finlande avec un point de retard sur Mikko Hirvonen, Sébastien Loeb estime que le Championnat du Monde des Pilotes ne débuter weiter >>
Stobart VK M-Sport Ford Team focus on another podium in Finland
FIA World Rally ChampionshipRally Finland, 30 July – 2 August 2009Event Preview Stobart VK M-Sport Ford drivers Henning Solberg and Matthew Wilson are preparing to take on one of the most hotly anticipated events on the FIA World Rally Champions weiter >>
Munchi’s squad strengthened by local crews in Finland
FIA World Rally Championship Rally Finland, 30 July – 2 August 2009 Event PreviewAfter sitting out Rally Poland last month, the Munchi’s Ford World Rally Team resume their eight-rally FIA World Rally Championship programme next week at one of rallying’s classic events, Neste Oil Rally Finland.  Along with regular driver Federico Villagra, the weiter >>
Aaron Burkart - Rallye Finnland : Gut aufstellen für den Saisonendspurt!
Am kommenden Donnerstag beginnt der berüchtigte finnische Rallye WM-Lauf. Für Aaron Burkart wird es eine entscheidende Rallye sein im Kampf um die Junior WM-Krone. Ein gutes Ergebnis ist Pflicht um die Titelchancen zu wahren und die Meisterschaftsentscheidung auf die Rallye Catalunya zu vertagen. weiter >>
The Red Bull Rally Team gets in an additional start – this time with Juho Hänninen.
2009 World Rally Championship – Round 9Neste Oil Rally Finland, July 30th – August 2nd, 2009.Juho versus Kimi!Skoda factory driver Juho Hänninen is relying on BRR in the great Finnish duel against Formula 1 wor weiter >>
Wilks and Honda look back at amazing Rally Finland
Rally Finland. World Rally Championship 2008   Both British driver Guy Wilks and JAS Motorsport team principal Alessandro Mariani have described the performance of the new Honda Civic Type R R3 on the Rally Finland last weekend as "beyond our biggest expectations." The 2.0-litre Group R Honda, designed to meet technical regulations that limit weiter >>
Aaron Burkart: 5 Points – Erfolgreiches Rallye-Wochenende in Finnland
Aaron Burkarts intensive Vorbereitung auf den letzten Schotter WM-Lauf in diesem Jahr zeigte seine Wirkung: Er fuhr nicht nur wie erhofft in die Punkteränge, sondern schrammte zudem nur knapp am Podium vorbei. Etwas erleichtert schie weiter >>
Spectacular triumph in 2 wheel-drive for Honda and Wilks in Finland
Rally Finland, World Rally Championship 2008 The fastest 2 wheel-drive car in Finland : The Honda Civic Type R R3 British driver Guy Wilks has und weiter >>
Florian Niegel überzeugt beim finnischen WM-Lauf
Suzuki Rallye Junior Team Germany sammelt im Gruppe N Swift wichtige Schottererfahrungen Klassensieg nur knapp verpasst Nach der langen Sommerpause in der Junior R weiter >>
KNAF Talent First Team Holland: both teams score J-WRC points – perfect result....
NESTE OIL RALLY FINLAND – DAY 3 (SUNDAY) • Hans Weijs jr.: 8th place reward for hard team work, but not satisfied yet…. • Kevin Abbring: 6th place after impressive drive weiter >>
Rallye Finnland endet nach aufregendem Duell mit Rang 2 für Ford Pilot Mikko Hirvonen
• Hirvonen gewinnt sechs Wertungsprüfungen und verteidigt WM-Führung • Team BP Ford Abu Dhabi liegt in Konstrukteurs-Wertung weiter vorn Ford Focus RS-Werkspilot weiter >>
Points for Solberg and Stobart in Finnish WRC spectacular
FIA World Rally Championship Neste Oil Rally Finland, 3 August Round nine of the FIA World Rally Championship has seen an event of mixed fortunes for the Stobart VK M-Sport Ford rally team this weekend. Topping weiter >>
Citroën et le rallye en chiffres
Position des C4 WRC et écart par rapport au meilleur temps, spéciale par spéciale. Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena-Dani Sordo/Marc Martí ES22 : Lan weiter >>
Loeb/Elena et Citroën : l'exploit de toute une équipe
58e Rally Finland (31 juillet-3 août 2008) La 58e édition du 'Rally Finland', 9e manche du Championnat du Monde WRC 2008, restera dans les annales. Au terme de la dernière étape, Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena s'im weiter >>
Succès pour Prokop et la Citroën C2 Super 1600
58e Rally Finland (1-3 août 2008) Le rallye de Finlande, dernière épreuve sur terre de la saison pour les Juniors, s’est achevé ce midi par la spéciale de ‘Ruuhimäki’ où les pilotes ont pu s’adonner à de la ‘vol weiter >>
Luis Pérez Companc bows out of WRC after spectacular career
FIA World Rally Championship Neste Oil Rally Finland, 3 August It was an unfortunate end for Luis Pérez Companc/José María Volta after retiring on their final ever WRC event together at this weekend weiter >>
Conrad Rautenbach review
CONRAD RAUTENBACH Neste Oil Rally Finland FIA World Rally Championship, round 9/15   The event… Reigning FIA African Rally Champion Conrad Rautenbach became one of the few people ever to claim a top-10 finish on their Rally Finland debut in a Word Rally Car, when the event finished in Jyvaskyla this afternoon. Rautenbach, weiter >>
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