Pau Round four provisional results, drivers and teams classification

02.06.2008: Pau Round four provisional results, drivers and teams classification

Formula Master -

1. Marcello Puglisi (ITA), Pro Motorsport (#9)

2. Kasper Andersen (DEN), Trident Racing (#32)

3. Alejandro Núñez (ESP), Trident Racing (#33)

4. Arturo Llobell (ESP), Cram Competition (#1)

5. Michael Ammermüller (GER), Iris Project (#27)

6. Pablo Sanchez Lopez (MEX), Cram Competition (#2)

7. Norbert Siedler (AUT), ADM Motorsport (#17)

8. Fabrizio Crestani (ITA), Euronova Racing (#14)

9. Chris van der Drift (NED), JD Motorsport (#6)

10. Josef Kral (CZH), Team JVA (#29)

11. Luca Persiani (ITA), Scuderia Famà (#25)

12. Matei Mihaescu (ROM), Jenzer Motorsport (#24)

13. Harald Schlegelmilch (LAT), Trident Racing (#31)

14. Michele Caliendo (ITA), ADM Motorsport (#22)

15. Frankie Provenzano (ITA), ADM Motorsport (#21)

16. Daniel Mancinelli (ITA), Euronova Racing (#46)

17. Carlos Iaconelli (BRA), Pro Motorsport (#10)

18. Fabio Leimer (SUI), Jenzer Motorsport (#23)

19. Octavio Freitas (BRA), ADM Motorsport (#16)

20. Tor Graves (GBR), Team JVA (#30)

21. Yuhi Sekiguchi (JAP), Euronova Racing (#45)

22. Tim Sandtler (GER), ISR (#19)

Not Classified

Dominik Schraml (GER), Scuderia Famà (#26)

Michael Meadows (GBR), Euronova Racing (#15)

Alberto Costa (ITA), Cram Competition (#3)

Sergey Afanasiev (RUS), JD Motorsport (#5)

Vladimir Arabadzhiev (BUL), JD Motorsport (#4)


Formula Master drivers classification - top eight

1. Chris van der Drift (NED), JD Motorsport (#6), 20 points

2. Michael Ammermüller (GER), Iris Project (#27), 17 points

3. Sergey Afanasiev (RUS), JD Motorsport (#5), 15 points

4. Kasper Andersen (DEN), Trident Racing (#32), 14 points

5. Fabio Leimer (SUI), Jenzer Motorsport (#23), 11 points

6. Arturo Llobell (ESP), Cram Competition (#1), 9.5 points

7. Norbert Siedler (AUT), ADM Motorsport (#17), 9 points

8. Harald Schlegelmilch (LAT), Trident Racing (#31), 9 points


Formula Master teams classification - top eight

1. JD Motorsport, 41 points

2. Trident Racing, 31 points

3. Iris Project, 17 points

4. Cram Competition, 16 points

5. Jenzer Motorsport, 11 points

6. ADM Motorsport, 9 points

7. Pro Motorsport, 6 points

8. ISR, 3 points


Formula Master rookies classification - top eight

1. Michael Ammermüller (GER), Iris Project (#27), 25 points

2. Sergey Afanasiev (RUS), JD Motorsport (#5), 18 points

3. Harald Schlegelmilch (LAT), Trident Racing (#31), 16.5 points

4. Alejandro Núñez (ESP), Trident Racing (#33), 16 points

5. Fabio Leimer (SUI), Jenzer Motorsport (#23), 16 points

6. Vladimir Arabadzhiev (BUL), JD Motorsport (#4), 9 points

7. Yuhi Sekiguchi (JAP), Euronova Racing (#45), 8 points

8. Filip Salaquarda (CZH), ISR (#18), 6 points


Formula Master team-mates classification - top eight

1. Sergey Afanasiev & Chris van der Drift, JD Motorsport, 180 points

2. Kasper Andersen & Alejandro Núñez, Trident Racing, 163.5 points

3. Arturo Llobell & Pablo Sanchez Lopez, Cram Competition, 161 points

4. Alejandro Núñez & Harald Schlegelmilch, Trident Racing, 154 points

5. Kasper Andersen & Harald Schlegelmilch, Trident Racing, 143.5 points

6. Vladimir Arabadzhiev & Chris van der Drift, JD Motorsport, 143 points

7. Sergey Afanasiev & Vladimir Arabadzhiev, JD Motorsport, 141 points

8. Alberto Costa & Arturo Llobell, Cram Competition, 136 points


Lap-by-lap analysis

Lap 1: Contact between Siedler, Afanasiev and Arabadzhiev / Afanasiev touches barriers / Arabadzhiev - out / Contact between Crestani and Kral

Lap 2: Afanasiev comes into the pits - out / van der Drift up to 15th place / Schlegelmilch up to 16th place

Lap 3: Leimer pits for a new nose cone / safety car is deployed

Lap 6: Safety car in this lap Lap 7: Graves in barriers at Turn 3 but continues

Lap 9: Costa in barriers at Turn 7 - out Lap 13: Leimer sets fastest lap of the race: 1:13.291

Lap 14: Schlegelmilch passes Mihaescu for 12th place

Lap 18: Mihaescu passes Schlegelmilch for 12th place

Lap 20: Leimer straight on at Turn 2 but recovers / Contact between Meadows and Schraml - both out

Lap 21: Safety car is deployed / rain starts

Lap 23: Safety car in this lap

Lap 24: Race suspended due to heavy rain

Chequered flag: 15:03


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Russian win in Pau
Russian driver Sergey Afanasiev claimed his maiden Formula Master race win today in wet weather conditions in Pau, France, after 22 thrilling laps for round three of the Series. The JD Motorsport rookie started the race in second place behind team-mate Chris van der Drift and was promoted to the lead when van der Drift hit the barriers and retired on lap six. AD weiter >>
JD Motorsport Sergey Afanasiev won his first Formula Master race today...
in the wet at the French street circuit of Pau for round three of the Series. Norbert Siedler claimed second place for ADM Motorsport, whilst Afanasiev's team-mate Vladimir Arabadzhiev finished in third place. Pole-setter and fellow JD Motorsport driver Chris van der Drift retired from the race after spinning on track and hitting the barriers. weiter >>
Pau pole for Chris Van der Drift
The streets of Pau, France, saw JD Motorsport driver Chris van der Drift claim pole position in today's Formula Master qualifying session with a fastest time of 1:11.179. With the session divided into two sets of 14 cars, allowing the Formula Master drivers to set times without fear of traffic, van der Drift dominated the first group and improved his time throughout the weiter >>
Pau Qualifying results
Formula Master - Pau Qualifying group 1 (Round 3) 1. Chris van der Drift (NED), JD Motorsport (#6), 1:11.179 2. Norbert Siedler (AUT), ADM Motorsport (#17), 1:12.388 3. Michael Ammermüller (GER), Iris Project (#27), 1:12.414 4. Arturo Llobell (ESP), Cram Competition (#1), 1:12.493 5. Yuhi Sekiguchi (JAP), Euronova Racing (#45), weiter >>
Continued speed for JD Motorsport
Two JD Motorsport drivers were fastest in this afternoon's Formula Master free practice with Chris van der Drift setting the best time of the session: 1:12.524. Team-mate Sergey Afanasiev posted the second fastest time with a lap of 1:13.060, whilst Cram Competition's Arturo Llobell claimed the third best lap with a 1:13.077 time. Formula Master - Pau Free Pr weiter >>
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Street Racing in Pau
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Valencia - Round one provisional result
Formula Master's first race of the season saw J.D. Motorsport's Chris van der Drift claim the win at the Valencia circuit in Spain, after leading the race from start to finish. Following a clean start, the New-Zealand born Dutchman pulled away over the 19-lap race with former team-mate and 20 weiter >>
Trident Racing - Valencia Qualifying
Trident Racing officially started its 2008 International Formula Master adventure at Valencia, taking an outstanding front row place at the end of a tight qualifying session. Kasper Andensen missed the pole position by just 0.031, though second place was a really good overall debut. Alejandro Nunez and Harald Schlegelmilch kept familiarizing with their car, as they respec weiter >>
Valencia Provisional Qualifying (Round 1)
1. Chris van der Drift (NED), JD Motorsport (#6), 1:28.036 2. Kasper Andersen (DEN), Trident Racing (#32), 1:28.070 3. Michael Ammermüller (GER), Iris Project (#27), 1:28.128 4. Fabio Leimer (SUI), Jenzer Motorsport (#23), 1:28.172 5. Filip Salaquarda (CZH), ISR (#18), 1:28.407 6. Josef Kral (CZH), Team JVA (#29), 1:28.473 7. Pablo weiter >>
Valencia Free Practice2 results
Formula Master - Valencia Free practice 2 1. Chris van der Drift (NED), JD Motorsport (#6), 1:28.722 2. Michael Ammermüller (GER), Iris Project (#27), 1:28.872 3. Pablo Sanchez Lopez (MEX), Cram Competition (#2), 1:28.934 4. Fabio Leimer (SUI), Jenzer Motorsport (#23), 1:28.964 5. Alberto Costa (ITA), Cram Competition (#3), 1:29.060 weiter >>
Formula Master - Valencia Free practice 1
1. Fabio Leimer (SUI), Jenzer Motorsport (#23), 1:27.752 2. Chris van der Drift (NED), JD Motorsport (#6), 1:27.824 3. Pablo Sanchez Lopez (MEX), Cram Competition (#2), 1:28.099 4. Kasper Andersen (DEN), Trident Racing (#32), 1:28.394 5. Sergey Afanasiev (RUS), JD Motorsport (#5), 1:28.414 6. Norbert Siedler (AUS), ADM Motorsport (#17), 1:2 weiter >>
Van der Drift takes first 2008 pole
J.D. Motorsport’s Chris van der Drift claimed Formula Master’s first pole position of the season today at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain, with a best lap of 1.28.036. Competition was close throughout the Formula Master field with the top 14 drivers all setting times within one second of weiter >>
Trident Racing: Formula Master: Valencia, Day 2 Testing
Trident Racing ended up on top in the final preseason testing session at Valencia, thanks to a great laptime clocked by Kasper Andersen. The Danish driver, who stood in the top-5 in the AM session, managed to lower his marks in the afternoon, opening a huge gap over the other drivers on-trac weiter >>
Ammermüller fastest ahead of first race weekend
Formula Master's official test concluded today in Valencia ahead of this weekend's first races of the season with Iris Project's Michael Ammermüller posting the day's fastest time of 1:27.465. With 30 drivers taking to the track, the Formula Master field completed 3,646 laps (over 14,602 km) over the past two days. Timings were close however, with today's top 17 drivers p weiter >>
Trident Racing Formula Master: Valencia, Day 1 Testing review
Trident Racing succesfully completed yesterday the first day of testing at Valencia, where the series is set to start its 2008 season on the next weekend. All the scheduled work was completed despite some inconveniences that slowed the run of Harald Schlegelmilch. The tests will be completed today, as the team will finally make an attempt to climb to the top positions. weiter >>
Michael Ammermüller fastest in morning session
Iris Project's Michael Ammermüller was fastest in this morning's official Formula Master testing session in Valencia, Spain, with a best lap of 1:27.465. Japanese Yuhi Sekiguchi, driving for Euronova Racing, was second, just 0.010 seconds behind with J.D. Motorsport's Chris van der Drift posting the morning's third fastest lap with a time of 1:27.492. Whilst the t weiter >>
Rookies top three in Spanish Testing
Formula Master rookies set the top three fastest times today out of 30 drivers taking part for day one of the official two-day test in Valencia, Spain, with Jenzer Motorsport's Fabio Leimer claiming the best time of the day. Setting his best lap of 1:27.536 during the morning session, the young Swiss made the most of the sunny and dry conditions. J.D. Motorsport's Sergey weiter >>
Alejandro Nuñez joins Trident Racing
International Formula Master: Trident Racing is glad to announce the agreement reached with Alejandro Nuñez for a ride in this season`s International Formula Master. The team owned by Maurizio Salvadori will field three weiter >>
Fabio Leimer tops timesheets at Valencia
Jenzer Motorsport's Fabio Leimer was once again at the top of the timesheets today for the morning session on day one of Formula Master's official two-day test in Valencia, Spain. Setting a fastest lap of 1:27.536, the rookie was closely followed by J.D. Motorsport's Sergey Afanasiev in second place with a time of 1:27.648 and Iris Project's Michael Ammermüller in third ( weiter >>
Grid is confirmed as 2008 racing debut looms
As the 2008 Formula Master racing season is set to get underway at Valencia on 17-18 May, the grid has now been confirmed with 30 cars and 16 nations represented by the Series' drivers. With little over a week to go, new drivers have also been confirmed. Returning from 2007, vice-champion Chris van der Drift will drive for J.D. Motorsport once more. The New Zeal weiter >>
Kasper Andersen meets Silkeborg's citizens.
Formula Master Trident Racing flied to Denmark last weekend. The Italian team, instead of contesting a normal weekend, experienced a public showcase, allowing the fans and supporters of Kasper Andersen to get in touch with their local driver`s weiter >>
Magny-Cours - Official Testing Day 2 overall results
1. Chris Van Der Drift (NED), JD Motorsport, 1:32.414 2. Fabio Leimer (SUI), Jenzer Motorsport, 1:32.548 3. Tim Sandtler (GER), ISR, 1:33.106 4. Sergey Afanasiev (RUS), JD Motorsport, 1.33:132 5. Arturo Llobell (ESP), Cram Competition, 1:33.139 6. Pablo Sanchez Lopez (MEX), Cram Competition, 1:33.300 7. Harald Schlegelmilch (LAT weiter >>
Chris van der Drift fastest in the rain
Formula Master's official test in Magny-Cours, France, concluded in the rain today with 31 weiter >>


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