Uwe Nittel elates the spectators at the Sachsenring

Uwe Nittel elates the spectators at the Sachsenring

19.05.2011: ADAC GT Masters, Sachsenring He controls the instable state of a race car like no one else: at the Sunday race of the ADAC GT Masters at the Sachsenring rallye specialist Uwe

ADAC GT Masters, Sachsenring


He controls the instable state of a race car like no one else: at the Sunday race of the ADAC GT Masters at the Sachsenring rallye specialist Uwe Nittel (Adelmannsfelden) in the  Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 of Black Falcon demonstrated his ability impressively. From starting position 26 he fought his way forward to place three under difficult conditions. 

Due to a drive through penalty Nittel together with Oliver Mayer (Ingolstadt) was not able to hold this position till the finish of the race so at the end it was P 20 overall. Mayer again scored with this result in the amateur ranking where he is currently on P5 after four races. For Robert Renauer (Jedenhofen) and Kenneth Heyer (Wegberg) the guest performance at the Sachsenring ended early after a start accident in the race on Saturday.

Race 1: Started from promising position five the race was ended early for the start-ing number 20 already a few metres behind the start. After being heavily barged by a competitor during  turning into the first corner Renauer lost through no faults of his own control over the car and turned off to the track boundaries.

In doing so he also  dragged  Philip Geipel in the Lamborghini into the gravel.  Renauer`s car turned over. The  SLS stayed on the roof. Both drivers were uninjured thanks to the high safety requirements at the GT3 sport cars. Mayer and Nittel in the sister car with the number 21  fought their way through the field during the race from starting position 25 to place 19.

Race 2: The car of Renauer / Heyer could not be repaired on site after the serious accident on Saturday and did not enter the race on Sunday. After a heavy rain-shower directly before the start, it was delayed at first. Behind the safety car the par-ticipants did the first laps on a wet but drying track.

Nittel betted on wet tyres and so  he was able to drive from position 26 to position three during only nine laps. For overtaking under yellow flag at the start behind the safety car Nittel, like a lot of other  pilots, got a drive through penalty by the race management. So a top placement was gone. Mayer courageously  fought his way under persistently difficult conditions and ended on P 20  from 33 entered cars.

Quotes after the race

Marc Schramm ( team principal
): “We had a difficult weekend. The  SLS of Ken-neth and Robert is a total loss. This is extremely annoying seeing the good perform-ance which the duo has shown in practise. On Sunday the fantastic performance of Uwe was unrequited. Under these circumstances we only can look ahead and hope that we will have more race luck in Zolder.“

Robert Renauer (car #20): ”Directly after the start I felt a heavy bump in the rear and from that on I was only a passenger. I turned left into the track boundaries, the car rose and I overturned twice. Luckily nothing happened to anyone. Nevertheless I am deeply disappointed because today the podium was very close for us.“

Kenneth Heyer (car #20): ”I did not understand  such a manner of driving at the start. Of course everyone wants to win but at a race which goes over one hour, this must not happen. Important points remain refused to us. We have to look ahead and we will attack again in Zolder.“

Oliver Mayer (car #21): ”The weekend did not really work like we had imagined but at the end together with Uwe who did a fantastic job, I was able to collect more points for the amateur ranking.  I would like to continue this series in Zoder.“

Uwe Nittel (car #21):
”I had a lot of fun in the SLS of Black Falcon. Especially on Sunday on a wet track, I was absolute in my element. I have to accept the penalty of the race management.  There was a lot of confusion in the field when the race was released.“


The rounds five and six of the ADAC GT Masters 2011will take place in Zolder from the 10th to the 12th of June. The ADAC Masters Weekend will thereby celebrate its premiere in Belgium, the ADAC GT Masters was already a guest at the traditional race track in 2007.

Alexander Ferreira- photo Christian Reinsch

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