FIA WRC Academy Cup Driver quotes after Finland Rally



101 – ALASTAIR FISHER (GBR, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One –

“We had a really good afternoon with no problems to report. We decided from the beginning that we would just go for it and try to set some good times. After our problems at Rally Italia Sardegna, we didn’t get the opportunity to show our true potential. We set two very competitive times this afternoon though, so all in all, we are happy.”

Day Two –

(AM) “All ok, I thought we were a little slow on SS5, but everybody seemed to have a similar problem. SS6 was good and for this afternoon I just want to keep the same pace while the others might take some chances to try to get ahead of us.”

(PM) After a great start to the event, Fisher unfortunately rolled on SS7 and retired from the rally.

102 – JOSE SUÁREZ (ESP, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One

“The first three stages were good. We decided to take a different tack this round – I’m approaching it like a taxi driver – very slowly and carefully. Our strategy will be the same tomorrow. We’re still trying to learn this difficult rally and there are three long days - not just one afternoon.”

Day Two –

(AM) “I drove slowly all the time to be careful. I liked the roads, but the pace notes weren’t good so I was being cautious.”

(PM) “This afternoon was a lot like this morning - we took it very slowly and carefully. I enjoyed the Super Special Stage and fighting with Molly [Taylor]. She was quick and it was a lot of fun.”

Day Three –

(AM) “Yesterday I was a taxi driver, today it's like I was asleep! I've gone from being slow to something else that there isn't even a word for!”

(PM) “We took the last few stages very slowly. There were big gaps in front and behind us and our main goal was to finish the rally. This is our first finish in the WRC Academy Cup so we are very happy.”

103 – ANDREA CRUGNOLA (ITA, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One –

“We had some troubles with the rear axle mid-way through SS1 which caused us some problems with right cornering. At the moment though, we are happy. We are currently sixth with mainly guys who know the rally well in front, so for me, I am happy.”

Day Two –

(AM) “It’s my first time here and my speed is high, which I’m pleased about, but we need to use the weekend to learn the roads and the event, because it is very unfamiliar to us.”

(PM) “This afternoon's stages were not so good. I put in some good times but I misunderstood a pace note on SS9. I spun in fifth gear, went into a ditch and lost over two minutes.”

Day Three –

Crugnola was disappointed to roll on SS12 and retire from the rally.

104 – JAN ČERNÝ (CZE, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One –

“We had a good run through SS1, but some problems with our pace notes meant our times dropped a little through SS2 and SS3. The main issue seems to be that our pace notes are too slow, especially after crests, but we will work on this for the following two days and look to improve our pace.”

Day Two –

(AM) “It was just like yesterday. We still have pace note difficulties and so we have no choice but to drive carefully. Our main aim is to complete all the stages, finish the rally and get more experience.”

(PM) “Same as before, continuing problems with our pace notes, I can’t do anything to combat that. I just need to make the most of gaining experience. At least I’m enjoying it and having fun.”

Day Three –

(AM) “Things have gone much better this morning. Our pace notes are a lot better and I have much more confidence. We hit a stone in SS15 which I think may have affected the geometry of the car, but we will be ok. Brendan [Reeves] is also only a second behind so we will be fighting to stay ahead.”

(PM) “We made a few small mistakes and caught the car in front on SS17 which cost us some time. I’m happy to have finished the rally though and gained so much experience on such a great event. I’m really looking forward to the Tarmac rounds where I am sure we will be quicker.”

105 – MIKO-OVE NIINEMÄE (EST, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One –

“Generally speaking we had a good first day. However, we had some problems with over-braking and our Fiesta’s rear axle is bent, although I am not sure how that happened. Even so, we’re looking forward to tomorrow because our pace should pick up now the roads are more familiar.”

Day Two

(AM) “I thought this morning went well, but my times aren’t as good as I hoped they would be. I increased my speed on SS6, but then got stuck behind a non-WRC Academy car which was in front of me on the road. It hasn’t gone quite as well as I hoped so far, but it will go better. I know it.”

(PM) “I had one moment – I spun on the Super Special Stage and had to reverse that lost me about 10 seconds, just when I was pushing hard. The is fine so I can’t blame anything but me. I’m determined to finish though and get through tomorrow’s stages. I want to get on the pace!”

Day Three –

(AM) “I think it was good. I'm a little bit disappointed about not having got my speed up before. My times are good now. We made the dumpers stiffer this boring but that wasn't a good decision. We had to stop after SS13 to change it back and lost 10 seconds but now everything is good."

(PM) “Today was ok but I’m a bit disappointed with my times. I’m happy to finish but I think I could have gone faster. I really thought my times would be better.”

106 – BRENDAN REEVES (AUS, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One –

“We have had a good afternoon. We took it slowly at first given the ruts and rocks on SS1, but SS2 was much more suited to my driving style and I was pleased not to overshoot a junction that lots of other WRC Academy crews fell fowl of. The only issue was a little trouble on SS3 where cold brakes following the road section made us miss a corner, costing us about four seconds.”

Day Two –

(AM) “I took SS5 safely. Last night we made the Fiesta’s settings a bit stiffer, but I think that was the wrong option, because the road was a bit damp and loose. SS6 felt comfortable, but we didn’t get the time we’d hoped for. Still, it’s our first time here and the pace notes worked pretty well, so we’re happy and hope to keep improving the times.”

(PM) “Today was tough and quite challenging, but good. I was quicker on the shorter more technical stages hich is good because that's where I had been lacking the previous two rounds. We're still looking to regain some speed on the longer stages, but I'm happy.”

Day Three –

(AM) “We got a flat on SS12 which put us back from 3rd to 5th. Now we're trying to stay consistent and bring the car home for some solid points. We're in a good fight with Jan [Cerny] now. Only 3 stages left, but we'll see how we go. It would be great to take back 4th.”

(PM) “The last two stages were good. We made up a lot of time to claim fourth place so that helps balance out the puncture we got earlier today. We are now also third in the Cup, but on the same points as Craig [Breen] who’s second, so that puts us in a really good position for the second half of the season.”

108 – EGON KAUR (EST, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day On
e –

“SS1 started well, but after hitting a rock mid-way through the stage we pulled back to avoid damaging our Fiesta. We also made a small mistake on SS2 where a tight left-hand corner was obscured by the bright sunshine – we went straight ahead instead of turning at the crossroads and lost about 15 seconds. That said, SS3 was good and I am looking forward to pushing for more competitive times tomorrow.”

Day Two –

(AM) “It was ok, no issues. The guys in front are really pushing and I don’t want to push that much. The WRC Academy already lost one car this morning that way. The car is working well, but I don’t want to risk making any mistakes.”

(PM) “This afternoon was ok. We lost a bit too much time on SS11 because we couldn't find the right rhythm, but overall the stages were good. We will have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.”

Day Three –

(AM) "It was fine this morning. What can I say? We lost time on SS12 where we hit a rock that bent the sump guard and a front wheel so on SS13 the steering wasn't great making it hard to push. Let's say I'm not looking forward to doing these two again, they were very difficult before they were worn down."

(PM) “It was an insane weekend, especially today when we were switching positions with Craig [Breen] every stage. We started SS18 with a 0.3 seconds gap and we were tied at the penultimate split. On the start line of SS18 we had to decide what we wanted to do, leave it or push and go for it. The feeling was really good so we went flat out and we did it! Next weekend I am competing in a local German rally to get some experience on Tarmac. I'm glad we were able to secure a good lead before the Tarmac events because I lack experience on asphalt."

109 – CRAIG BREEN (IRL, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One –

“Our first day’s running wasn’t too bad at all. We spun about 1km into SS1 which cost us around 10 seconds and had some problems with the Fiesta’s rear handling on SS2. Even so we are in a good position heading into tomorrow and I am looking forward to challenging for the lead.”

Day Two –

(AM) “The car in front of us had an accident on SS6 so we had to stop and check if the crew were ok costing us 6 or 7 seconds. Other than that no issues - I have a better feeling than last night when we made some changes to the rear damper settings that might have helped this morning.”

(PM) “I've had a really good day. Obviously we benefited from Alastair [Fisher]’s retirement, but we had been gaining pace throughout the day. We chipped away at the times and to be leading going into Day Three is great. I know the stages well having competed here in the past two years so I think we are in a very good position.”

Day Three –

(AM) “This morning was ok. I lost nine seconds in SS14 due to an accident ahead of us. It was frustrating but there's nothing you can do about it. We're pushing just enough at the moment. For sure everyone wants to win in Finland, but I also need to finish. The next two stages I really like so we will push on the first and then see where we are.”

(PM) “I lost a lot of time on SS16 where I was caught behind two cars. We really wanted to win, we were so hungry for this victory, but that's rally and we can't think too much about the ifs and buts. We have to focus on the rest of the season now and with Tarmac events to come I think we can do well and maybe still win the Cup.”

110 – YERAY LEMES (ESP, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One –

“It was ridiculous! We went slower and then even slower again to be careful, because I haven’t finished a rally since RACC Rally de España at the end of last year where I won the JWRC round there. So now I’m determined to finish this event, but the feeling isn’t good. I need to concentrate harder tomorrow. That’s another day.”

Day Two –

(AM) “I pushed a little more than yesterday and was about 1 second per kilometre quicker. I only want to finish the rally now though. I’m waiting to prove myself on the Tarmac events.”

(PM) “I went a little bit faster again this afternoon and then even faster. The opposite of yesterday – I picked up another one second per kilometre. Tomorrow I want to keep this pace and maybe push harder. I was very happy to win SSS11 – my second Super Special win of the season after Lisbon and my Fiesta was perfect. A good afternoon.”

Day Three –

(AM) "Today we're going slowly again because it's all new. Other drivers know the stages from the previous years so they can go faster. My head is already in Germany."

(PM) “When we saw that Riedemann was just 23 seconds ahead of us we decided to go full attack – and it paid off as we managed to snatch his position and finish sixth!”

111 – VICTOR HENRIKSSON (SWE, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One
– (PM) “We had a good start, but went off on SS2, because a combination of the dust and the sun meant our visibility was very poor and we overshot a junction. We lost about 10 seconds there, but didn’t have any other problems.”

Day Two
– Unfortunately for Henriksson, his rally came to a premature end when he rolled on SS6 and was unable to restart.

112 – SERGEY KARYAKIN (RUS, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One
– On his first competitive outing in Finland, Karyakin was distraught to hit a tree on SS1 and retire from the event.

Day Two –

Following his accident on Day One, Karyakin did not run in Day Two.

Day Three –

(AM) “I'm trying to find myself after my accident on the first day which was a drama for me. I was disappointed in myself. Now I have lost confidence and can't get the feeling of the car. Also, the accident left me with power steering problems. Still, the stages were unbelievable and I love the event. I'm just sorry that I haven't been able to do the whole thing! I won't push harder now though because I have the accident in my mind.”

(PM) “We still had a problem with the power steering this afternoon, but today was great practice. I am looking to improve and am sure that next time we will be better. Finland really is an amazing rally. Every turn is different and every stage has a new style. I really enjoyed driving these stages today.”

113 – MIGUEL BALDONI (ARG, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One
– (PM) “The Fiesta is good, and we feel good, but the stages are very fast and I have to learn the roads, because they are difficult and very different to what I am used to. When I can do this, I will be quicker.”

Day Two – (AM) “It was good, very good. I feel fine, I had a few brake problems - I think they overheated because of the speed of the stages - and this cost me a lot of time on SS6.”

(PM) “I had a very good afternoon. Our Fiesta was good but we had a small problem with the brakes in the later stages. Tomorrow we will aim to score points and bring the R2 home.”

Day Three –

Baldoni suffered from issues with his Fiesta’s radiator on SS13 and subsequently retired from the rally.

114 – FREDRIK ÅHLIN (SWE, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One –
(PM) “We picked up a slow puncture about 4km into SS1 when we hit a stone and had to stop and change a tyre. After that we got stuck in another car’s dust. SS2 was good with the exception of when we overshot a junction and we were really happy to win SS3.”

Day Two –
(AM) “SS5 was good, we slid wide in one corner in the middle of the stage and lost 2 or 3 seconds, but weren’t far off Fisher’s pace. Unfortunately, we had a bigger ‘moment’ on SS6. Our pace note was right, but I couldn’t take the corner sharply enough and had to reverse, but then hit a ditch, damaging our Fiesta’s exhaust pipe. This cost us time throughout the rest of the stage and knocked our confidence a little bit, so we continued more carefully. We’re pushing for points from stage wins, because we think we have a better chance of picking these up than overall points because of the time loss our puncture cost us yesterday afternoon.”

(PM) Forced to retire on SS7 after an incorrect pace note resulted in the Scandinavian hitting a ditch on a fast right-hander. His Fiesta then bounced left hitting another ditch on a left-hand corner in the opposite direction. The crew then slid 50m before hitting a stone and rolling head to toe into the forest.

115 – MOLLY TAYLOR (AUS, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One –

“We had one slow puncture about 4km into SS1 and thought we could continue, but lost a lot of time and ended up stopping to change it anyway, costing us about another three minutes. On SS2 we had one spin and overshot a junction, but we enjoyed SS3 and are looking forward to Day Two. Now we’ve had the chance to get used to the roads, we hope for better times tomorrow and are confident we can be quicker.”

Day Two –

(AM) “We’re getting there, but struggling a bit to commit. I need to drive faster this afternoon, no big problems though.”

(PM) “This afternoon was a lot better as we got a lot more confidence in the car. I'm looking forward to tomorrow now that I've learnt so much today.”

Day Three

(AM) “We had a good start on SS12 and put in a good time. It's going alright. The fast stages are great but we're struggling a bit in the slower corners and not getting the times we want. We are taking some risks in the fast sections, but we just have to get better! We managed to pull back a 49 second deficit from Suarez and now have a 57 second lead on him.”

(PM) “The stages were so rough, really rough! We are improving thoug,h which is definitely encouraging. There is so much to learn on a rally like this, but we are moving forward. I have some mixed feelings about moving to Tarmac in Germany since most of my experience is on gravel, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

116 – CHRISTIAN RIEDEMANN (GER, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One

“SS1 was good, but on SS2 we overshot a junction, because of the blinding sun. I’m lying ninth at the end of Day One, which isn’t great, but it’s ok. We weren’t as fast as we would have liked, but the rally is long.”

Day Two –

(AM) “No problems, no mistakes, but we aren’t as fast as we would like to be. We can drive faster. For now, we

(PM) “It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible this afternoon. I think we can drive faster, but the pace notes weren’t perfect. Our pace kept fluctuating – fast then slow and it isn’t easy in this way. One small spin, but only lost 8 to 10 seconds.”

Day Three –

(AM) “This morning was not so bad. My pace notes on the faster stages are not great but we will see. I will take it easy this afternoon - there will be some big ruts in the stages so I will need to protect the car wherever I can.”

(PM) “We caught two slower cars on SS17 which meant we lost a lot of time and eventually lost sixth place to Lemes on SS18. I’m not so sure that I can fight for the Cup now, but we will certainly battle for the victories!”

118 – TIMO VAN DER MAREL (NLD, Ford Fiesta R2, Pirelli)

Day One –

“It was great, good fun. We took it steady and were in ‘safe mode’. We pushed at Rally Italia Sardegna and that didn’t seem to work out, so now we have a new strategy. We overshot one junction on SS2, but it was a big problem and we’re having a lot of fun. We’re not used to such fast gravel roads, but we have a good feeling and at the WRC Academy Test yesterday, we found a good set-up, which seems to work well.”

Day Two –

(AM) “It was a good morning, but I’m still not pushing completely. There’s still some more juice left in us, but for the moment it’s ok. We had one small ‘moment’ when we took a crest at the end of SS6 a little fast, but generally everything is ok.”

(PM) “It was a very good afternoon, lots of fun. I lost a little bit of concentration on SSS11 and hit a barrier, but didn’t lose too much time, only about two seconds.”

Day Three –

(AM) "We had a good run. There's a big gap in front and behind us so no point to try to get on the podium." (PM) “We were in a position where there was no point pushing because there was a big gap behind me and ahead of me. I just cruised through the stages today to avoid making any mistakes to try and secure third and score 15 Cup points. I'm looking forward to the Tarmac events, I think I will have an advantage on those because I have more experience.”



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