Down to the last race to decide who will be the WMX World Champion

Down to the last race to decide who will be the WMX World Champion

08.08.2011: The red plate holder through out the whole season Steffi Laier took the first holeshot of the day here in the sunny Lacapelle Marival. The

The red plate holder through out the whole season Steffi Laier took the first holeshot of the day here in the sunny Lacapelle Marival. The factory KTM rider had a crowd of around 12,000, cheering her on for her fourth world title. Fifteen points in advance over her arch rival the Italian Chiara Fontanesi, you would have to wait until the second moto to see who will be crowned the 2011 FIM women´s World Champion.

Steffi stayed ahead for the beginning of the first lap, but it was the Yamaha rider who made a sneaky pass passed the German. Ten seconds behind the two feisty riders was the HM Plant KTM team rider Natalie Kane with the great first race come back, she stayed in contact with the smooth German Larissa Papenmeier the whole race. Papenmeier getting the better of Kane finishing 14 seconds behind for fourth place. The first French rider was Justine Charroux, the number 52 machine finished in 5th position. Britt van der Wekken dropped back to sixth position after having a top three start.

Race two and once again it was the three times world champion Laier, who got the last holeshot of the season. Chiara Fontanesi passed the KTM early to take the lead. Normally in third position was Larissa Papenmeier, but crashing alone on the first lap set her way back for the top three and the final podium. One minute behind Stefanie Laier was Natalie Kane taking the third spot from the Sarholz rider. Justine Charroux finished fourth place having two top five finishes at her home GP. Anne Borchers took the fifth place a slight improvement from her 9th place in the first moto.


Steffi Laier
-  “ I am world champion again this year, it’s my third time in a row that I do this. I would like it to continue, but I have a lot of work to do as Chiara is also very fast and hungry for the title of 2012. Thanks to all of my sponsors and especially a big thank you to my team manager. Without this, championship title would not been possible.”

Chiara Fontanesi  -  “ Today, I had a lot of fun racing with Steffi. I was playing with my bike and I felt comfortable with the track. Next year I am sure, I make the women´s world championship again and I hope to be world champion this time round.”

Natalie Kane  -  “ I am really happy about my podium, because I was injured all year. I have only been riding for 3 weeks before this race. So today I made very good results and I am very happy and I hope that will help me (my podium) and all of my sponsors for next year.”


WMX Race 1
: 1. Chiara Fontanesi (ITA, Yamaha), 25:58.916; ; 2. Stephanie Laier (GER, KTM), +0:11.473; 3. Larissa Papenmeier (GER, KTM), +0:27.016; 4. Natalie Kane (GBR, KTM), +0:40.904; 5. Justine Charroux (FRA, Yamaha), +1:49.967; 6. Britt van der Wekken (NED, Honda), +2:04.201; 7. Nicky van Wordragen (NED, Yamaha), +2:05.243; 8. Joanna Miller (POL, KTM), +2:06.378; 9. Anne Borchers (GER, Suzuki), -1 lap(s); 10. Floriana Parrini (ITA, KTM), -1 lap(s);

WMX Race 2:
1. Chiara Fontanesi (ITA, Yamaha), 24:23.903; ; 2. Stephanie Laier (GER, KTM), +0:07.737; 3. Natalie Kane (GBR, KTM), +1:21.864; 4. Justine Charroux (FRA, Yamaha), +1:43.931; 5. Larissa Papenmeier (GER, KTM), +1:46.948; 6. Anne Borchers (GER, Suzuki), +2:03.466; 7. Joanna Miller (POL, KTM), +2:15.406; 8. Britt van der Wekken (NED, Honda), -1 lap(s); 9. Jeanine Jenzer (SUI, Honda), -1 lap(s); 10. Floriana Parrini (ITA, KTM), -1 lap(s);

WMX Overall:
1. Chiara Fontanesi (ITA, Yamaha), 50 points; 2. Stephanie Laier (GER, KTM), 44 p.; 3. Natalie Kane (GBR, KTM), 38 p.; 4. Larissa Papenmeier (GER, KTM), 36 p.; 5. Justine Charroux (FRA, Yamaha), 34 p.; 6. Britt van der Wekken (NED, Honda), 28 p.; 7. Anne Borchers (GER, Suzuki), 27 p.; 8. Joanna Miller (POL, KTM), 27 p.; 9. Floriana Parrini (ITA, KTM), 22 p.; 10. Jeanine Jenzer (SUI, Honda), 20 p.

WMX Championship Classification:
1. Stephanie Laier (GER, KTM), 307 points; 2. Chiara Fontanesi (ITA, Yamaha), 298 p.; 3. Larissa Papenmeier (GER, KTM), 248 p.; 4. Britt van der Wekken (NED, Honda), 199 p.; 5. Sara Pettersson (SWE, KTM), 175 p.; 6. Marielle De Mol (NED, TM), 158 p.; 7. Anne Borchers (GER, Suzuki), 158 p.; 8. Joanna Miller (POL, KTM), 129 p.; 9. Francesca Nocera (ITA, KTM), 124 p.; 10. Virginie Germond (SUI, Suzuki), 115 p.

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The FIM Women's World Championship is covered also by MX-LIFE.TV.

Mr. Jozef Mazak- photo Youthstream


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