Mitsubishi Motors announces production, sales and export figures for February 2008

28.03.2008: Mitsubishi Motors announces production, sales and export figures for February 2008

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today announced global production, as well as domestic sales and export figures for February 2008.

Production: total and in Japan

Total global production came in at 128,606 units, an increase of 12.1 percent over the same month last year and marking the 12th consecutive monthly increase since March last year. Production volume in Japan at 86,909 units was up 17.7 percent, the 17th consecutive month of year-on-year growth and marking a new record since Mitsubishi Motors spun off its truck and bus operations in 2003.

This growth was driven by a 37.6 percent increase in output (29,444 units) of the new Lancer for the Russian, North American, and Middle East and African markets and by a 36.1 percent increase in output (17,243 units) for export shipment of the New Outlander which continues to sell briskly in European and Chinese markets.

 Sales in Japan

Vehicle sales in Japan in February totaled 20,528 units, an 8.0 percent decrease year-on-year. Passenger car (registrations and mini-car) sales of 16,041 units and commercial vehicle sales of 4,487 units were 7.3 percent and 10.4 percent down respectively on the same month last year.

Total registered vehicle sales were 8.0 percent down year-on-year despite strong showings by the Lancer Evolution X and the Galant Fortis, new additions to the lineup since August last year, and encouraging 16.0 percent increase in sales of models in the Colt series. Total mini-car sales were 8.0 percent down.

 Production overseas

Overseas production volume totaled 41,697 units, 1.9 percent up over February last year and resumed the run of year-on-year increases that began in September 2007 before being interrupted by a small decline in January.

 Export shipments from Japan

Total exports from Japan of 53,012 units were 29.2 percent up on February 2007, marking the 16th consecutive month of year-on-year increases and setting a new record for February since Mitsubishi Motors spun off its truck and bus operations in 2003.

Exports to Asia showed a strong 52.8 percent rise over the same period last year thanks mainly to firm sales of the new Outlander in China. Exports to North America registered a healthy increase over February 2007, boosted by the launch of the new 2009 model year Lancer and by firm sales in Canada and Mexico.

Exports to Europe of 18,131 units were 34.9 percent up on February 2007 and a record for the month since the 2003 spin off of the company's truck and bus operations. This surge was driven mainly by firm sales in Russia, the Ukraine and Central European markets.

February 2008 Fiscal Year 2007

('07/04 - '08/02) Calendar Year 2008('08/01-'08/02)Volume YoY(%) Volume YoY(%) Volume YoY(%)

Domestic Production Passenger Cars 78,067 121.3 703,619 117.9 143,524 119.3

Commercial Vehicles 8,842 93.4 78,521 84.6 16,007 94.4

Total 86,909 117.7 782,140 113.5 159,531 116.2


Sales * Passenger

Cars Registrations 7,349 91.9 66,314 126.3 13,435 109.6

Minicars 8,692 93.3 72,548 74.9 14,623 86.4

Total 16,041 92.7 138,862 93.0 28,058 96.2


Vehicles Registrations 488 87.5 5,220 55.0 880 84.0

Minicars 3,999 89.8 42,233 85.9 6,755 88.7

Total 4,487 89.6 47,453 80.9 7,635 88.1

Registrations Total 7,837 91.6 71,534 115.4 14,315 107.6

Minicars Total 12,691 92.2 114,781 78.6 21,378 87.1

Grand Total 20,528 92.0 186,315 89.6 35,693 94.3

Exports Passenger Cars 51,943 130.7 527,034 142.9 107,826 133.5

Commercial Vehicles 1,069 82.5 12,623 85.1 2,550 103.3

Total 53,012 129.2 539,657 140.6 110,376 132.6

Production Domestic Production 86,909 117.7 782,140 113.5 159,531 116.2

Overseas Production 41,697 101.9 511,166 105.2 84,880 99.6

Total 128,606 112.1 1,293,306 110.0 244,411 109.8

* Includes imports to Japan.

* Excludes truck and bus units as MMC's truck and bus operations were spun off into Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation in January 2003.

* Effective from October 2006, "Delica Wagon" and "Pajero" (also "Montero" or "Shogun") figures which used to be included in the Commercial Vehicles category are now included in Passenger Cars category.


- Fumio Nishizaki, Mitsubishi Tokyo -


28.03.2008 / MaP

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