BMW Group Asia introduces comprehensive 360° ELECTRIC programme for BMW i drivers.

BMW Group Asia introduces comprehensive 360° ELECTRIC programme for BMW i drivers.

12.08.2014: BMW Group Asia introduces the all-inclusive 360º ELECTRIC programme that has been designed

BMW Group Asia introduces the all-inclusive 360º ELECTRIC programme that has been designed to make electric mobility simple and straightforward, will be made available to BMW i customers locally.


360º ELECTRIC is an all-rounded portfolio of services comprising four key pillars that will come standard with every BMW i model.

The introduction of 360º ELECTRIC sees BMW partnering experts in the field of electric mobility to provide customers with solutions available to optimise their overall electric mobility experience. 360º ELECTRIC is by far the only one of its kind in the industry today.

“Since 2009, BMW has been conducting electric vehicle field trials with the MINI E and BMW ActiveE, which involved up to 10 countries with a total of over 40 million kilometres clocked. Through the accumulated experience gained from the field trials, it has enabled BMW to better understand the needs of an electric vehicle owner,” said Mr Sergio Solero, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia.

“We recognise that electric mobility is new for many customers in Singapore. Therefore, we want to reassure our customers that we have got them covered from an all-round perspective, the moment they start owning a BMW i vehicle.

Through the comprehensive programme that 360º ELECTRIC provides, it will enable BMW i customers with a convenient and easy transition to an electric vehicle and grant them with a truly holistic electric driving experience.”


BMW i Wallbox Pure.

Every BMW i vehicle will come with the BMW i Wallbox Pure and a basic installation package. Combining BMW i design and reliability in the convenience of the customer’s home, the BMW i Wallbox Pure provides a fast way to charge a BMW i vehicle.

This 230V wallbox has a charging power of 3.7 kW and a current strength of 16 amperes, which enables the BMW i3 to be fully charged in about 6 to 8 hours.

The BMW i8, meanwhile, can be fully-charged in less than two hours. A 4.0-metre charging cable is provided to enable charging flexibility.

Once the BMW i3 or BMW i8 is plugged in, charging begins and will end automatically when the car is fully-charged.


BMW Installation Services.

Greenlots, a provider of open standards-based technology solutions for electric vehicle network, will provide BMW i customers in Singapore with charging infrastructure services at their homes or offices. This includes the electrical installation in customers’ homes, supplying and assembling the BMW i Wallbox Pure, and other services.

This will allow future owners of a BMW i3 or BMW i8 to charge their vehicle safely and quickly, either at home or in the office.

Greenlots will provide BMW i customers with installation of the BMW i Wallbox Pure to ensure safe and reliable charging at their homes. A qualified advisor will support BMW i drivers through the entire installation process, including electrical inspection.

Prior to the purchase of a new BMW i vehicle, a Greenlots electrician / surveyor will conduct a site visit to determine if the intended buyer’s home or office environment is electric mobility-friendly. Once the environment has been deemed suitable, full installation will commence upon the purchase of the BMW i vehicle. The installation is backed by a Greenlots warranty with ongoing technical support.



ChargeNow, BMW i’s public charging programme, enables BMW i drivers with access to a network of public charging stations located in various office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, industrial parks and buildings in Singapore.

Greenlots will administer ChargeNow in Singapore and enable local BMW i customers to access its vast and expansive network of AC charging units by using the BMW i ChargeNow card and Greenlots mobile app. Real-time information about the availability and location of these stations is provided to BMW i drivers via the car’s BMW Navigation system Professional to assist them in locating the nearest available charging point.

“We are delighted to be appointed by BMW Asia for the Home Charging and Public Charging elements of 360º ELECTRIC in Singapore. Electric vehicles are mobility of the future and are definitely more beneficial for the environment.

While the perceived barriers of early electric vehicle adoption are valid, 360º ELECTRIC will overcome these challenges easily,” said Mr Lin Khoo, Senior Vice-President of Greenlots. “Greenlots is committed to supporting widespread adoption of electric vehicles both globally and in Singapore, by offering an easy way to set up intelligent charging infrastructure at home, at work or in public places.”



BMW i has developed customised mobility solutions to cater for the occasional long-distance trips outside of the city. Be it a long weekend getaway to Malaysia or a road trip, customers will be covered under the Flexible Mobility Programme.

BMW i customers will be able to enjoy the use of a BMW 320i Sedan for up to five days during the first year of having purchased a BMW i vehicle.



BMW i has various solutions to ensure confidence in driving a full-electric vehicle, including BMW ConnectedDrive and the BMW i Remote App, which have been designed to optimise electric travel on a daily basis.

Whereupon technical assistance is required when on the road, BMW Roadside Assistance provides the peace of mind that a response specialist will always be available on call, at the push of a button via the iDrive system, to provide round-the-clock service, 24/7, 365 days a year.


BMW ConnectedDrive.

Apart from helping BMW i drivers locate the nearest available public charging stations, BMW ConnectedDrive also allows drivers to use their smartphones to check on their cars’ charging status and further control the charging process to enable a more efficient journey.

Compatible to both iOS and Android system, the BMW i Remote App enable drivers to use their smartphone to connect with their BMW i vehicle remotely and to control it from a distance. They can even view their vehicles’ range, battery condition, charge levels, service messages, and location.

With the Charge Control function, charging procedures at each station, trip planning, climate control of the passenger compartment and the high-voltage battery can all be activated remotely.

The navigation feature, meanwhile, displays information that helps make drivers’ journeys easier. At the heart of this feature lies the Driving Range Assistant with its dynamic range map which takes into account relevant factors that could impact the drive, including the car’s current battery charge level, driving style, topographic conditions and even the immediate traffic situation.

ECO Route is an additional feature that helps the drivers to find the most efficient way to reach their destinations. If Range Assistance determines that their destinations are beyond their vehicles’ current range, it will locate a nearby charging station or suggest a more efficient route.


Free Maintenance and Aftersales Assurance.

All new BMW i vehicles come with BMW Service Inclusive Plus that provides free maintenance (except tyres) for up to 3 years or a maximum mileage of 60,000km, whichever comes earlier. The high voltage battery, meanwhile, comes with warranty up to a maximum of 8 years or a maximum mileage of 100,000km, whichever comes first.


BMW Roadside Assistance.

In the event of a breakdown or when a technical problem occurs, BMW i drivers can select the “BMW Mobile Care” function in the iDrive system. Upon its activation, the car will transmit diagnostic information and its current location to the BMW Roadside Assistance call centre.

Upon receiving the information, the call centre will then administer necessary assistance according to the situation.



Daniel Chan, photos BMW


12.08.2014 / MaP

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