AUTOMEDON Show Paris 2015 - Competition and Heritage

AUTOMEDON Show Paris 2015 - Competition and Heritage

17.09.2015: AUTOMEDON Show from OCTOBER 10-11th 2015 Practical information: Hall 4 Parc des Expositions Paris-Le Bourget (93)

 AUTOMEDON Show from OCTOBER 10-11th 2015

Practical information:

Hall 4 Parc des Expositions Paris-Le Bourget (93)

Opening hours: 9am to 7pm

Car-park just outside (free for vintage cars and motorcycles)

Access: RER B Le Bourget station

Motorway A1 exit n°5

Entrance fees : 12€ - Reduced price: 10€  - Free for under-14-year olds

Each year, Automedon Show focuses its attention on a specific part of the history of cars and motorcycles. The show sets out ever more abounding unique podiums, staged by Yves Levasseur, the very specialist and inexhaustible enthusiastic executive manager of the show.

Not only does Automédon provide the opportunity to see and discover, but it also gathers all vintage cars and motorcycles lovers in a most festive and friendly atmosphere. From the seldom exhibited car to the popular cars, everyone will find their tastes represented.

Car-lovers know it, witness the record high number of visitors with 17 000 of them in 2014.

For this 15th edition, the organizers have set up 9 exceptional podiums which will retrace the history of car-racing via its heritage.

Automédon will take place in Hall 4 Parc des Expositions at Le Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis, just north of Paris) both inside, over an area of 20 000m², and outside, over an area of 30 000m² for the vintage car-park.

An all but attractive show

“Automédon epitomizes the exceptional richness and diversity that prevail in vintage cars and motorcycles, as well as the always enthused will of amateur car-collectors to exhibit their patrimony in the frame of Automédon. This year, we will not put on show cars that come from museums, but most valuable ones coming from private collections, which have rarely been exhibited and gathered by a common theme.

The strength of the Show lies in this very alchemy and in the links of confidence we have succeeded in setting in the course of the years with both collectors, service car providers and the professional and specialised press” explains Yves Levasseur, the very specialist and inexhaustible enthusiastic executive manager of the show.

On the programme:

- Grand Prix cars, forerunners of the Formula1
- The Simcas and the ‘drawer to the unknown’
- The 60th anniversary of the Ford Thunderbird
- The Rod movement
- The 6th Motorama with the history of the motorcycle from Birmingham to Bologna and the Bol d’Or motorcycles.
- The 250 stands with the vintage cars exhibitors
- The vintage car-park

Honour to the pre-war racing cars   

Car racing did enthuse the 20th century generations that lived the extraordinary car epic.

Each race was a feast and each pilot was immediately idolized according to his results. Always more speed, more boldness, more adrenalin and ... more show.

Competitions and car-races mirrored the makers’ ingeniousness to set speed records.

The technical results gave them a notoriety that enabled them to have new outlets and above all new customers.

Automédon pays tribute to the Grand Prix cars, forerunners of today’s Formula 1.

Seven or eight prestigious cars will be gathered, thanks once more to private collectors who look after their precious heritage:

The one-seater Talbot T46, 1939; the 3 litres Delage that was the heroin of the 1939 24H du Mans and the star of the European Grand Prix with Louis Gérard at the wheel, the Bugatti 35 which was such a success in Monaco, Reims, Francorchamps, Le Mans thanks to its reliability and its behaviour on the road, and the Delahaye 135 S, 1936, crowned in 1936 and 1937 on all the racing-circuits in the world. 

It won the 24H du Mans four times, and  was the highlight of the best racing-cars in the world - it was designed for the new Sport formula in 1936  notably with French cars: the Talbot 4L, the Bugatti 57G tanks and the Delage 3L.

Its body was designed by Figoni&Falaschi, the car was bought by a private pilot, Louis Villeneuve who had an additional tank added for the 24H du Mans in order to limit the refuelling -  and the Amilcar 6 cylinders, all of them will stand enthroned on the podium.

Automédon and the Club Simca France draw open the doors of the unknown!

Who remembers Simca today? Maybe Talbot and Chrysler ring a bell...

The first vehicles with Fiat engineering were sold under licence and they launched an industrial activity for popular cars first. The first paid holidays and the Simca 5 were born in 1936. So, the target was the family, the middle-classes, the car was to be urban, economical and robust.

Many racing-cars became equipped with Simca engineering, the racing sector was a must for marketing at the time. Engineers, preparers, garage mechanics were intent on improving Simca’s performances in order to gain fame. Its numerous resilience records were all excellent advertising throughout the world.

Automédon and the Club Simca France have chosen to present thirty–odd rare cars which imposed their mark in sports and resilience:

- the competition and sports cars: one-seaters and race-barquettes (Barthe, René Berte) including:

- The Simca Bouvot-Caron created by Paul Bouvot. It has a two-seater barquette body, a steel body welded to a tubular chassis. It has a 4 cylinder 1 300 cm3 engine prepared by Monopole, its Cotal automatic four-gear box is extremely rapid to run through thanks to a small selector on the dashboard. Its brakes are ventilated and pierced. The car, which was registered in 1954, had several different owners and was finally found and bought  half a century later by Paul Bouvot’s son, Marc.

- The Simca 5 Germain Morère, which had a narrow escape ending up in a scrap yard in the 1980s. It was created after WW2 by engineer Germain Morère, who was a sports enthusiast and marshal on racing circuits. It was accepted by the Mines (the French government testing vehicle service) and he consequently expected to present it to high personalities in order to make a small series of them.

But the answers to his invitations never came and Morère went broke. The car fell into oblivion and was sent to a scrap yard. But it was spotted by the Scuderia Michel which issued a description of the missing car in a magazine specialized in vintage cars. A forester in the Landes recognized it and went to see its owner who authenticated the car. It was saved from the scrap yard and entirely refurbished.

- The Simca 8 Ferrer and Lacoste: there are only two of them, its making was deliberately revolutionary for the time – its body weighs only 25 kilos for it is made of air-plane steel.


- The Simca 5 Racer 500 belongs to the post-war cars. It was the time when people did enjoy racing in small cars that ran in hill climbs, autodromes or velodromes.

- The first two Gordini cars are gathered for the first time. This Simca 5 - which is part of the private collection of the ACO-Musée des 24h - won the 24h du Mans in 1937 and gave Amédée Gordini its everlasting nickname ‘the sorcerer’; it will sit next to the extremely rare Gordini with a Simca 8 basis; only three of them remain in the world.

You will also see an Aronde that has been entirely rebuilt: it is the one that covered the 100 000 kms on the Montlhéry circuit in 1953; and the historical Ariane that covered 200 000 kms at Miramas in 1960.

- the special bodies by Figoni and Facel-Metallon body-makers: Simca 9 sport coupé Figoni, Aronde Plein Ciel, Simca 936.

A monument in French history will be displayed: the famous “Présidence cabriolet” used by French President General de Gaulle with a body designed by Chapron. Every single head of state at the time was driven in this car: Krutchev, Kennedy and only two women: Farah Diba and Queen Elizabeth II... General de Gaulle toured France in his official trips in this car.

- The ‘production’ cars:  they are the first Simca Fiats with two rare 11hp cars which illustrate the first years of co-working with Fiat and Simca.


The 60 years of the Ford Thunderbird: from the sports car to the luxury car

Originally, back in 1955, this car was a ‘sports’ model designed to vie with the Chevrolet Corvette. It became a luxury car levelling with the Cadillac Eldorado.

From 1955 to 1957 it was first a two-seater convertible with a powerful engine.

In 1958, the Ford Motor Company’s research department transformed this car into a four-seater one with a sports look.

The next model, from 1961 to 1963, had an outstanding and luxury finish. The car was an utter commercial success. From 1972 to 2002, the Thunderbird had a guzzling engine, consequently it aroused little interest and became an ordinary car. But, in 2002, an 11th generation Thunderbird was released in the wake of the very first models. The Thunderbird was produced until 2005. Its last series (limited to 1 500 models) was called “50th Anniversary Edition”.

There will also be a selection of five vehicles including a rare Hard Top Cabriolet 1957 with a collapsible roof.

Rod ever more!

The Rod, also named Hot-Rod, is a car with specific personal changes based preferably on pre-war American cars – it is powerful, the body and paint are customized, there are new fitting-outs.

The trend came directly from the West Coast in America and marks the will for users to flaunt their tastes. The movement settled in the whole of Europe including France. This “rodders” movement is a brotherhood where friendship, camaraderie, family ambiance flourish on a Rockn’Roll background. Automédon is one the very rare shows that can present a selection of the most beautiful Rod models.

This year you will see the first display of the Mercury 1949 whose body is an extraordinary achievement by a most enthused Rod lover.

Two more exceptional cars will be displayed direct from the USA:

The Ford 32 Best of Show from Las Vegas and the Ford A 5e/100 that took part in the competition organized by the American magazine “Rod and Custom.”

Another rarity will be the surprising Simca 5 “Le Mans”. Is it a Rod? Not really; its preparation is 100% French and made by an enthused Rod lover from Citroën. The result is absolutely unique and unheard of.

History of the motorcycle from Birmingham to Bologna

The 6th Motorama show is gaining momentum within Automédon with over 200 historical models.

Automédon has set up with the Club Triton de France and the DUCATIPERFORMANCECLUB two vast podiums: one dedicated to English motorcycles –Triumph, Norton, Velocette, Vincent, BSA, Royal Enfield – and the other one dedicated to the DUCATI motorcycles, the brand is a sports one famous for its racing models.

Triton and performances !

In order, to mark its 20th anniversary, the « Club Triton France » which is specialized in English motorcycles and is a member of the World Association of Triumph Owners Club (WATOC), will gather its most beautiful English motorcycles, both classic and above all Triton. Triton?

They are English motorcycles which were prepared by amateur bikers who customized them in an English style to improve their look or their performances.

The Club Triton will present 16 Café Racer motorcycles: Rickmam Royal Enfield, 700cc série 2 Interceptor, 1970 (it took part in the Bol d’Or in 1970),  a kitted out 820ccTriumph Bonneville Thruxton Replica, 1965 (this model was developed by Triumph for its production races), 850cc Norton Commando Production Racer, 1977, 7000cc Norfield with a Norton frame and Royal Enfield Constellation engine, 1958 and Classic British Bikes such as the 850cc Norton Commando, 1974 or the 650cc Thunderbird or Triumph 6T, 1952.

A selected array highlighting the mechanical evolution of the Italian queen of motorbikes.

DUCATI’s story starts back in Bologne in 1926 in the cradle of a region that was to become the birthplace of the most famous Italian sports cars. The first motorized bike was made under the name Cucciolo. In 1949 the first 60cm3 motorbike, light and performing, heralded the models to come.

As early as 1954, engineer Fabio Taglioni launched DUCATI’s reputation with its participation in races and this marked the beginning of a long period of success.

Thanks to competitions, technological and technical evolutions were to be carried out and they were very often resorted to in order to create flabbergasting and mythical models.

25 models will be displayed on this podium: the Messine, a genuine motorbike made in France with a Cucciolo engine, it is one of the first models; there are reportedly only two of them left.  In the small cylinders category, the 48cm3 Brisk is a small urban motorbike. Its desmodromic distribution is to be found on most DUCATI models and was the brain child of engineer Taglioni.

The stars of this podium will be gathered for the first time and will be undoubtedly the 750SS with its round-shaped chain-guard to mark the victory at Imola in 1972 and the extremely rare 900SS with its square carburettor chain-guard in its famous blue and grey tint.

There will also be other beacons, among which the 750 TTF which ran at the Bol d’Or in 1984 with the support of its maker, the Café Racer with a DUCATI basis, which was crowned world champion at the Düsseldorf Show in 2014; the Superbike 916, French Champion.

DUCATI is a brand that can be summed up with four words: Italian, sporting, authentic, racing. Each of these models has its own DNA with a unique identity and characteristics to be found in six families: Monster, Streetfighter, Diavel, Multistrada, Superbike, Scrambler.

DUCATI can boast an exceptional list of results:

-   GP motorcycles-makers World champion 
-  14 times World Champion and 17 times champion in Superbike.

Its successes have enabled the development of highly mechanical and electronic mythical motorcycles:  Desmosedici, the Superbike, the  Panigale today.

Finally the Bol d’Or Podium, organized by Ecurie Gérald Motos, the restless protector of racing models, will present mythical motocycles including the Kawasaki ZX10R which won the Bol d’Or in 2014 and was run by Leblanc, Lagrive and Salchaud on a distance of 3 158km.

Automédon has chosen to put on display Bol d’Or motorcycles as this race has evolved with the progression of motorcycles in France.  The race was created in 1922 by Eugène Mauve and the Amicale des Anciens Motocyclistes Militaires. The mythical endurance race is run for 24h round the clock.

The first race was run on the road for 50 hours from Livry-Gargan Vaujours Coubron and Clichy. The winner is the one who has ridden the longest distance in 24 hours. In 1922 Zind won the Bol d’Or on his Motosacoche after covering 1 245km at an average speed of 51,9km/h.

The location of the race changed in the course of time:  Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Fontainebleau, Monthléry, Le Castellet, Magny-Cours and finally this year back to Le Castellet.

It gathered professionals but mainly amateurs. Two or three friends or family members were to assist them if necessary. The pilot had a spare spanner and sparking plug. The public was quite scarce at the beginning and its number increased with the performances of the motorcycles.

At the time the Bol d’Or was worse than the first Paris-Dakar! The show was both on the circuit and on the stands where pistons were changed, valves  decarbonized, frames welded, clutches riveted under the very eyes of the race-stewards.

The lighting of the motorcycles was a real problem as they had only one headlight. It was difficult for the racers to follow the outline of the road and the acetylene headlights used in the 20s were gradually replaced by electricity powered by dynamos. The rear lights often burnt out, so it was quite difficult for big cylinder motorcycles to slalom between the 175s and the Side-Cars at 2 in the morning!

The Bol d’Or was interrupted from 1938 to 1946, and from 1961 to 1968 and later it was organized on most famous French circuits Montlhéry, Le Mans, Le Castellet, etc… The French production of motorcycles waned and disappeared. The Bol d’Or was revived in 1969 but the powerfulness of the motorcycles along with the comfort of the circuits changed the pioneer spirit.

On display will be seen glories of the past that ran the Bol d’Or between 1927 and 2014: Gillet-Herstal, Japauto 950 SS, Godier-Genoud, Susuki, Kawasaki Perdormance, Yamaha 750TZ, Yamaha 350TZ, Kawasaki ZXR 750 …

A dozen riding clubs will accompany these three exhibitions –  Laverda, BMW, Japonaises, ...  and the  FFVE section Motos as well as the scooters of the fifties and even small 50cm3 ones. The café racer movement will also be represented.

The Bol d’Or was interrupted from 1938 to 1946, and from 1961 to 1968 and later it was organized on most famous French circuits Montlhéry, Le Mans, Le Castellet, etc…

The French production of motorcycles waned and disappeared. The Bol d’Or was revived in 1969 but the powerfulness of the motorcycles along with the comfort of the circuits changed the pioneer spirit.

On display will be seen glories of the past that ran the Bol d’Or between 1927 and 2014: Gillet-Herstal, Japauto 950 SS, Godier-Genoud, Suzuki, Kawasaki Performance, Yamaha 750TZ, Yamaha 350TZ, Kawasaki ZXR 750 …

A dozen riding clubs will accompany these three exhibitions –  Laverda, BMW, Japonaises, ...  and the  FFVE section Motos as well as the scooters of the fifties and even small 50cm3 ones. The café racer movement will also be represented.


The clubs, memory of the brands

 Automédon is an impressive showcase of the importance of clubs: 100 clubs will be present around the FFVE  (Fédération Française des Véhicules d’Époque). They enable collectors to meet their thrilled peers, exchange, talk, compare their cars etc.

These Clubs organize a special setting for the display of their vehicles and participate in the  Enjoliveur d’or (Hub cap) competition which rewards the most original stand.

Last year, 2014, prizes were awarded to:

- le Club SIMCA France (Gold Enjoliveur) with a lumberjack setting for its Canadian 1948 Simca.

- le Club Deuche 77 (Silver Enjoliveur) marked the 90th anniversary of the Croisière noire with André Citroën.

-le Club Aved’L (Bronze Enjoliveur) displayed a special René Berte, a one-seater that ran in the Bol d’Or at Angoulême and Montlhéry in 1948.

The specialists’ market place for amateurs and collectors.

Automédon is a vast market place where spare parts are to be found to maintain and  refurbish cars and motorcycles. These parts contribute to the perenniality and safety of the vehicles, even the most ancient ones. The specialized artisans – bodymakers, upholsterers, painters ... – display their know-how and expertise and are lavish in wise advice for people to restore their cars perfectly.

New this year: two entrances for the vintage car-park.

The vintage car-park is a show within the show. All the brands, all the models stand side by side – they have to be pre-1975 ones – and constitute a ceaseless and highly colourful parade of luxury, popular, atypical cars.

Last year, the car-park met with unequalled success with 3 000 vehicles throughout the week-end. In order to facilitate the arrival of the vintage cars on the car park the organizers have established two entrances. This car-park is heaven on earth for collectors, amateurs, photographers. It is a must along with its congenial atmosphere.

Yves Levasseur, an organizer full of energy and passion

“The show is an annual feast where everyone meets around ancient, popular, rare, sports or luxury models. People come with their families, or friends to enjoy their time, dream, buy of find the spare part that is absolutely necessary to restore their cars. Automédon is a sort of vast living museum since most of the cars and motorcycles on display are still working!” he says.

Yves Levasseur, the organizer of Automédon Show has always been a keen lover of vintage cars. He bought his first car at the age of 18. It was a DKW cabriolet, 1939.

As a thrilled lover of Citroëns, he was Chairman of the Club de la Traction Avant Citroën – ‘La Traction Universelle ’ for ten years. He organized a huge meeting in Chartres with 600 Tractions Universelle vehicles and 7 000 visitors.

In 1980, he set up his own production company and specialized in events for collectors (Numi-carta, the salon des collectionneurs..)

One year later, he created the first secured car-park for 400 vintage cars at Porte de Bagnolet in Paris. In 1986, he was one of the first Frenchmen to build a Rod on a Ford 33 basis which  entered the Guinness Book of records after driving  15 000 km on Paris’s périphérique (ring-road) in 15 days!

He is a man with a strong spirit and one of the mainstays in the vintage car sector. He created Automédon in 2001 and Motorama in 2010. All the cars of this staunch protector of the vintage car are over 20 years!

- Anne Quemy - photos Automedon


17.09.2015 / MaP

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