Free-floating carsharing from car2go improves quality of life in cities

Free-floating carsharing from car2go improves quality of life in cities

13.10.2016: Recent study in the USA shows positive effects of carsharingcar2go helps to improve air quality, traffic congestion and parking space availability

    Recent study in the USA shows positive effects of carsharingcar2go helps to improve air quality, traffic congestion and parking space availability in cities

    car2go complements public transport

    car2go contributes to the elimination of old vehicles with high emissions from city traffic

car2go is a central component of urban mobility systems. The results of the first study on carsharing in North America prove that car2go's flexible carsharing model, without fixed rental stations, offers clear advantages for cities and their residents. The study was carried out and published by the University of California in Berkeley*.

The five main advantages of car2go at a glance:

car2go reduces the number of vehicles in cities

The study in North America shows: each car2go vehicle replaces as many as eleven private vehicles and, by reducing the number of vehicles in metropolitan areas, contributes to a reduction of traffic. In addition, many car2go customers abandon their plans to buy a second car.

car2go reduces traffic congestion in cities

In 2015, car2go customers reduced the number of cars on urban roads in the five cities examined by the university in Berkeley by 28,000 vehicles, thus reducing traffic congestion significantly.

car2go frees up valuable parking space

Not only is the number of vehicles on the road dropping – the use of vehicles is much more efficient in carsharing, too.

While a private car only travels for around one hour per day on average, car2go vehicles travel for between three and six hours per day, depending on the city. Because the vehicles are used by multiple people, the amount of time the cars spend parked is reduced.

car2go improves air quality

More than 70 percent of the vehicles rejected by car2go members were at least ten years old. This means that thousands of vehicles with outdated exhaust systems have disappeared from urban roads.

Journeys by extremely fuel-efficient, low-emission car2go vehicles contribute to an improved air quality in cities, in comparison. In addition, car2go vehicles are often used for carpools.

car2go complements public transport

car2go was developed to work hand-in-hand with urban transport systems. The Berkeley study shows that car2go customers, since beginning of their membership, combine vehicle rentals with a bus journey up to 7 percent more often and with a train journey up to 8 percent more often.

car2go is a popular, practical and low-cost way to reach public transport – frequently as the "first and last mile" of a commuter route.

-Christian Müller, photo Mercedes


13.10.2016 / MaP

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