30.11.2007: AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR kft.

The engine production plant in Győr in Hungary was inaugurated in October 1994. In doing so, Audi not only safeguarded its international competitiveness, it also created a strategic base in Hungary that is gaining increasingly in importance.

Business Results (IFRS)

2006 2005 2004 Production

Sales revenues 5.031 billion EUR 4.213 billon EUR 3.929 billion EUR

Investment with capitalized R& D expenses 360 million EUR 439 millon EUR 459 million EUR

Investment without capitalized R&D expenses 279 million EUR 239 million EUR 256 million EUR

Engines 1.893.600 1.693.609 1.480.630


Audi TT Coupé 21.461 8.368 14.738

Audi TT Roadster 2.214 3.939 8.851

Audi A3/S3 - - -

Total Vehicles 23.675 12.307 23.589



Managing Directors:

- Thomas Faustmann, Managing Director

- Achim Heinfling, Managing Director, Production

- Dr. Johannes Roscheck, Managing Director, Finance

- Richárd Rozman, Managing Director, Personnel

Supervisory Board:

- Frank Dreves, Member of the Board of AUDI AG for Production

- Ulf Berkenhagen, Member of the Board of AUDI AG for Purchasing

- László Kiss, Trade Union Representative AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft., Factory Planning

Győr: Town by the River Danube

· Győr is situated by the Danube, 600 kilometres from Ingolstadt, halfway between Budapest and Vienna

· With its 130,000 inhabitants, Győr is the sixth largest town in Hungary

· Industries: Machinery, textile and plastics, food and building

· Favourable geographical position near the borders of Hungary, Slovakia and Austria

· Baroque-style old town, with numerous art treasures and architectural monuments


· Site: Győr, Hungary

· February 1993: Foundation of the company

· April 1993: Purchase of land and a part-finished production hall

· Today: Site area of 1,659,163 m2

· Production area of 388,480 m2

· Logistical connection via road and railway

· Number of employees: 5,373 (as at 31st December 2006)

· Production of engines and engine components, vehicles

· Engine Development Centre, with developments to support series production

· Production planning

· Tool manufacturing

Audi Importer: Porsche Hungaria

· Audi is market leader in Hungary in premium and medium segments

· Delivery of 1,650 Audi vehicles to customers in 2006

· 132 dealers for vehicles from the Volkswagen Group

History of an Investment

1991-1992 Investigation and analysis of more than 180 possible sites in Europe

25th November 1992 AUDI AG decides on Győr in Hungary

18th February 1993 AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft., a wholly-owned subsidiary of AUDI AG, is established with capital of 2 million German Marks and is registered by the Hungarian Court of Registration on 6th July 1993

21st April 1993 Signing of contract to purchase land and a production hall from the company Rába Rt.

October 1993 Installation of first machine for cylinder head manufacture

December 1993 Start of pre-series production

August 1994 Production of first engine; Capacity during first stage of factory development: up to 750 units of 4-cylinder five valve engines daily. Around 200 employees.

12th October 1994 Official opening ceremony of the new engine production plant

October 1995 AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. obtains the DIN ISO 9002 certificate

from 1996 Second stage of 4-cylinder engine production: Expansion of engine assembly and test benches, installation of production line for aluminium crankcases

May 1996 AUDI AG decides on 6- and 8-cylinder engine production, and on the assembly of TT Coupé and TT Roadster vehicles

September 1996 Series production of 1.6-litre aluminium engines with 2-valve technology

August 1997 Start of production of 6-cylinder engines

October 1997 Start of production of 8-cylinder engines

from 1998 Third stage of 4-cylinder engine production: Installation of production lines for crankshafts and connecting rods

Quarter 2, 1998 Installation of a production line for crankcases for 8-cylinder engines

April 1998 Start of assembly of TT Coupé vehicles

Quarter 3 1998 Implementation of quality management system, in accordance with the requirements of VDA 6.1

September 1998 Series production of 8-cylinder petrol engines with 5 valves per cylinder technology

July 1999 Start of assembly of TT Roadster vehicles

1999 Start of production of 3.3 l 8-cylinder TDI diesel engines

1999 Start of project for developments to support series engine production. Investment of around 25 Million EUR

2000 Start of production of 4-cylinder diesel engines with pump injector direct injection. Production capacity: 300,000 engines per year

2000 Start of operation of 28,000 m2 logistics hall with railway connection

May 2001 Start of production of Audi A3 and S3 cars

2001 Opening ceremony for the Engine Development Centre

June 2002 Installation of oroduction line for 8-cylinder engines. Investment of 135 Million EUR

August 2002 Expansion of production of 4-cylinder diesel engines with pump injector direct injection. An increase of 1,000 units daily

September 2003 Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Audi Hungaria Motor Kft.. Attended by Péter Medgyessy, the Prime Minister of Hungary,

Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder, Chairman of the Board of Volkswagen Group, and Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of


May 2004 Start of production of connecting rods for 4-cylinder diesel engines.

November 2004 Second stage in the Engine Development Centre. Doubling of development capacity.

June 2005 Production of 10,000,000th engine. Fitted to a specially-made Audi TT for police purposes

September 2005 Opening ceremony of the Audi Hungaria Tool Manufacturing Plant

April 2006 Start of production of 10-cylinder engines

June 2006 Start of assembly of the TT Coupé (Mk II)

September 2006 Start of production of body parts and engines for Audi R8

November 2006 Start of assembly of new TT Roadster (Mk II)

November 2006 Foundation of Audi Hungaria Institute at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

October 2007 Start of production of four cylinder common-rail diesel engines

November 2007 Start of production of 10-cylinder bi-turbo engines

November 2007 Start of production of the A3 Cabriolet

2006 Production capacity:

- 6,900 engines per day

- I4 petrol and diesel engines

- V6 petrol and diesel engines

- V8 petrol and diesel engines

- V10 petrol engines

- 300 cars per day

Investment at Audi Hungaria since 1993: 3.088 billion EUR (with capitalized R&D expenses)

An Ideal Site for Quality

AUDI AG can rely on Győr for a wide range of highly educated professionals. The company provides a attractive workplace for students finishing at the “Széchenyi István” University of Győr. In 1993, AUDI AG purchased industrial land and a part-finished 100,000 m² production hall from the company "Rába Magyar Vagon- és Gépgyár". The site area used until 1st May 2004 (the date that Hungary joined the EU) as a duty-free zone has now grown to over 1,000,000 m².

High-Tech Engines from Győr

The AUDI AG engine plant was opened in Hungary in October 1994. Through this new plant in Győr not only was international competitiveness achieved, but an important site with strategic significance was established in Hungary, which continues to grow in importance. Today, nearly all the engines fitted in Audi vehicles come from Győr.

Production started with the assembly of 1.8 litre 4-cylinder five valve engines, manufactured both in naturally-aspirated and turbo variants. Since 1998 six-cylinder engines are also manufactured in Győr, with cylinder capacities from 2.4 through 2.8 and 3.0 up to 3.2 litres.

At the end of 1997, production of 8-cylinder engines with 4.2 and 3.3 litres started. Győr is also the manufacturing site for 4-cylinder diesel engines with pump injector direct injection technology. In 2002, engine production was increased to include FSI direct injection petrol engines. In May 2004, the new production line for connecting rods for 4-cylinder diesel engines started to operate.

September 2005 saw the start of production of modern high-revving 4.2-litre 8-cylinder engines.

In April 2006 the product offer of Audi Hungaria again increased with the powerful 5.2 litre 10-cylinder petrol engine with FSI technology featuring a future-orientated, highly efficient but astonishingly simple valve control technology- the innovative Audi valvelift system.

In 1999 the 1,000,000th engine was produced in Győr. In June 2005, the 10,000,000th engine came off the production line – it was fitted to a specially-made Audi TT for police purposes.

In 2006 a total of 1,893,600 engines were produced for Audi vehicles and for the other brands in the Volkswagen Group. Audi Hungaria began with series production of the new four-cylinder common rail engines in October 2007. Common rail technology will broaden the Audi and Volkswagen offer of powerful, highly efficient and low emission TDI engines.

In total, 25 basic engines types are produced in Győr in around 450 variants of 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-cylinder engines. The aim of Audi Hungaria is to widen the product palette and increase the production of engine components in Győr.

Production Technology and Logistics in Győr

During production planning, the emphasis at AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. is on organizational structure based on process systems: processed components and parts leave the manufacturing lines exactly where they will be assembled into engines. As a result, distances between different assembly groups are short. Supply for the assembly groups and transport of assembled parts happens quickly and directly. Internal material flow is managed so that only parts needed for assembly work are kept in store ready for use.

Transportation of materials and finished products between Győr and Ingolstadt is done mainly by railway. Parts and components components are prepared in Ingolstadt and delivered via railway to Győr. Finished engines and vehicles are transported in the same manner back to Ingolstadt. The distance between Germany and Hungary is covered by 28 trains every week. This means an environmentally-friendly, cost and time effective form of transportation.

Car Manufacturing

Preparation work began in Győr in 1997 for assembling vehicles. Series production of Audi TT models started in April 1998. By the end of 2005, a total of 325,463 Audi TT Coupé and Roadster vehicles, and a total of 36,458 Audi A3 and S3 vehicles had rolled down the production lines.

In April 2006 and in November 2006 respectively, the first second-generation Audi TT Coupé and Audi TT Roadster rolled off the lines at Audi Hungaria.

Vehicles are produced in the framework of a cooperative manufacturing concept. They are built partly at the German production site of AUDI AG in Ingolstadt and partly at AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. in Győr. The vehicle manufacturing plant was built in a 35,000 m2 area of the production hall based on an investment of more than 35 million EUR.

Painted car bodies arrive in Győr after their journey from Ingolstadt. In the plant, Audi has created a new production concept based on systems of processes, featuring short material supply paths and fast, direct processes from the supply of the components to the delivery of the finished vehicles.

The finished car leaves the assembly line having completed 65 work steps and travelled 240 metres over 7.5 hours. Then the only thing to do is to turn the ignition key, and the new Audi TT Coupé and Roadster can make their first journey, which is to the test rack beside the production hall. Here the brakes, suspension and shock absorbers are checked. The vehicles are then leave Győr by train and are taken back to Ingolstadt.

Due to the great success of the ewn Audi A3 and the start of production of the new A4, the plants in Ingolstadt were reaching full capacity. So A3 assembly started in April 2001. By April 2003, a total of 36, 458 Audi A3 and S3 vehicles were made.

Production of the new Audi A3 Cabriolet started in November 2007 in Győr.

Tool Manufacturing Plant

After a series of site examinations concerning Middle and East Europe, it was decided to establish a new Audi tool manufacturing plant at Audi HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. in 2005.

With an investment of nearly 40 million EUR a production hall with 18,000 m2 was built. Plant tools required for the pressing plant and car body manufacturing are produced here. Technical highlights are a are the large press featuring a maximum of 25,000 kN (kilonewtons) of force and a maximum tool weight of 50 tonnes.

Capacity of the tool manufacturing plant is now 150,000 hours per year. In the last phase of the development in 2008, the capacity will reach 500,000 hours per year. Manufacturing of car body parts for one of the top models of the Audi Group – the Audi RS4 – started in the middle of 2005. From 2006, engines and car body parts for the Audi R8 have been produced in the tool manufacturing plant at Audi Hungaria.

In the tool manufacturing plant there are 260 employees working in 3 shifts, and this figure will be increased in the final development phase up to 320 workers.

Development and Production Planning

The Engine Development Centre was opened in June 2001. This project was realized on the enlarged plant area of Audi HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. and required 5,000 square metres of space.

The building complex comprises an engine test bench system and several workshops, as well as the engine production building. Construction of the engine development centre started in the second half of 1999, and was finished within round a year.

The heart of the complex is the engine control area, which is equipped with the most up-to-date testing and checking systems and technologies. Work places were created for the development engineers, as well as for those working in the fields of production planning and information technology. This investment exceeded the sum of 25 million EUR.

The Engine Development Centre gives support for the engine manufacturing of AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. through series production development activities. Work orders are given to the development engineers not only from the different engine manufacturing areas in Győr, but also from the development centres of AUDI AG. The steadily growing capacity of the plant and the complexity of the engine variants demanded the introduction of production planning.

Production planning comprises planning support for the existing engine manufacturing, as well as planning and installation of new production lines, manufacturing equipment and machines. In order to ensure that buildings are ready for production with innovative and competitive manufacturing concepts and processes, suitable cooperation is required among technical development, manufacturing and quality assurance departments. With the completion of the second building phase of the Engine Development Centre in November 2004, development capacity was doubled. Thereby a full competency was reached regarding engine manufacturing tasks.

Building work for the South Entry Hall for Goods and for the Audi Hungaria Forum were finished in 2003, when the widening of Hall G10 started. The AUDI Hungaria Forum is used as the location for various events and ceremonies by the company.

Employees in Győr

Employees in plant administration and production are organised into teams. As well as professional skill and competence, qualification, foreign language knowledge and professional experience, great emphasise is laid on ability for working in teams, and the social competence. This selection step is made in the „assessment” centre.

Wages are based – just like at the AUDI AG – on a uniform, performance-oriented system. In this system there is a base (fixed) wage and a variable component which depends on individual performance.

One of the most important elements is the joint agreement of targets by employees and managers, as well as the continuous control of their realization and execution. General targets cover quality, productivity, timely delivery costs. The company supports the personal and technical development of the workforce through a wide spectrum of programmes.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection at Audi has the same priority as quality and productivity.

An Environment Management System based on “EMAS” standard has been implemented at the company since 1999, certified by an independent auditing institute. All of the processes used at the company are in accordance with the guidelines of the environment management system. In 2005, Audi Hungaria was awarded with the EMAS-ECO-Management prize for its environmentally-conscious activities.

As well as the development of the environmental consciousness of employees, the development of environmentally-friendly production strategies is also of highest importance. The company won the Öko-Profit prize from the European Union for “clean production” in both 2001 and 2004.




- Josef Schloßmacher - photo AUDI


30.11.2007 / MaP

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Zum dritten Mal in Folge nach den Jahren 2005 und 2006 wurde Porsche in den USA, dem größten Exportmarkt des Stuttgarter Sportwagen-Herstellers, zur attraktivsten Marke gekürt. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt das US-Marktforschungsinstitut J.D. Power in seiner jüngsten Meinungsumfrage „Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study". Einen Monat nach dem Spi more >>
Neuer Cayenne schiebt Verkäufe von Porsche in Nordamerika an
Die Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, fährt in Nordamerika weiter auf Erfolgskurs. Mit insgesamt 3.451 verkauften Fahrzeugen übertraf der Hersteller sportlicher Premium-Fahrzeuge im Juni 2007 auf seinem wichtigsten Absatzmarkt den hohen Vorjahreswert von 3.058 Einheiten um 13 Prozent. Damit erreichte Porsche in den USA und Kanada den höchsten Wert in einem Monat Ju more >>
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