Global sales results in 2017 - New record for Groupe Renault

Global sales results in 2017 - New record for Groupe Renault

15.01.2018: .... with 3.76 million vehicles sold, a rise of 8,5 % • 3.76 million vehicles sold, a

.... with 3.76 million vehicles sold, a rise of 8,5 %

•    3.76 million vehicles sold, a rise of 8.5% in a market that grew 2.3%.

•    A record year for Renault, the world's leading French brand, and for Dacia. Renault is the number-two brand in Europe.

•    Renault remains the leader in Europe's electric-vehicle segment with market share of 23.8%.

•    All the regions of the group increased both in sales volumes and market share. In particular, the group posted a sales increase of 13.6% in the Eurasia region and 17.0% in the Asia-Pacific region.

•    Renault is seeking continued growth1 in 2018, buoyed by the development of its international activities and its renewed range.


Groupe Renault has increased sales for the 5th consecutive year with 3,761,634 vehicles sold. Groupe Renault (including Lada) reported an 8.5% rise in global registrations (passenger cars + LCVs) in a market that grew 2.3%. The group market share now stands at 4.0% (+0.2 points vs 2016).

In the LCV segment, the group set a new record with 462,859 registrations, a rise of 4.1% on 2016.

The Renault and Dacia brands increased sales to record levels with 2,670,982 and 655,235 vehicles sold respectively. Lada sales jumped 17.8% to 335,564 registrations, while Renault Samsung Motors sales fell 10.1% to 99,846 vehicles.

"We set a new group record with sales of over 3.7 million vehicles in 2017. We are continuing to increase sales volumes and market share across all regions. Our strategy of range renewal and geographic expansion is continuing to bring results. In 2018, we will pursue our growth and internationalization of our sales in line with the Drive The Future plan,” said Thierry Koskas member of the Executive Committee, EVP, Sales and Marketing Groupe Renault.     

In Europe, in a market that grew 3.3%, group registrations rose 5.6% to 1,911,169 vehicles. The group took a 10.8% share of the European market, up 0.2 points.

The Renault brand alone saw sales rise 3.7% for a market share of 8.2%. Renault sales were buoyed in particular by the complete renewal of the Megane family in 2016, and the launch last June of new Koleos. Clio remains Europe's second best-selling vehicle, while Captur is the number-one crossover in its class.

In the electric vehicle segment, Renault maintained its leadership with a market share of 23.8%. Sales volumes increased 38%. Registrations of ZOE, Europe's top-selling electric vehicle, rose 44%.

Even before the launch of new Duster at the very start of 2018, the Dacia brand set a new European sales record with 463,712 registrations (+11.7%), and market share of 2.6%, a rise of 0.2 points. The rise is linked primarily to the strong results of Sandero phase 2, launched at end-2016.

Outside Europe, the group increased volumes and market share across all regions. Group registrations rose 11.6% in a market that grew 3.3%. Sales outside Europe now account for 49.2% of the total.

Groupe Renault consolidated its positions with the success of its new range: Renault Kaptur, LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY in Russia, Koleos in China, Megane Sedan in Turkey, Duster Oroch and Kwid in the Americas.

In Eurasia, registrations rose 13.6% in a market that grew 7.0%. The market share of the group, now including the Lada brand, increased 1.4 points to 24.5%, notably on the back of strong momentum in Russia.

The Russian market expanded for the first time in four years, with a rise of 12.2%. The group increased sales by 16.9% (including Lada). More than one vehicle in every four sold in Russia in 2017 was a Lada or a Renault.

Lada posted a 17.0% rise in sales with market share of 19.5% (+0.8 points) following the successful renewal of its range with, in particular, the models LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY.

The Renault brand claimed record market share of 8.5%, a rise of 0.3 points. Kaptur posted 30,958 registrations and Duster 43,715.

Russia remains the group's second-biggest market with the consolidation of Lada sales volumes.

In Turkey, Renault set a new historic record with sales rising 7.0% (130,276 vehicles) on a market that fell 2.8%. Megane Sedan confirmed its success with almost 39,300 registrations. Brand market share rose 1.3 points to 13.6% making Renault the country's number-one brand for both passenger cars and LCV sales.

In the Asia Pacific region, registrations increased 17.0% in a market that expanded 2.7%.

In China, Renault sold over 72,100 vehicles compared with 35,278 in 2016, thus doubling sales volumes in the space of one year. New Koleos consolidated its success with over 43,400 registrations.

Renault Samsung Motors saw sales fall 10.1% owing to the lack of new models in a fiercely competitive market. This fall follows strong growth in 2016 with the launch of SM6 and QM6.

In Africa-Middle-East-India, group registrations rose 8.4% in a market that expanded 2.0%. Market share rose 0.4 points to 6.6%.

In Iran, sales rose 49.3% for market share of 10.8% (+2.4 points) on the back of the success of Tondar and Sandero.

In India, Renault continues to rank as the number-one European car brand with market share of 3.1%. Sales fell 14.9% pending the ramp-up of Captur.

In North Africa, group sales rose 5.6% in a market that was down 4.7%. The group had market share of 42.4 %, a rise of 4.1 points, buoyed primarily by results in Algeria, where it posted record market share of 62.8% a rise of 11 points.

In the Americas region, sales rose 9.9% in a market that expanded 7.2% for market share of 6.7%, a rise of 0.2 points.

The group is continuing to reap the full benefits of the recovery of the Brazilian market, which grew 9.3%. Sales rose 11.4% for record market share of 7.7% (+0.2 point), buoyed by the good results of the new models, Captur and Kwid. Launched in July, Kwid has already sold in almost 22,600 units.

In Argentina, where the market surged 26.4%, the group posted a 16.3% sales increase, pending the ramp-up of Kwid.

Market outlook in 2018 for Groupe Renault

In 2018, the global market is expected to grow 2.5% vs 2017. The European market is expected to expand 1% with an increase of 1% for France.

At international level, Brazil is expected to expand by 5% and Russia close to 10%. China is expected to grow by 5%, and India by 6%.

Against this backdrop, the group is expected to reap the benefits of range renewal across all regions in 2018 and to pursue growth2 in sales, driven by international markets, in connection with the new Drive The Future plan.

1At constant scope
2At constant scope

Group sales by region PC+LCV

     December Ytd*     2017    2016    % var.

France    673,852    651,780    3.4%
Europe** (Excl France)    1,237,317    1,158,171    6.8%
France + Europe Total    1,911,169    1,809,951    5.6%
Africa Middle East India    532,391    491,301    8.4%
Eurasia    732,786    645,278    13.6%
Americas    389,419    354,241    9.9%
Asia Pacific    195,869    167,403    17.0%
Total Excl France + Europe    1,850,465    1,658,223    11.6%
World    3,761,634    3,468,174    8.5%

**Europe = European Union, Island, Norvway & Switzerland

Sales by brand
December Ytd*     2017    2016    % var


PC    2,264,075    2,094,905    8.1%
LCV    406,914    392,977    3.5%
PC+LCV    2,670,989    2,487,882    7.4%


PC    99,846    111,097    -10.1%


PC    610,160    542,463    12.5%
LCV    45,075    41,752    8.0%
PC+LCV    655,235    584,215    12.2%


PC    324,694    274,968    18.1%
LCV    10,870    10,012    8.6%
PC+LCV    335,564    284,980    17.8%


PC    3,298,775    3,023,433    9.1%
LCV    462,859    444,741    4.1%
PC+LCV    3,761,634    3,468,174    8.5%

*Sales Renault including Alpine (7 cars in 2017)

Groupe Renault : 15 markets - December Ytd

Volumes 2017*    MS PC+LCV 2017    (units)    (% )

1    FRANCE    673,852    26.44
2    RUSSIA    448,270    28.02
3    GERMANY    228,046    6.14
4    ITALY    215,901    9.98
5    SPAIN    185,760    12.95
6    TURKEY    178,646    18.68
7    BRAZIL    167,147    7.69
8    IRAN    162,079    10.81
9    UNITED KINGDOM    115,262    3.96
10    ARGENTINA    115,243    13.34
11    INDIA    112,489    3.07
12    SOUTH KOREA    100,537    5.71
13    BELGIUM+LUXEMBOURG    88,547    12.90
14    CHINA    72,137    0.26
15    MOROCCO    70,536    41.84

*2017 full year (sales), excl Twizy

Rié YAMANE- photo Renault


15.01.2018 / MaP

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