The new Seat lbiza TGI, the best ECO alternative

The new Seat lbiza TGI, the best ECO alternative

14.02.2018: SEAT lbiza with Compressed NaturalGas and Petrol Engine • SEAT moves forward with its commitment

SEAT lbiza with Compressed NaturalGas and Petrol Engine

•    SEAT moves forward with its commitment to the environment with the lbiza TGI, which is more eco-friendly and economicalthan diesel, petrol and non plug-in hybrid cars

•    CNG is the sustainable alternative to fill the gap between traditionaland electric engines

•    Driving on CNG helps to decrease COz emissions by 25%

•    SEAT, the company with one of the most comprehensive CNG range, including the Leon, the Mii and the lbiza. This year, SEAT will also be launching the new Arona TGI


The best SEAT lbiza in history is now also the most eco-friendly lbiza, with the arrival of the brand's technology  for Compressed NaturalGas on the fifth generation of the Spanish carmaker's best-seller. The new lbiza TGI is less expensive to run and more eco-friendly than equivalent models fuelled with diesel or petrol,as well as non plug-in hybrids.

This new car, the third CNG model following the Leon and the Mii,is manufactured in the Martorell factory using the MQB AO platform. SEAT is actively boosting CNG at is contributes to lowering the C02 emission targets: it emits, on average, 85% less nitrogen  oxide and helps decrease C02 emissions  by 25%, and thus contributes improving the air quality of cities.

Cars fuelled with compressed natural gas are a sustainable alternative  to fill the gap between traditionaland electric engines,  as they represent a strategic  support to increase environmental friendliness and are an appealing alternative  for customers.

Its operating cost per kilometre  is indeed especially low; firstly, because natural gas is more efficient than other fuels as it requires a smaller amount of fuel to produce the same energy, and furthermore, it only costs around 13 euros to fill the tank. This results in a longer driving range and subsequent cost savings per kilometre  driven.

The new SEAT lbiza 1.0 TGI delivers 90 PS performance and an average certified  fuel consumption of3.3 kg/100 km in CNG mode, which is the same as making 3.22 euro investment to drive 100 kilometres.

The total distance that the new lbiza TGI can cover amounts to 1,194  km when making use of the 13 kg of CNG and the 40 litres of petrol in both fuel tanks.

TGI engine, the most sustainable lbiza

The new SEAT lbiza is equipped with the three cylinder, 12 valve 1.0 TGI engine, which is mounted with a five-speed manual gearbox. It delivers a maximurn output  of 90 PS between 4,500 and 5,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 160 Nm between 1,900  and 3,500 rpm.As far as performance levels go, it reaches a top speed of 180 km/h, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 12.1 seconds,and its certified figures include an average fuel consumption of 5 l/100 km in petrol mode and 4.9 m3/100 km (3.3 kg/100 km),emitting only 88 g/km  of C02, in CNG mode.

The TGI version of the fifth generation lbiza is equipped with two fueltanks,one for 13 kg of CNG and the other with a 40 litre capacity for petrol, which is identical to all other petrol version lbizas,and their combined capacity gives it a totalrange of up to 1,194  kilometres before having to refuel.

In addition to featuring  the same systems as those included in the petrolversions of the lbiza1.0 TSI, the new lbiza TGI also has the necessary components  to run on natural gas, such as a CNG tank, a filler neck next to the petrol filler neck,several gas temperature and pressure sensors on the different components  and a pressure regulator  and gas distribution system, among others.

 Furthermore, it also adds specific chrome-nickel covered pistons that incorporate new segments that are adapted to use with gas as well as reinforced valve seats to increase wear resistance, and the admission valves have been raised to improve gas circulation  towards the interior of the chamber. Moreover,the turbocharger on the lbiza TGI weighs less, so the turbine acts immediately to increase engine response. Finally, it also features specific fuellevelindicators for each tank,which are located on the instrument  panel.

The SEAT lbiza TGI always uses natural gas as the main fuel,except if the temperature ofthe antifreeze falls below -10 °C,when the engine starts with petrol and begins a heating  process of the gas injection valves, prior to the automatic  activation  of the CNG circuit. With this exception, the lbiza TGI only runs on petrolas a source of alternative  fuelwhen  the CNG tank is empty. This switch over happens automatically without the driver perceiving  any difference in the vehicle's performance or dynamic handling.

A display lights up on the instrument panel to let the driver know they are driving  on naturalgas, and there are also indicators of the fuel level in both tanks. In this sense, the lbiza TGI combines  two vehicles into one, enabling the possibility of more sustainable,economicaldriving with Compressed Natural Gas, or driving in petrolmode as with a conventionalvehicle when all the gas is consumed.

It is worth emphasising that the new lbiza TGI is available  in every trim level, including the sporty FR finish, which also features an even more complete 'FR EcoPlus' version, equipped with an exclusive list of optionalequipment as standard,including elements such as adaptive cruise control (ACC), full LED headlamps, Full Link, front and rear parking  sensors and rear vision camera, among others, as well as the Media System Plus radio system with a 20.3 em (8 inch) touchscreen, which displays dual information on the consumption figures and the distanc e driven according to the type of fuelconsumed.

Additionally, the display  also shows information on the quality of the naturalgas, consumption and remaining driving  distance with both fuels,as well as possible CNG system malfunctions.

The new SEAT lbiza has been designed, developed  and produced in Martorell, and represents a decisive step in the future of SEAT. In the first place, because it showcases the Volkswagen Group's latest technology, the MQB AO platform  (Modular Quer Baukasten) which the Spanish model was the first to use and which offers incredibly fun and dynamic driving, not to mention  the smooth drive comfort and safety the iconic model provides.

And in the second place, because it comes with the most advanced technology, spectacular dynamism  and a significant increase in passenger compartment spaciousness. The lbiza retains all its usual youthful,dynamic, functional spirit, but this time with the best technology.

lbiza TGI, the most economicalalternative

SEAT continues with its commitment to the environment by promoting its Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and petroltechnology for the long list of benefits  it provides customers with,both in terms of cost savings as well as its ecological aspects. Its most significant cost benefits are the following:

• CNG is much less expensive than any other type of fuel- because of its low cost per kilo, and as it is not a petroleum  derivative, it is not affected by unexpected fluctuations in barrel prices. In addition, cars fuelled with CNG have low maintenance costs as they are equipped with a single engine that can run on both types of fuel.

• Furthermore,Compressed NaturalGas is the most efficient  fuel, as it requires a smaller amount to produce the same energy. The energy generated by 1kg of CNG is approximately equivalent to 2 litres of LPG,1.5 litres of diesel or 1.3 litres of petrol.

Astonishing roominess

The new SEAT lbiza TGI is available  with a functional 5-door chassis and loads of interior space. The totalwidth for the front seats amounts to 1,425  mm,with a distance of 1,022 mm from the seats in their lowest position to the ceiling. Likewise, the rear seats have a total width of 1,403  mm, with 957 mm of headroom  and amazing legroom for passengers sitting in the rear.

Furthermore, even though the gas tank is located beneath the boot floor, the new lbiza TGI still offers a lot of room in the boot, with a total loading capacity of 262 litres.

Its overall dimensions are 4,059 mm in length, 1,780 mm in width and 1,444  mm in height. The front track measures 1,525  mm, the rear track 1,505  mm and it has a 2,564 mm wheelbase.

SEAT's CNG modelline-up

But it isn't  just the new SEAT lbiza that is the best ECO alternative. The 110 PS SEAT Leon 1.4, in its five-door and estate ST versions, features a CNG engine on the Reference and Style trims, and emits between 99 and 101 g/km  of C02 with an average consumption figure of 5.6 l/100 km.

In addition, the 68 PS SEAT Mii 1.0, which is available  with a functionalthree or five-door body style and five-speed manual gearbox, only emits 83 g/km  of C02 and consumes an average of 4.5 l/100 km. This car is small on the outside but big on the inside, and is equipped  with all the necessary comfort and safety elements to enjoy city driving  in style.

These three models, together with the SEAT Arona TGI which is scheduled  for the end of 2018, will make SEAT the company with one of the most comprehensive CNG range.

SEAT's CNG strategy is paying off. In 2017,CNG vehicle sales in Europe grew 18%, from almost 3,400 to more than 4,000, thanks to the traction developed by Spain, where SEAT has a market share of more than 83%. Italy is SEAT's first CNG vehicle market, with almost 2,000 cars.

 SEAT- also photo


14.02.2018 / MaP

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