The adrenaline-pumping new Renault Mégane R.S is here

The adrenaline-pumping new Renault Mégane R.S is here

20.08.2018: Eagerly awaited by sports driving enthusiasts, the New MÉGANE R.S. can be aptly described in two words - PURE PERFORMANCE: FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO DRIVE New MEGANE R.S. offers the absolute best of the RENAULT SPORT world;

Eagerly awaited by sports driving enthusiasts, the New MÉGANE R.S. can be aptly described in two words - PURE PERFORMANCE:  FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO DRIVE

New MEGANE R.S. offers the absolute best of the RENAULT SPORT world;



•    DESIGN that talks to performance, with wider tracks and features taken from the world of motorsport; and a dynamic dazzling new exterior colour - Tonic Orange

•    An enhanced CHASSIS combining performance, agility and stability. With exclusive 4CONTROL technology, strong core components and four hydraulic compression stops.

•    New Generation ENGINES AND GEARBOXES, with a brand new 1.8-litre turbo engine and a choice of Manual or EDC gearbox.

•    Next Level R.S. TECHNOLOGY to boost performance and versatility, with unique - and enhanced- R.S. features such as the intuitive and more powerful R.S. Monitor; high-performance R.S. Vision lighting and Multi-Sense to customise your sports car experience.

•    The introduction of the exhilarating New MEGANE R.S. CUP & LUX Models completes the already renowned Megane core Model Range, which has been re-shuffled to allow greater accessibility by means of an Expression derivative.


New MÉGANE R.S. was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017, and it is with pride that we now offer this magnificent R.S. Model with our Range. Aiming to become - like its predecessors - a benchmark in the C-segment hot hatch market, this third generation of MÉGANE R.S. is packed full of Renault Sport expertise and passion.

Driven by its powerful design and focused on performance, New MÉGANE R.S. makes no attempt to hide its motorsport pedigree, offering outstanding driving pleasure on the road and on the track. Enhancements over the previous generation ensure the New MEGANE R.S is unrivalled in its class:

•    A chassis combining efficiency, agility, stability and comfort, equipped with the 4CONTROL four-wheel steering system and four hydraulic bump stop shock absorbers;

•    A new generation 1.8-litre turbo engine, delivering 205kW and 390Nm thanks to the development work jointly carried out by engineers from Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing;

•    State-of-the-art technological features, such as R.S. Vision and MULTI-SENSE.

•    Two R.S. Model versions will be available: Megane R.S. CUP Manual and Megane R.S. LUX EDC.

Since the first generation of Mégane R.S. was released in 2003, greater performance and more technology has been a constant, offering improved driving pleasure without sacrificing the car's versatility for everyday use. Launched in 2009, Mégane III R.S. has become a genuine icon.

"We're proud to have managed to produce a car with improved cornering efficiency, largely due to the introduction of 4CONTROL. The system improves both agility on tight corners and stability on fast bends, on the road and on the track. Drawing on the brand's vast motorsport heritage, New Renault MÉGANE R.S. has been designed by people who are passionate about cars for people who love to drive. Its versatility also makes it perfectly suited to everyday use."

Patrice Ratti, Managing Director, Renault Sport Cars.

"After having been involved in the development process during 2017, I'm very proud to be the ambassador for New Renault MÉGANE R.S. I had the opportunity to drive the car at various racetracks - Monaco, Montlhéry and Spa-Francorchamps - and I was impressed by the efficiency of the latest on-board technologies. The 4CONTROL system is a dream come true for every driver looking for efficiency, since it improves both the agility and the stability of the car. It's a shame that four-wheel steering systems are banned in Formula 1!"

Nico Hülkenberg, Renault Sport Formula One Team driver and Renault Sport Cars ambassador.

MÉGANE R.S.: FIFTEEN YEARS ON! Expanding Renault's sports car range, Mégane II R.S. was unveiled at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show. It hit the roads and showrooms the following year, boasting a powerful 225hp engine and already featuring independent steering-axis front suspension. A Trophy version, equipped with a more radical chassis, was released in 2005. Two years later, the F1 Team R26 - which paid tribute to Renault's World Championship titles - introduced limited slip differential.

The Mégane II R.S. adventure concluded in style in 2008 with the limited edition R26.R. A staggering 123kg lighter, it broke the lap record for a production car with a time of 8:17 on the Nürburgring's Nordschleife.

 The third generation of MÉGANE picked up the baton in 2009, with a 250hp engine and an even more distinctive, muscular look with the introduction of the F1-style blade on the front bumper. Until 2016, the career of Mégane III R.S. evolved through the release of limited editions and stylistic changes. In 2011, the Trophy version, with its new 265hp engine, impressed with a new lap record at the Nürburgring (8:07.97).

Times improved further with the 275 Trophy and the Trophy-R (2014). Driving this last version, Laurent Hurgon dipped under the eight-minute mark on the Nordschleife, setting a third record with a time of 7:54.36.

More than 53,000 cars from the first two generations of MÉGANE R.S. were sold in Europe, as well as in Japan, Australia, South Africa and beyond. Unveiled for the first time at the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix, New Renault MÉGANE R.S. picks up where they left off.                                


With expressive and sporty styling, New MÉGANE R.S. has been designed to deliver performance, right down to the very last detail. The specific body sides mean that the wings have been widened by 60mm at the front and 45mm at the back (in comparison to the Mégane GT). With the ride height lowered by 5 mm compared with Mégane GT and new 18- or 19-inch wheels, these new proportions make the car naturally more aggressive.

This powerful design is boosted by a number of features taken from the world of motorsport, which immediately place New MÉGANE R.S. in the high-performance category, namely;

•    A wide air intake in the front bumper that incorporates the F1-style front blade, a hallmark of Renault Sport styling that reflects the brand's involvement in Formula 1. The blade's Gun Metal Grey satin-finish colour contrasts with the brilliant shine of the bodywork;          

•    A 3D honeycomb-pattern grill mesh reinterpreted by Renault Sport;

•    Sculpted, sensual body sides inherited from the design of Renault Mégane are accentuated by the wider front and rear tracks;

•    Wing-mounted air extractors, which optimise air flow through the wheel arches;

•    A side sill establishes a link between the front and the rear, the black blade of which evokes the undertray of a Formula 1 car;

•    A redesigned, narrower rear spoiler to improve aerodynamic performance. Whilst emphasising the width of the car, the vertical vents contribute to aerodynamic efficiency by providing improved lateral air flow;

•    A rear bumper with a built-in diffuser and the iconic central exhaust that has come to epitomise Mégane R.S., enhanced by a decorative trim;

•    Improved efficiency of the diffuser compared with the previous generation. Whilst boosting the sporty feel of the design, this aerodynamic component helps to increase downforce;

•    The Brembo® brake callipers are painted red on the Cup chassis for instant recognition to enthusiasts.

The New MÉGANE R.S. also stands out with an emblematic colour: Tonic Orange, which supplements the palette of Renault Sport colours. Like Sirius Yellow, this new colour has been specifically developed for a vibrant finish and unique reflective effects, highlighting the profile of the car.

The cabin's resolutely sporty design is apparent everywhere you look;

•    Alcantara Sports front seats with built-in head rests, boosting the cockpit look of the interior;

•    Red top-stitching in a charcoal grey trim, lending the interior a decidedly sporty feel;
•    Aluminium pedals and specially-designed gearshift lever.

Specific work was done on the shape and materials of the seats to find the best compromise between the comfort needed for everyday use and the support required whilst driving on a racetrack.

THE MANUFACTURING PERFORMANCE OF THE PALENCIA PLANT Located 235km to the north west of Madrid, Renault's Palencia plant has built over four million Mégane cars since 1995. Thanks to the investments made recently in the press shop, body shop and paint department, as well as on the assembly line, the plant has met the challenge of producing New MÉGANE R.S. The front wings and the widened body sides have now been integrated into the bodywork, without the need for inserted or fixed parts, thus improving perceived quality.


Having raised the bar on handling with Mégane III R.S., the chassis and suspension system engineers have pushed the limits even further by introducing 4CONTROL technology on New MÉGANE R.S. - exclusive to this segment.

Provided as standard on the Sport and Cup chassis, this four-wheel steering system is a world first in the compact sports car segment.

Renault Sport's chassis and suspension system experts have extensively revised the settings of the 4CONTROL system in order to adapt it to a high-performance sports car, creating an even more efficient driving experience, and the feeling that the car is literally glued to the road.

The 4CONTROL system delivers outstanding agility through tight turns and impressive cornering stability at higher speeds:

•    At low speeds, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels, up to a maximum angle of 2.7 degrees. The 4CONTROL system really comes into its own on twisty, winding roads, the 20% more direct steering delivering incisive handling. The settings chosen deliver better entry on corners and a "playful" side that is unprecedented on a front-wheel drive car.

•    At high speeds, the front and rear wheels turn in the same direction, limited to a one-degree angle for the rear wheels. With the rear wheels perfectly aligned, the driver enjoys increased stability, and a relaxed yet sporty driving experience.

•    The switchover point is set at 60kph. This is increased to 100kph in Race mode. As this mode is intended to be used when driving on racetracks, the higher cornering speeds encountered explain this specific setting. The 4CONTROL system then helps drivers in positioning the car on the right line through corners, enabling them to get back on the accelerator as soon as possible.

Strong core components have featured in all the generations. Included since the first generation of Mégane R.S. that appeared in 2004, the independent steering-axis front suspension epitomises Renault Sport's expertise in chassis and suspension systems. Initially designed for use in motorsport, independent steering-axis front suspension has been adapted to powerful front-wheel drive cars, especially when they are also fitted with a limited slip differential.

The front axle of New MÉGANE R.S. has been entirely redesigned in order to adapt the negative offset geometry to the width of the 19-inch wheels and increase rigidity.

New Renault MÉGANE R.S. is available in two chassis options: Sport and Cup, allowing for a choice between two types of handling, thanks to the specific suspensions settings (springs, shock absorbers, stops and anti-roll bar stiffness).

Designed to be at its most efficient on the road, New MÉGANE R.S.'s Sport chassis provides new versatility on all types of surface, including the poorest quality and most uneven roads. It comes with new shock absorbers and an electronically-controlled torque distribution system. By acting independently on the drive-wheel brakes, this technology limits understeer and improves traction when exiting corners.

Suited to intense sports-style use and especially to driving on racetracks, the Cup chassis offers a 10% stiffer damper system and a new Torsen® mechanical, limited slip differential. With modified settings compared with the previous generation, this new diff improves handling in all phases:

•    During deceleration, the lower transfer rate (25%, compared with 30% on Mégane III R.S.) means that the vehicle achieves a more precise entry to corners;

•    During acceleration, the higher transfer rate (45%, compared with 38% on Mégane III R.S.) increases traction and limits understeer, an inherent feature of front-wheel drive vehicles.

Previously acclaimed on Mégane III R.S., the braking system has been improved, offering drivers greater power, endurance and therefore confidence behind the wheel. The diameter of the front brake discs has been increased to 355mm (+15mm compared with the previous generation).

New MEGANE R.S. also offers four hydraulic compression stops.

The second brand new feature on the chassis of New MÉGANE R.S. is hidden in its suspension. Once again, Renault Sport has raised the bar by fitting the hydraulic compression stops to all four shock absorbers.

This rallying-inspired technology involves integrating a "shock absorber within the shock absorber". As the end of travel is approached, a secondary piston dampens the movement of the wheel before the bump stop. By dissipating the energy without transferring it to the wheel - as a traditional bump stop would - the compression hydraulic stops help avoid any rebound and pendulum effects, enabling optimum control of tyre-ground contact.                    

Whilst providing increased comfort when negotiating everyday obstacles (speed bumps, pot holes, etc.), the hydraulic stops also filter out high-speed disruptions:

•    On the Sport chassis, sporty driving is made easier, with best-in-class efficiency;

•    On the Cup chassis, greater sports performance is provided


New Renault MÉGANE R.S. comes with a brand new version of the 1.8-litre direct injection turbo engine, derived from synergies with the Renault-Nissan Alliance. This version develops a power output of 280hp (205 kW) at 6,000rpm and a peak torque of 390Nm available from 2,400 to 4,800rpm. A key factor in driving pleasure and comfort, the car boasts one of the best torque ratings in the category.

In order to achieve the required performances, Renault Sport's engine specialists designed a completely new cylinder head, with a reinforced structure and more efficient cooling that dissipates heat right next to the combustion chamber. The design was entrusted to a task force made up of the best specialists from Renault Sport Cars, Renault Sport Racing and the Renault Technocentre1.

Work also focused on the Twin Scroll turbocharger, already used on Mégane III R.S. This technology helps to improve torque at low revs.

To increase the supply of cool air to the engine, the air intake was redesigned with the addition of a second air inlet and a new, larger filter element.

Still with improved performance in mind, New MÉGANE R.S.'s engine has been given surface treatments taken from the world of racing and supercars, such as DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) for the valve lifters and Mirror Bore Coating for the cylinder sleeves.

This modern engine, equipped with a chain-driven timing system, also boasts reduced CO2 emissions and fuel consumption (-11% and -8% respectively compared with Mégane III R.S.).

The Cup chassis, 19-inch wheel rims and the bi-material brake discs will be standard on this version.

Manual or EDC gearbox options are available to suit personal preferences.

Widely acclaimed by owners of Mégane III R.S., the six-speed manual transmission is maintained on New MÉGANE R.S.

An optional six-speed EDC dual-clutch gearbox is also available now. In order to provide complete reliability, this gearbox - which is already in use on several models in the Renault range - has been strengthened to withstand the torque and revs of a sports car engine. Based on the required take-off acceleration, in-gear acceleration and maximum speed, the Renault Sport engineers defined new gear ratios and specific shift patterns, associated with the MULTI-SENSE modes so as to adapt to all driving styles.

Like racing cars, the EDC gearbox comes with steering wheel-mounted gearshift paddles. The gearshift times depend on which MULTI-SENSE mode is selected:

•    Comfort and Normal: smooth gear changes, without any jerking;

•    Sport: quicker gear changes with amplified engine noise;

•    Race: efficiency with no compromise on comfort, with even quicker gear changes.

•    In Sport and Race modes, the EDC gearbox also has the following functions:

•    Multi Change Down: under braking in manual mode, this feature lets you drop several gears simultaneously by pressing and holding down the left-hand paddle. The best gear is then selected in order to exit the corner as efficiently as possible.

•    Launch Control: the clutch and turbo are pre-loaded, enabling standing starts to be made just as quickly as in a racing car. In Sport mode, traction control provides the driver with additional support in finding the best possible grip in slippery conditions.


New MEGANE's R.S. Monitor is now simpler and more powerful.

Featuring a completely revised, more user-friendly layout and offering extended functionalities, the telemetry and data acquisition system R.S. Monitor provides New MÉGANE R.S. drivers with a new experience.

Available as standard, R.S. Monitor gathers and summarises information from forty or so sensors spread around the car. It is therefore possible to display a wide range of vehicle settings in real time on the R-Link 2 touchscreen tablet: acceleration, braking, steering wheel angle, operation of the 4CONTROL system, temperatures and pressures, etc.

The New MEGANE R.S's high-performance lighting - R.S. VISION - is unique in this market segment. Introduced on New Clio R.S., the multi-reflector LED lighting system R.S. Vision comes as standard on New MÉGANE R.S. These chequered flag design lights are integrated in the front bumper, either side of the F1-style blade.

R.S. Vision meets the need for powerful, efficient lighting, in line with the other features offered by New MÉGANE R.S.

Equipped with nine LED's per block, this system combines four high-performance lighting functions: side lights, cornering lights, fog lights and long-range high beam lights.

With a range of 460 metres4 (+17% compared with Mégane III R.S.), the high beam lights perfectly complement the Full-LED technology headlamps. For the first time, the C-Shape lighting signature incorporates the indicator lights.

MULTI-SENSE allows you to customise your sports car experience, by controlling engine response, the mapping of the accelerator pedal, shift patterns and the stiffness of the steering. The MULTI-SENSE system lets drivers customise their experience according to the circumstances. Five positions are available:

•    Comfort: specific engine response settings and gearbox shift patterns that reduce fuel consumption;

•    Normal: a good balance between comfort, acoustics and safety, with an ideal ESP activation threshold for everyday use;

•    Sport: a sportier disposition, this mode combines more lively response with pleasingly accentuated engine noise, stiffer steering and a delayed ESP activation threshold;

•    Race: for racetrack driving, the ESP is completely disabled and the settings of the 4CONTROL system deliver even more agile handling;

•    Perso: this mode allows each driver to customise the settings of the various technologies and driver aids on the vehicle.

•    The various modes may be accessed via the R-Link 2 touchscreen tablet. The R.S. Drive button provides a shortcut to the Sport (short press) and Race (press and hold) modes.

Harnessing technology to boost versatility

Whilst offering outstanding performances, New Renault MÉGANE R.S. is also an incredibly versatile sports car, perfectly suited to everyday use.

For the comfort and safety of the driver and the passengers, it comes equipped with all of the advanced technologies featured on Renault Mégane:

An R-Link 2 touchscreen tablet -vertical 8.7-inch screen - can be used to manage all of the vehicle's features: activate ADAS, manage the MULTI-SENSE modes, R.S. Monitor, etc. ? An audio system developed in conjunction with engineers from Bose®- featuring a central loudspeaker at the front, eight other speakers spread around the cabin and a subwoofer integrated in the luggage compartment - provides precise, clear and balanced sound.


The comprehensive Renault MEGANE range offers versatility of choice from the Expression derivative through to the illustrious R.S. Models.

The reshuffling of the core Megane derivatives to include the option of an Expression Model now allows the Megane range to be more accessible.

New Mégane's Expression model is powered by Renault's 84kW 1.6 litre engine and mated with a five-speed manual gear box.

Two New Mégane Dynamique variants are now both powered by Renault's Energy TCe130 97 kW (1.2 litre) engine, there are two transmission options: seven-speed dual-clutch (EDC) auto gear box or six-speed manual gear box.

True to the Megane range, the core Models offer Cutting-Edge Technologies-R-LINK 2

R-LINK 2 is modern control centre that manages the vehicle's various connectivity functions: Multimedia, integrated navigation, telephone, radio, MULTI-SENSE, 4CONTROL and driving aids for example

The Two New Renault Mégane Dynamique variants come with R-LINK 2 complete with 7" multimedia touchscreen display and voice recognition for the navigation system, telephone, and radio ensuring safe and easy operation of the various functions.

MULTI-SENSE technology personalises the driving experience

New Mégane Dynamique variants now come with MULTI-SENSE can be accessed from the R-LINK 2. MULTI-SENSE affords driver and passengers the ability to immerse themselves in a uniquely personalized driving experience; technology unprecedented within the highly populated vehicle segment in which Mégane competes.         

The MULTI-SENSE button provides direct access to these functions via the R-LINK 2 multimedia touchscreen display as well as to four different pre-defined driving settings: Neutral, Comfort, Eco Sport and Perso all complimented

With the assistance of MULTI-SENSE technology, the driver is also able to enhance his/her acoustic environment by adjusting the engine sound with a choice of three different settings: Neutral, Comfort and Sport.


Includes USB and Bluetooth® connectivity as standard to support both telephony and multimedia mobile devices. Four speakers, 3-line 4.2 display, wireless telephony, push-to-talk (Smartphone voice recognition), offset terminal 2 USB + jack, audio streaming.

7" TFT Instrument Cluster

The TFT instrument cluster is at the heart of the dashboard is easy on the eye and displays stable images with good contrast both day and night. Using the ambient lighting controls facilitated by Renault MULTI-SENSE, the cluster's dominant colour is changeable. (Dynamique models)

Driving Aids

For added safety and peace of mind on the road, intuitive and intelligent driving aids are easily configured using the R-LINK 2 interface:

•    Parking Distance Control
•    Hill Start Assist
•    Cruise Control with Speed Limiter

With the New Renault Megane Model Range we offer a range of engines catering for all needs

The frugal and environmentally-friendly Euro 6 engines under the bonnets of the New Mégane  range, seamlessly blend absolute driving pleasure, powerful performance and optimum fuel efficiency. All fuel consumption and emission figures quoted are homologated in compliance with applicable legislation.

The three New Mégane models are:

New Mégane Dynamique duo: With choice of EDC or manual gear boxes

Renault's proven Energy TCe130 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine powers both New Mégane GT-LINE newcomers and delivers top output of 97kW (130hp) and 205Nm of torque from 2 000 rpm.

Renault's F1 technology transference to this engine is particularly evident in respect of turbo technology, engine dynamics, friction reduction, cooling and thermal management.

This 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol unit offers the same performance and efficiency as a naturally aspirated two-litre power plant. Its direct injection technology and integrated turbo manifold translate to flexibility, responsiveness and improved combustion which benefits fuel consumption.

Customers have a choice of two transmissions: seven-speed dual-clutch (EDC) auto gear box or six-speed manual gear box.

Dynamique EDC Auto 7-speed gear box

The New Mégane Dynamique with EDC provides the comfort and response of a dual-clutch transmission.

Fuel consumption is 5.4 litres/100km (in the combined cycle) while CO2 emissions are 122g/km.

Dynamique Manual 6-speed gearbox

Fuel consumption is 5.3 litres/100km (in the combined cycle) and CO2 emissions are 119 g/km. New Mégane Expression

In response to demand from certain sectors of the local market, the accessible New Mégane Expression model comes powered by Renault's tried and trusted naturally-aspirated 1.6 petrol engine mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.

The 1.6 litre engine has maximum power output of 84kW (115hp) and 156Nm of torque at 4 000rpm.

Fuel consumption is 6.4 litres/100km (in combined cycle) and CO2 emissions are 144g/km.


-       Metallic paint                      R  2 522
-       Leather seats                   R 10 088
-       Special Metallic Paint (R.S. Models)      R 10 088
-       19'' Alloy wheels (R.S. 280 EDC LUX)    R  8 070

As with Renault's entire product range, the Renault Megane models come standard with a 5-year/150 000km mechanical warranty, a 3-year/45 000km service plan (with service intervals at 15 000km intervals on the core range and 10 000km on R.S. models) and a 6-year anti-corrosion warranty.

Start of sales:     Mid-September (Megane range and R.S. 280 CUP)

Beginning November (Megane R.S. 280 EDC LUX)

Viviene Ward - photos


20.08.2018 / MaP

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The new BMW M5 Competition.
The new BMW M5 Competition high-performance sedan (fuel consumption combined: 10.8 - 10.7 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 246 – 243 g/km)* brings together exceptional performance and a suitably rarefied aura with the unruffled ease in everyday use for which BMW M models are renowned. more >>
New Porsche Cayenne now available as a plug-in hybrid
Porsche SUV with E-performance and new comfort optionsPorsche is expanding its range of hybrids even further: the new Cayenne E-Hybrid combines the best driving dynamics in its class with maximum efficiency. A three-litre V6 engine (250 kW/340 hp) combin more >>
The new BMW 8 Series Coupe: With maximum dynamics on the way to series production.
Current driving dynamics tests being carried out on the new luxury sports car in Wales demonstrate not only the harmonious interaction between drive and suspension, but also the wide spectrum of handling characteristics encompassing racing performance and lon more >>
The all-new Lexus ES - Higher level of performance and sophistication
•    New dynamic capabilities reflected in an emotional design   •    Built on the new Global Architecture – K platform, giving excellent body rigidity and design freedom•  more >>
Volkswagen presents the Atlas Cross Sport and Atlas Tanoak concept cars
Double premiere in New York    Atlas Cross Sport: five-seat Atlas concept car in dynamic coupé style offers a tangible preview of a new Volkswagen SUV for the American market    Atlas Tanoak: the concept car being more >>
Exclusive Original BMW Accessory for the BMW X2.
Camouflage wrapping for the Sports Activity Coupé makes for a polarising appearance.With an unmistakable design, a cool appearance and sporty urban genes, the new BMW X2 (combined fu more >>
Renault Captur S-Edition: ‘S’ for Sporty!
The Renault Captur range has been extended with the addition of a new limited-edition S-Edition version which is exclusively available with a more powerful engine. Bespoke styling and sporty embellishments, with prices (in France) starti more >>
Volkswagen presents the new Touareg
    In its most important market: Volkswagen is presenting the brand's new flagship in China    Milestone of the SUV campaign: Touareg shows Volkswagen's claim in the premium class    The power of the brand: Touareg is a statement on design, technology, handling and comfort  &nbs more >>
Neuer Opel Corsa GSi: Kleiner Sportstar mit großem Namen
•    Fortsetzung der GSi-Tradition: Auf den Opel Insignia GSi folgt jetzt der Corsa GSi•    Präzision pur : Sportfahrwerk vom schnellen Bruder Corsa OPC•    Kompromissloser Auftritt: Dynamisches Design mit scharfen, klar gezogenen Linien•    Tourenwagen-Feeling: Recar more >>
Kia reveals first glimpse of all-new K900 luxury sedan
•    Kia releases first images of new flagship luxury sedan•    Rich, sophistacted design and balanced proportions ensure a strong on-road presence for K900•    Analog clock developed exclusively by Swiss watch brand Maurice Lacroix•    Minimalist interio more >>
All-New 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Arrives in Showrooms
17.03.2018 the New Benchmark Among Midsize Hybrids    Hybrid version of 2018 North American Car of the Year debuts with best-in-class cabin space, power, and cargo space    Trim levels expanded from three t more >>
The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe showcases a new interpretation of luxury for the BMW brand.
The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe illustrates the meaning behind the letter “M” at BMW in impressive style: it stands for “more”, more of everything. As well as dynamic excellence, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe embodies a new facet of lu more >>
Porsche concept study sets new standards in design
Mission E Cross Turismo – electric mobility in its most beautiful form   Porsche is unveiling a vehicle with many talents and a spectacular design language at the Geneva Motor Show: the Mission E Cross Turismo. The s more >>
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