Skoda redefines its compact car range with the SCALA

Skoda redefines its compact car range with the SCALA

06.12.2018: The first ŠKODA based on Volkswagen Group’s MQB A0 platform The next major stage of development for the ŠKODA design language All-new infotainment system and lots of innovative ŠKODA Connect mobile online services

The first ŠKODA based on Volkswagen Group’s MQB A0 platform

The next major stage of development for the ŠKODA design language

All-new infotainment system and lots of innovative ŠKODA Connect mobile online services

The ŠKODA SCALA offers plenty of space and versatility despite compact dimensions

TSI, TDI and natural gas (CNG): five powerful and efficient turbo engines

New benchmark for safety in compact cars with assistance systems from higher segments

With a new character, new technology and a new name, the ŠKODA SCALA completely redefines the compact car

segment for the Czech brand. The fitting name ‘SCALA’ comes from the Latin for ‘stairs’ or ‘ladde

The hatchback combines an emotive design with a high level of functionality as well as state-of-the-art connectivity, and transfers the sensational design language of the VISION RS concept study into a production vehicle for the first time. A selection of five engine variants is available, with power outputs ranging from 66 kW (90 PS) to 110 kW (150 PS). In addition, the SCALA offers a high level of active and passive safety, full-LED headlights and tail lights, plenty of space for luggage and passengers, as well as numerous Simply Clever features. It will be launched onto the market in the first half of 2019.

ŠKODA CEO, Bernhard Maier, said
, “We are starting a new chapter in ŠKODA’s compact car range with the new ŠKODA SCALA. It is an all-new model that sets benchmarks within its segment in terms of technology, safety and design. The SCALA perfectly embodies the ŠKODA-typical ‘smart understatement’. We’re convinced that the SCALA has the best chance of redefining the A segment for ŠKODA.”

By launching the SCALA, ŠKODA is taking several steps in development at once and is completely repositioning itself in the compact car segment. With its excellent connectivity, high-quality equipment and exquisite materials, it perfectly represents the brand’s set of values, which are suitably encapsulated by the term ‘smart understatement’. The SCALA thereby also appeals to a target group of younger, design-focused Internet users, who also attach importance to enjoying the ŠKODA-typical generous amount of space, the largest boot in the segment and great value for money.

Highlights of the new ŠKODA SCALA at a glance:

Exterior design: The ŠKODA SCALA is the first ŠKODA to implement the next development stage of the brand’s design language, and is doing so in a very emotive and authentic way. It is the first ŠKODA production vehicle in Europe to bear ‘ŠKODA’ in block lettering across its tailgate instead of the ŠKODA logo – and it does so with confidence. Alloy wheels measuring up to 18 inches create dynamic accents; the unique, extended rear window available in the Emotion package gives the ŠKODA SCALA its own style.

Interior design: The new interior is based on the VISION RS concept study. It combines ergonomics and emotiveness with a ŠKODA-typical generous amount of space and the largest boot in the segment. Just like the front door trims, the instrument panel with its central touchscreen positioned high on the dashboard also features a high-quality, soft-foam surface with a new specific texture resembling crystalline structures. A pleasant atmosphere is created by the ambient lighting, warm hues and contrasting coloured stitching on the seat covers, which are optionally available in a Suedia microfibre. As options, the heated windscreen and heated steering wheel provide additional comfort.

Engines and chassis: Three 1.0-litre or 1.5-litre TSI engines and a 1.6-litre TDI produce power outputs ranging from 70 to 110 kW (95 to 150 PS). The 1.0 G-TEC delivering 66 kW (90 PS), which is designed to run on environmentally friendly natural gas (CNG), will follow later in 2019. The five efficient turbo engines fulfil the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard, of course. The Sport Chassis Control is available as an option – a chassis that can be switched between ‘Normal’ or ‘Sport’ modes via Driving Mode Select.

Assistance systems: Many of the ŠKODA SCALA’s assistance systems have previously only been seen in higher vehicle segments. The optional Side Assist function shows if a vehicle is approaching from behind and wants to overtake or if it is in the blind spot up to 70 m away – 50 m further than in Blind Spot Detect. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which can be used at speeds of up to 210 km/h, and Park Assist are also optional. Lane Assist and Front Assist with City Emergency Brake come as standard.

Technology and safety: The SCALA features LED headlights and tail lights as standard, full‑LED versions are available as an option and – for the first time in a ŠKODA – come with dynamic rear indicators. The car features up to nine airbags, including a driver knee airbag and, for the first time in the segment, optional rear side airbags. In the event of an impending collision, the optionally available proactive occupant protection system Crew Protect Assist automatically closes the windows and tensions the front seat belts in good time.

Infotainment: The optional Virtual Cockpit features a 10.25-inch display – the largest in the segment. Infotainment systems from the third generation of the MIB modular infotainment matrix come with a screen size ranging from 6.5 inches up to 9.2 inches. The touchscreen is positioned comfortably high on the dashboard in clear view of the driver and front passenger; the optional ŠKODA Sound System features a subwoofer and ten speakers. Using lots of new ŠKODA Connect mobile online services, the car can be locked and unlocked via a mobile phone and the infotainment system software or maps can be updated, for example. The SCALA is always online thanks to a built-in eSIM with LTE connection.

Simply Clever: The ŠKODA SCALA comes with numerous Simply Clever features, including – for the first time in this segment – an electric tailgate incl. Tip-To-Close function and a retractable tow bar, which can be electrically unlocked at the push of a button in the boot.

New ŠKODA design language – more emotive and dynamic than ever

The ŠKODA SCALA: design concept of the spectacular VISION RS has now been transferred into a production car

Modern appearance with sculptured, clearly defined surfaces and precision details
Optionally available extended rear window, ‘ŠKODA’ lettering on the tailgate
The new ŠKODA SCALA is the first production model to demonstrate the next development stage of the brand’s design language, which will also shape the car manufacturer’s future models. New sculptural shapes, dynamic design features as well as precision-designed details lend the SCALA a distinct identity. The new compact car is ŠKODA’s first production vehicle in Europe to bear ŠKODA lettering across its tailgate instead of the brand’s well-known logo.

ŠKODA Head of Design, Oliver Stefani, said, “The SCALA is an important step in the further development of the ŠKODA design language. Not only is it a car that is practical and within reach for everybody – as you’ve come to expect from our cars – but it’s also visually extremely powerful, sporty and very emotive.”

With its perfect proportions, clearly defined surfaces, flowing lines and advanced aerodynamics, the new ŠKODA SCALA comes across as modern and sporty. The front is striking with an upright radiator grille, a large air inlet underneath and side Air Curtains. The ŠKODA-specific tornado line makes the vehicle look longer and is in perfect harmony with the car’s dynamic roofline. The aerodynamically optimised roof spoiler and the sporty diffuser underneath the bumper shape the wide rear.

Extended rear window bears ‘ŠKODA’ lettering

As an alternative to the standard tailgate, the car can be ordered with an extended rear window. In this case, the ‘ŠKODA’ lettering is featured on the window itself. In addition to the extended rear window, the Emotion package comes with a large panoramic glass roof including an electrically retractable sunblind as well as full-LED headlights and tail lights.

LED technology provides visual highlights

Innovative LED headlights and tail lights also shape the ŠKODA SCALA’s appearance and showcase the brand-typical crystalline features, which are emphasized by the ŠKODA Crystal Lighting lettering. The headlights are narrow and tapered; the razor-sharp designed tail lights with rear fog light shine in the brand-typical ‘C’ shape. The SCALA is the first ŠKODA to offer dynamic rear indicators as an optional extra. The indicators are divided into individual LEDs. When the driver turns the indicators on, they flash outwards in a sweeping motion. The dynamic indicators are easily noticeable by road users, even in bad weather – an important contribution to improved road traffic safety.

Aerodynamically optimised alloys of up to 18 inches

The range of wheels available for the ŠKODA SCALA starts with 15- and 16-inch steel wheels. Furthermore, there are numerous alloys ranging between 16 and 18 inches to choose from. The 16‑inch Hoedus, 17-inch Propus and 18-inch Vega Aero wheels are new to the line-up. All three come in gloss black and have been aerodynamically optimised to make the car more streamlined.

New interior concept provides generous amount of space

The ŠKODA SCALA incorporates the interior design language of the VISION RS concept study

The largest boot in the segment with a volume of 467 l

The first ŠKODA with free-standing screen positioned high on the dashboard in clear view of the driver

Exquisite Suedia microfibre seat covers and soft, comfortable surfaces with specific texture

The new concept for the ŠKODA SCALA’s interior combines ergonomics and emotiveness with a ŠKODA-typical generous amount of space and a 467-litre boot – the largest in the segment. Furthermore, the SCALA is the first ŠKODA to feature the latest generation of infotainment systems with a free-standing screen positioned high on the dashboard in clear view of the driver; in addition, the optional Virtual Cockpit features the largest display in the segment. Added to that are new decorative trims and exquisite materials such as the soft plastic surfaces with a specific texture.

The emotive design language of the VISION RS concept study has been transferred into the interior of a ŠKODA production car – the ŠKODA SCALA – for the first time. With the optional Virtual Cockpit featuring a 10.25-inch display – the largest in the segment – the driver has the SCALA’s innovation in direct sight at all times. The emotive design language of the exterior is seamlessly continued on the redesigned instrument panel. A characteristic line frames the free‑standing screen positioned high on the dashboard in clear view of the driver and echoes the shape of the bonnet. It also forms an ergonomic hand rest for operating the touchscreen.

New surface texture, warm hues and ambient lighting

The dashboard, with its new, extensive decorative elements, and the front door trims feature a high‑quality, soft-foam surface with a new specific texture resembling crystalline structures. This will shape the ŠKODA brand’s style in future. The ambient lighting with a white or red light, the warm hues and contrasting coloured stitching on the seat covers provide a pleasant feeling of spaciousness. As an option, the seat covers are available in an exquisite Suedia microfibre. To provide additional comfort, the ŠKODA SCALA can be optionally equipped with a heated windscreen, heated steering wheel and heated rear seats.

Plenty of space thanks to a long wheelbase

In the brand’s typical style, the ŠKODA SCALA offers a very spacious interior, which comes close to that of the ŠKODA OCTAVIA. This is thanks to its long wheelbase measuring 2,649 mm, which allows for a generous rear kneeroom of 73 mm. The elbowroom in the rear is 1,425 mm; at 982 mm, the rear headroom is the most spacious in this segment. The ŠKODA SCALA has a boot capacity of 467 l – also giving it the largest boot in its segment. This increases to 1,410 l with the rear seats folded down.


Low weight, plenty of space and numerous assistance systems thanks to modular transverse matrix

The ŠKODA SCALA is the first of the car manufacturer’s vehicles based on the state-of-the-art modular transverse matrix MQB A0

The long wheelbase of 2,649 mm allows for plenty of space despite compact dimensions
Excellent maximum drag coefficient (cd) from 0.29 thanks to flowing shapes and aerodynamic finesse

The new SCALA is the first ŠKODA based on Volkswagen Group’s state-of-the-art MQB A0 platform. The MQB is a uniform basis for numerous different cars. The modular transverse matrix makes extremely flexible and efficient production possible, thus allowing numerous innovative assistance systems from higher vehicle segments to also be offered in the compact car segment.

The advantage of Volkswagen Group’s modular transverse matrix (MQB) is that the installation position of the transverse engines, which are tilted slightly forward, and the distance from the middle of the front wheels to the pedals are always the same. This allows for uniformity in the front end across all models and plenty of space in the interior’s front section. Other dimensions such as wheelbases, track widths, wheel sizes and seat positions are variable. Engines, transmissions, steering and chassis components can all be used in a modular way and combined in various ways. The MQB significantly contributes to keeping the weight down thanks to its use of modern designs and high-strength steel.

MQB platform adjusted for the ŠKODA SCALA

Thanks to the large number of MQB models, it is possible to not only offer innovative assistance and safety systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control or proactive occupant protection system Crew Protect Assist in higher vehicle segments, but also in smaller models. ŠKODA has made comprehensive adjustments to the platform for the new SCALA, which include using the longest possible wheelbase and rear overhang. The result is a typical ŠKODA – extremely spacious combined with compact external dimensions. This is predominantly thanks to the long wheelbase of 2,649 mm within a total length of 4,362 mm. The new compact car has a width of 1,793 mm; its height is 1,471 mm.

MQB contributes to excellent aerodynamics

The modular transverse matrix also helps to streamline the car – the ŠKODA SCALA has an excellent drag coefficient (cd) from 0.29. Just like other ŠKODA models based on the MQB, the new compact car also uses underbody covers for better air flow. In addition, there’s a choice of three newly developed alloy wheels that come with air-directing vanes. The body of the ŠKODA SCALA offers less air resistance thanks to its smooth and streamlined body components; Air Curtains guide the air around the sides of the front bumper in a controlled manner. The water channels on the windscreen are aerodynamically optimised and the engine cooling features optimised air-guiding parts. On the roof spoiler, little built-in finlets improve the aerodynamics.

 Five engines and optional adjustable chassis

Three TSI petrol engines and one diesel provide power outputs ranging from 70 KW (95 PS) to 110 kW (150 PS)

A 1.0 G-TEC with environmentally friendly CNG (compressed natural gas) drive will follow in 2019

Optional Sport Chassis Control allows the customer to choose from two different chassis set‑ups

The new ŠKODA SCALA comes with a choice of five different engines. They all feature direct injection as well as a turbocharger and, of course, fulfil the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard. For the SCALA, ŠKODA is offering three petrol engines with a cylinder capacity of 1.0 or 1.5 litres as well as a 1.6-litre diesel. A 1.0 G-TEC that is designed to run on environmentally friendly natural gas (CNG) will follow later in 2019. All engines come with brake energy recovery and Stop/Start technology; the 1.5 TSI is also equipped with Active Cylinder Technology (ACT).

The top-of-the-range 1.5 TSI engine enables the ŠKODA SCALA to deliver 110 kW (150 PS) and achieve maximum torque of 250 Nm. This engine’s distinctive feature is its Active Cylinder Technology (ACT), which shuts down the two middle cylinders when engine load is low, thereby reducing fuel consumption. It does this automatically and virtually without the driver noticing. The four-cylinder engine is paired with a manual 6-speed gearbox as standard, but is available with a 7-speed DSG as an option. The two other petrol engines each have three cylinders and a 1.0-litre capacity. The power of the entry‑level 1.0 TSI, which produces 70 kW (95 PS), is transferred by a manual 5-speed gearbox. The 1.0 TSI with a power output of 85 kW (115 PS) comes with a manual 6-speed gearbox as standard, but can be fitted with an automatic 7-speed DSG as an option. All of the petrol engines are equipped with a petrol particulate filter.

Engine Cylinders Max. power Torque 5-SPEED MANUAL 6-SPEED MANUAL 7-SPEED DSG Petrol

1.0 TSI 3 70 kW / 95 PS 175 Nm • - -
1.0 TSI 3 85 kW / 115 PS 200 Nm - • ○
1.5 TSI 4 110 kW / 150 PS 250 Nm- • ○
Diesel 1.6 TDI 4 85 kW / 115 PS 250 Nm - • ○
CNG 1.0 G-TEC* 3 66 kW / 90 PS 145 Nm - • -

standard ○ optional - not available *available later in 2019

Euro 6d-TEMP-compliant diesel engine and a particularly eco-friendly 1.0 G-TEC
The four-cylinder 1.6 TDI has a power output of 85 kW (115 PS) and generates 250 Nm of torque. Fitted with an SCR catalytic converter with AdBlue injection and a diesel particulate filter as standard, it fulfils the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard. In this efficient diesel engine, a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard controls the traction; a 7-speed DSG is available as an option. The 1.0 G-TEC, which delivers 66 kW (90 PS) and provides the most environmentally friendly way to drive the ŠKODA SCALA, will follow in 2019.

Optional sports suspension with a choice of two chassis settings

With its standard chassis set-up, the new ŠKODA SCALA already exhibits safe and agile driving characteristics. However, customers can opt for the new Sport Chassis Control, which offers both customisation options and sportiness. The chassis is 15 mm lower and, in addition to Normal mode, has a Sport mode with firmer characteristics for the valve-reversible shock absorbers. This results in a sportier experience; the driver has a more intense connection to the road. Drivers can switch between the two chassis settings via the menu for Driving Mode Select, which comes in combination with Sport Chassis Control. Driving Mode Select also affects the responsiveness of the steering and engine as well as the transmission, and offers a choice of four modes: Normal, Sport, Eco and Individual.

Very high level of safety and new assistance systems

Up to nine airbags and the proactive occupant protection system Crew Protect Assist provide a high level of passive safety

A wealth of assistance systems from higher vehicle segments

The first vehicle in its segment to come with LED headlights and tail lights as standard

Numerous passive safety systems and assistance systems that were previously only available in higher segments make the new ŠKODA SCALA one of the safest vehicles in the compact car segment. As a first in its segment, the SCALA is equipped with LED technology for the headlights and tail lights as standard, with a full-LED version available as an option.

Christian Strube, ŠKODA Board Member for Technical Development, said, “The new ŠKODA SCALA is one of the safest cars in its segment. Volkswagen Group’s incredibly flexible modular transverse matrix allows new assistance systems – which have so far only been available in higher vehicle segments – to be offered in the compact car segment, either for the first time or in enhanced variants. In addition, the ŠKODA SCALA also provides a high level of passive safety with up to nine airbags and proactive occupant protection system, Crew Protect Assist.”

In the event of an impending collision, the optional proactive occupant protection system Crew Protect Assist quickly and automatically closes any open windows and pre-tensions the front seat belts. Following an accident, Multi-Collision Brake prevents the vehicle from rolling any further in an uncontrolled manner.

Innovative LED technology for the headlights and tail lights

To make driving safer and provide better vision in the dark and in poor weather conditions, the ŠKODA SCALA is the first in its segment to come equipped with innovative LED technology for the dipped beam and daytime running lights as well as for the tail, brake and rear fog lights as standard. In the optional full-LED version of the headlights, a bi-LED module is used for the dipped and high beam; three additional LEDs are used for the cornering lights.

The daytime running lights and indicators are provided by a narrow LED strip in the upper part of the headlight unit, and illuminated needle-like crystalline LED structures along the bottom of the unit catch the eye. The full-LED version of the tail lights also comprises the reversing light as well as – for the first time in a ŠKODA – dynamic indicators. The indicators are made up of individual LEDs. When the driver uses the indicator, these LEDs illuminate one after another, sweeping from the inside and towards the outside of the car. The dynamic indicator is very easy to see by other road users, even in poor weather conditions. It thereby provides an important contribution to increased road traffic safety.

Side Assist warns the driver of vehicles approaching from behind up to 70 m away
Thanks to two radar sensors at the rear of the car, the optional Side Assist detects vehicles approaching from behind and wanting to overtake or that are in the car’s blind spot. The driver is informed of this using an LED signal on the inside of the wing mirror housings (this way, the warning is even more noticeable for the driver). While the existing Blind Spot Detect has a range of up to 20 m, Side Assist can detect vehicles up to 70 m away and thus also effectively warns the driver of hazardous situations on motorways and dual carriageways. Rear Traffic Alert is an integral part of Side Assist. It warns the driver about objects moving behind the vehicle when reversing.

Lane Assist and Front Assist with City Emergency Brake as standard

Lane Assist and Front Assist with City Emergency Brake are included in the ŠKODA SCALA’s standard equipment. Using a camera, Lane Assist recognises lane markings and helps the driver to keep the car in lane. Front Assist, which includes the City Emergency Brake and Predictive Pedestrian Protection functions, monitors the area in front of the car while driving in the city, thereby helping to prevent accidents. The optional Driver Alert fatigue detection system emits a warning when it recognises that the driver’s concentration is waning. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is designed for use during long journeys on the motorway.

At speeds of up to 210 km/h, it automatically adjusts the speed of the car based on the vehicles ahead and, in combination with a DSG, can even brake the car until it stops. Within three seconds of being stationary, ACC is also able to automatically make the car pull away again.

The optional rear-view camera and Park Assist, which automatically manoeuvres the SCALA into and out of parallel and bay parking spaces, lend the driver a hand when parking. The system comes equipped with Manoeuvre Assist – if the sensors detect a dangerous obstacle in front of or behind the car during parking, the car brakes automatically. Auto Light Assist is also available as an option. This uses a camera to detect oncoming traffic as well as vehicles travelling ahead of the SCALA and automatically dips the headlights.

Always online thanks to the new ŠKODA Connect generation including new Infotainment Apps

Innovative online functions thanks to the flexible system of new Infotainment Apps
Emergency Call and Proactive Service free of charge due to eSIM and LTE now being standard features

Customisable Virtual Cockpit and a navigation system with the largest displays in the segment

Along with the new interior concept, which appears for the first time in the SCALA, ŠKODA has also equipped the new model with the latest digital technology. The optional Virtual Cockpit, which can be flexibly configured to suit the driver’s needs, features a 10.25-inch display – the largest in the compact car segment. The infotainment systems’ central touchscreens each measure up to 9.2 inches and thus also set a benchmark within the segment. And thanks to its built-in eSIM, which comes as standard, the SCALA is the first ŠKODA to be always online. It also offers Emergency Call and Proactive Service to all customers. The Infotainment Apps are now available for the top-of-the-range Amundsen infotainment system.

The optional Virtual Cockpit can be individually customised and offers the driver a choice of five different views. These range from the Classic layout – displaying both a large speedo and the rev counter in the style of round, analogue instruments – to the Basic, Modern and Sport layouts as well as the Extended layout, which integrates the map from the Amundsen navigation system on a large scale. In addition, in its different configurations the Virtual Cockpit also displays relevant vehicle and driving data, radio stations, active assistance systems or navigational information.

New modular infotainment systems

The top-of-the-range Amundsen infotainment system as well as the Bolero and Swing systems belong to the latest-generation of the infotainment systems. The free-standing central display, which is part of all systems, is positioned high on the dashboard in clear view of the driver. The Amundsen system currently always comes paired with the Virtual Cockpit and offers a 9.2-inch display with a glass front. The system can be navigated using the touchscreen as well as voice or gesture commands.


Other features include 3D navigation, a 64-GB SSD hard drive used for maps, Internet access and an optional Wi‑Fi hotspot. The Bolero infotainment system features an 8-inch glass display and comes with Bluetooth connection and SmartLink+ technology. Wireless SmartLink+ technology is an optional extra, allowing wireless connection to smartphones. Both the Amundsen and Bolero systems are equipped with a total of eight speakers in the doors as standard.

The ŠKODA Sound System is optional, and provides an additional speaker in the centre of the dashboard, a subwoofer in the boot and an amplifier for a particularly impressive sound. The Swing infotainment system is the base system for the ŠKODA SCALA and offers a 6.5-inch display and four speakers in the front, to which four speakers in the rear as well as a Bluetooth connection and SmartLink+ can be added. The Phonebox, which provides wireless connection to the car’s aerial and inductive charging, is available as an option for all infotainment systems.


Always online with access to new Infotainment Apps thanks to an eSIM as standard


The SCALA is the first ŠKODA to be always online. What’s more: due to the latest generation of mobile online services, it offers a new and flexible concept for individual Infotainment Apps, allowing the customer to benefit from various online options and additional features. The built-in eSIM establishes a high-speed, LTE Internet connection, meaning there is no longer any need for an additional SIM card or a tethered connection via a smartphone.


For the first time in a ŠKODA, the eSIM, which supports the Emergency Call and Proactive Service functions, comes as standard. Emergency Call, which is mandatory in the EU, automatically makes an emergency call in the event of an accident, but can also be activated manually at any time. If an accident occurs, the Proactive Service relays the vehicle’s position as well as information about its status. Apart from that, it can archive information about the car’s status as a one-off or at regular intervals and it keeps the ŠKODA SCALA in contact with the garage, allowing service notifications to be relayed or service appointments to be scheduled.


The software for the infotainment system and the navigation map can now also be automatically updated ‘over the air’, as frequently as desired. It is also possible to download additional Infotainment Apps.There is therefore no need to visit a garage.


Remote access, online navigation and voice recognition


The ŠKODA SCALA’s online services package includes a wealth of infotainment features, such as remote vehicle access and selected Infotainment Apps from new ŠKODA InCar Shop – which can be conveniently accessed via the car’s central touchscreen. These Infotainment Apps include a weather app capable of displaying weather conditions for the whole of Europe, and a news app, which allows users to set up a news feed subscription from the SCALA’s infotainment touchscreen.


Additional apps will come in the future, which will also be backward compatible. The integration of Online Traffic Information in real time allows the Amundsen navigation system to provide more accurate and reliable route suggestions and estimated journey times. Compared to the system’s previous generation, these suggestions and estimations are now also populated more quickly. In the event of a traffic jam alternative routes are calculated and updated in real time.
The parking and petrol station functions, which display available spaces or current fuel prices and can amend the navigation system’s route guidance accordingly, are now also backed by online data. The ŠKODA SCALA’s online and offline functions seamlessly merge into each other and the passengers do not have to switch between them manually. In addition, access to the ŠKODA Server helps to improve the infotainment system’s new voice control feature, allowing it to understand complete sentences as well as dialects.


The newly designed ŠKODA Connect app for mobile phones and smartwatches or the ŠKODA Connect web portal provide Remote Access and enable for the ŠKODA SCALA to be locked and unlocked remotely (Remote Lock/Unlock). It is also possible to check whether all windows are closed from a distance. In addition, car owners can conveniently call up information while on the go or at home in the living room, and find out how much fuel is left in the tank, or view and archive other vehicle and driving data such as the car’s mileage or the speeds it has travelled at.


If set to do so, the SCALA can also send push notifications should it be stolen, leave a predefined area or exceeds a certain speed, for example. Remote access also provides information about where the car is parked. And makes it possible to activate the SCALA’s horn and indicators at the touch of a button, allowing the car to be found more quickly in a large car park. Furthermore, based on the current traffic conditions, the app can also remind the driver to set off in good time for their preplanned journey.


In ŠKODA InCar Shop, customers can also select additional data bundles. These data can be transferred via the SCALA’s Wi-Fi hotspot to any of its passengers.

Typically ŠKODA: Simply Clever features and new details

ŠKODA is expanding the range of brand-typical Simply Clever features on offer in the compact car segment

Optional electric tailgate makes it easier to access the large boot

The ŠKODA SCALA is the first in its segment to offer an electrically retractable tow bar

A ŠKODA always comes with a variety of Simply Clever features. The Czech brand is well-known for its clever details that make day-to-day life that little bit easier for its customers. And in typical ŠKODA style, the new ŠKODA SCALA also provides a wealth of Simply Clever features – and not only the classics like the ticket holder on the A-pillar on the driver’s side, the umbrella compartment (incl. umbrella) in the driver’s door or the ice scraper in the fuel filler flap with a tyre tread depth gauge.

The ŠKODA SCALA is the first in its segment to come with an optional electric tailgate, which can be opened and closed at the push of a button thanks to the integrated Tip-To-Close function. It can also be closed by lightly pulling on the opened tailgate, thus making it easier to use the large boot. The boot can also be fitted with storage nets, a false boot floor, cargo fasteners and a boot barrier net as optional extras. Also new for the segment is the electrically retractable tow bar, which can be unfolded at the touch of a button in the boot.

Selected Simply Clever features


Integrated funnel in the lid of the windscreen washer tank
Misfuel protection
Ice scraper in the fuel filler flap with a tyre tread depth gauge
Two front and rear USB ports
Ticket holder on the A-pillar on the driver’s side
Folding backrest on the front passenger seat
Folding tray tables on the front seatbacks
Pull-down rear centre armrest with tray function
Resting position for the rear seatbelts
Glasses compartment
Multimedia holder (incl. slot for keys and coins)
Umbrella compartment (incl. umbrella) in the driver’s door
Storage nets on the inside edges of the front seats
High-vis-vest storage in every door
Waste bin in the door trim
B-pillar hooks
Cargo fasteners in the boot (storage compartments under the boot floor)
Net on the underside of the parcel shelf
Electric tailgate incl. Tip-To-Close function
Electrically retractable tow bar
Bag hooks in the boot
Adjustable false boot floor
Boot nets to secure loose items
Double-sided boot liner
Boot barrier net
Vertically retractable parcel shelf behind the rear seats
Top-tether anchor points
Easy-Open cup holder
Holders for 0.5-litre bottles in the rear doors
Holders for 1.5-litre bottles in the front doors
Card holder in the Jumbo Box

Hermann Prax- photo Skoda


06.12.2018 / MaP

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New design package accentuates the Tiguan’s dynamic exterior Drivers can now add a host of fashionable and sophisticated black features to their Tiguan with the new “Black Style” R-Line design package, making the compact SU more >>
The New Tarraco: the right SUV to complete SEAT’s biggest product offensive
    The Tarraco is SEAT’s entry into the large SUV market, completing the family line-up as it joins the Arona and Ateca    The Tarraco blends greater levels of design, quality, equipment, connectivity, safety, style more >>
New BMW 330e Sedan with state of the art BMW eDrive technology
Sportier and more efficient than ever thanks to state-of-the-art BMW eDrive Technology: Engine portfolio supplemented for the new generation of the sports sedan with the addition of plug-in hybrid drive – electrically powered r more >>
New Sedan joins Toyota Corolla Hybrid family
    Sedan joins Hatchback and Touring Sports in 12th generation Corolla model line-up    Available with 1.8 litre self-charging hybrid, for the first time on the legendary Corolla Sedan in Europe    Newly adopted Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-C platform combines sleek design with superior handlin more >>
Händler-Premiere für den neuen Opel Combo Cargo am 24. November
    Freie Wahl: Neuer Transporter fürs Gewerbe als Normal- und XL-Version sowie als Doppelkabine    Gut gerüstet: Bis zu 4,4 m3 Ladevolumen plus eine Vielzahl an Top-Technologien    Starkes Angebot: „International Van of the Year 2019“[1] bereits ab 16.850 Euro netto[2] more >>
Comfortable, versatile and connected: orders now being taken for new Audi Q3
   Compact SUV with superb everyday utility and enhanced comfort        Digital operating and display concept as well as innovative assist systems        Two engines for more >>
New pick-up concept: World première of the VW Tarok Concept in São Paulo
Expressive: Volkswagen has designed the Tarok Concept as a next-generation pick-up    Innovative: Loading area is extended by a variable double cab rear panel and folding rear seats    Feasible: The series version of the Tarok Concept will soon be launched on the Brazilian market, with barely any changes. more >>
Locally- produced GAC Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Goes on Sale in China
GAC Mitsubishi Motors (GMMC) is to start sales of the new Eclipse Cross in China. GMMC is a joint venture between the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) and the Mitsubishi Corporation.  more >>
The new BMW 8 Series Convertible.
BMW is forging ahead with its model offensive in the luxury segment with the presentation of an open-top sports car which explores the highest reaches of dynamic flair, emotionality and exclusivity. The new BMW 8 Series Convert more >>
Premiere in Brazil: Volkswagen presents its pioneering pickup concept vehicle in São Paulo
Innovative pickup concept to receive its world premiere at the São Paulo International Motor Show     Near-production concept vehicle combines urban SUV style elements with the DNA of a cleverly conceived pickup more >>
New 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Attacks Tracks, and the Drive Home
•    The new 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series is the lightest in the company's GT lineup, saving approximately 18 kg with lightweight innovations such as carbon fibre wheels and a polycarbonate engine cover•    Bare carbon fi more >>
Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept Debuts at 2018 SEMA Show
Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept merges light-truck and side-by-side vehicles into ultimate open-air off-road HondaHeadlining a star-studded lineup of vehicles, the Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept took its bow today in the gl more >>
BMW Alpina B4 S Biturbo
MANUFACTURER OF EXCLUSIVE  AUTOMOBILES TIME FOR AN ALPINAIn  1965  Burkard  Bovensiepen  founded  ALPINA.  A  company  passionately  committed  to  the  development  more >>
World Premiere of the all-new T-Cross: Volkswagen expands its family of SUVs
The vehicle has not yet gone on sale.   The new T-Cross1: a versatile and practical SUV model in the small car class    An urban crossover vehicle with masculine design    Four efficient turbocharg more >>
The new BMW X5 with M Performance Parts.
Extensive range of M Performance Parts for the new BMW X5 as Original BMW Accessories. Motor racing technology and appearance for the latest generation of the BMW X family's founding model.Like its predecessors and in more >>
Zweifach-Premiere für den Opel Crossland X
•    Neuheit Nr. 1: Diesel jetzt mit sanft schaltendem Automatikgetriebe kombinierbar•    Neuheit Nr. 2: Lederausstattung für AGR-zertifizierte ergonomische Aktiv-Sitze•    Attraktives Angebot: Crossland X Edition 1.5 Turbo D mit Automatik ab 22.300 Euro in Belgien und 21.565 Euro in Lux more >>
The VW Tiguan OFFROAD – an all-rounder that excels on and off the road
That feeling of freedom included as standard: the Tiguan OFFROAD has just become the newest addition to the successful compact SUV range Excellent traction: with 4Motion four-wheel drive and 4Motion Active Control as standard    Robust appearance: bumper with a large ramp angle and engine skid plate more >>
Extensive update for Audi R8 - Fastest model is now even hotter
Powerful V10 naturally aspirated engines in two output ratings        Modified suspension components for even more dynamic handling        Striking exterior design, sales launch in early 2019  more >>
The first-ever BMW X7
The BMW X7 is the first car to fuse the presence, exclusivity and spaciousness of a luxury model with the agile and versatile driving properties expected of a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV).     A new dimension in luxury: The first B more >>
New GTS models: two athletes join the Porsche Panamera family
460 hp V8 biturbo engine, sports chassis and wide array of equipmentPorsche has added two extra sporty models to its Panamera range. With a powerful performance from the four-litre V8 biturbo engine (338 kW/460 hp), extra dynamic chassis systems more >>
Opel Kompass und Opel Vizor - Zukunft lebt von Tradition
    Wegweiser: Vom 70er-Jahre Manta hin zum Opel GT X Experimental    Cool statt kühl: Puristische Front kennzeichnet künftige Opel-Modelle    Innovation im Visier: Opel Vizor passt zu elektrifizierten und autonomen Modellen  more >>
New livery: Volkswagen presents the Polo GTI R5 for rally customers
-    Choice of colours and graphic patterns underline just how similar the new rally car is to the standard GTI models-   Initial delivery of the Polo GTI R5 to customers starting from November more >>
World Premiere of the New SEAT Arona TGI at the Paris Motorshow
SEAT expands its CNG range •    The Arona is the first SUV worldwide to be equipped with a compressed natural gas powertrain•    The Arona TGI integrates three CNG tanks to increase gas more >>
World premiere: Exclusive new edition of the Porsche 935
 Clubsport race car with 700 hp at the anniversary of 70 Years of Porsche Sports CarsPorsche has unveiled the new 935 on the occasion of the historic “Rennsport Reunion” motorsport event at Laguna Seca Raceway in California. Th more >>
Lexus at Paris Motor Show 2018
LEXUS REIMAGINES ITS RC LUXURY SPORTS COUPE    The new RC gains a sporty-yet-elegant exterior that draws on the svelte design language of the LC flagship coupe    Interior refinements heigh more >>
BMW 3 Series Sedan celebrates its world premiere at the Mondial de l’Automobile 2018 in Paris.
BMW presents the new generation of the sports sedan alongside a raft of other new models as the international car show opens its doors on 2 October 2018.The BMW 3 Series Sedan is the Munich-based premium carmaker’s most more >>
Update for the ARDEN AJ 23 SVR
Arden complements its individualisation programme for the Jaguar F-Type SVR.The Krefeld located company with a long tradition Arden Automobilbau GmbH is still on the go and is expanding its successful refining programme for the Jaguar F-Type SVR with new body modific more >>
SEAT goes big with the New SEAT Tarraco
Seat's new flagship model •    Tarraco is SEAT’s third SUV and represents the company’s entry into the large SUV market, completing the family line-up, joining the Arona and Ateca more >>
Te Audi e-tron - Electrifyingly fun to drive
•    World premiere of the first all-electric series production model from the brand   •    Ample space and a long range provide a high level of everyday usability •  &n more >>
Renault, Alpine and Dacia - Paris Motor Show lineup 2018
•    World premiere: a premium robo-vehicle concept, the third step in Renault’s 2018 trilogy exploring shared mobility services•    New Kadjar first look: Debut at the Renault stand more >>
Lexus introduces dazzling new LC Yellow edition Coupe at Paris Motor Show
At Paris Motor Show 2018    The new Yellow Edition is an exclusive addition to Lexus’ LC flagship coupe range    Vibrant Flare Yellow exterior paintwork and unique interior finish in bla more >>
The all-new Lexus ES at Paris Motor Show 2018
A HIGHER LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE AND SOPHISTICATION    New dynamic capabilities reflected in an emotional design    Built on the new Global Architecture – K platform, giving excellent body r more >>
The new Lexus UX at Paris Motor Show 2018
    Bold “Creative Urban Explorer” design    The first Lexus built on the new GA–C global architecture platform    Exceptional body rigidity and low centre of gravity for superior agility    Available as self-charging hybrid UX 250h and petrol UX 200 more >>
World debut of the new Toyota Yaris GR SPORT with GAZOO Racing inspired performance
Inspired by the exclusive Yaris GRMN performance hatchback, the new Yaris GR SPORT is set to bring more sports driving pleasure to Toyota’s supermini range. Due to go on sale from late 2018, the new model makes its world debut at the Paris more >>
Lexus reimagines its RC Luxury Sports Coupe RC 300h
    The new RC gains a sporty-yet-elegant exterior that draws on the svelte design language of the LC flagship coupe    Interior refinements heighten driving pleasure    The new RC is inspired by the “even sharper and more graceful” driving concept of the LC, achieved through master crafts more >>
Porsche 935 DPIII by DP Motorsport
 - Tailor-made for FloridaFor 45 years by now, dp motorsport in Overath with the company founder Ekkehard and son Patrick ZIMMERMANN as well as their team is, so to say, renowned worldwide for their inimitable metamorphoses of Porsche models e more >>
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