Mitsubishi Motors launches New eK Wagon & eK X keicars

Mitsubishi Motors launches New eK Wagon & eK X keicars

28.03.2019: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) today launches the new eK Wagon height-wagon keicar, the first full model change in six years, and adds a new eK X*1 crossover SUV variant to the lineup. Both models go on sale today at MMC dealerships throughout Japan,

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) today launches the new eK Wagon height-wagon keicar, the first full model change in six years, and adds a new eK X*1 crossover SUV variant to the lineup. Both models go on sale today at MMC dealerships throughout Japan, with manufacturer's recommended retail prices ranging from ¥1,296,000 to ¥1,506,600 for the eK Wagon and from ¥1,414,800 to ¥1,765,800 for the eK X (incl. 8% consumption tax).

Planning and development management of the New eK Wagon and eK X have been the responsibility of Mitsubishi Motors and Nissan Motor joint venture NMKV. With all-new platforms, engines, CVTs and other major components developed and produced through new processes, the new models offer a new kind of height-wagon keicar. They bring together Mitsubishi Motors' 60 years of keicar knowhow and Nissan Motor's advanced technology.

eK Wagon champions the customer's "desire to seek out new destinations with greater reassurance", offering easy-to-live-with qualities that stem from its easy-to-drive nature and improved comfort. These qualities are augmented by MI-PILOT*2*3 single-lane driver assistance for highway driving, a first on a MMC model, and other advanced technologies.

eK X is a crossover model that incorporates the SUV taste distinctive to MMC. Its principal features are a powerful SUV-taste design that embodies a true Mitsubishiness and the essence of the "Drive your Ambition" global corporate tagline, and a new hybrid system that delivers powerful acceleration and low fuel consumption. It responds to the wishes of adventurous customers seeking new challenges.

1…Named from the way it crosses height-wagon proportions with SUV powerfulness.

2…Mitsubishi Intelligent PILOT

3…Advanced Comfort Package (MI-PILOT, electric parking brake, MI-PILOT steering wheel button) is a factory option available on all eK Wagon and eK X trim levels, except the M.

1. Product Overview

1) Exteriors: Elegance and originality

<eK Wagon>

The eK Wagon exterior has been developed to a "Cute Chic" concept. Setting the benchmark for height-wagon keicars, the exterior is composed of taut curved surfaces which give shape to a cute, quality design that projects a stirring vibrancy.

    The front face accentuates a sense of width as the styling creates a continuity that extends from the chrome horizontal bar grille into the headlamp units.

    eK Wagon is available in a palette of seven chic body colors, including a new Mint Blue Metallic, that paint a casual elegance into the exterior.

<eK X>

Developed to a "Cute Beast" concept, eK X's exterior styling projects an SUV taste with the active, playful presence that is distinctive to Mitsubishi Motors.

    The front face uses Mitsubishi Motors' Dynamic Shield front design concept that projects a sense of SUV power and toughness. The combination of the horizonal keynote grille with vertical chrome bars communicates a feeling of confidence.
    The front position lamps are located below the engine hood line for better conspicuity. The inner lens is fashioned to create an attractive crystal look.

    In the vertical 3-lens LED headlamp units, the two upper lenses are given to low beam and the bottom lens to high beam to give the driver a good view of the road ahead while reducing glare for oncoming cars.

    In the side view, the cabin silhouette uses the long wheelbase to maximum effect and with the sculpted, fluid character line projects a sense of power. The black finish used for the side sill garnish and wheel arch gives accent to eK X's SUV looks.

    Roof rails that give further accent to eK X's SUV looks are available as a factory option.

    The rear end styling uses a deep bumper supporting a taut upper cabin to create a look of characteristic SUV stability.

Distinctively styled rear combination lamps appear to flow in from the C-pillars, complementing the wide tailgate opening.

    eK X is available in a palette of 11 richly varied body colors. In addition to six, some new, monotone colors, the palette offers five two-tone colors, including Sand Yellow Metallic/White Solid (roof color)*4 that give further accent to the SUV taste.

*4…¥81,000 extra (incl. 8% consumption tax)

2) Interiors: Roomy with attention to detail

The interiors have been developed to a concept of "comfortable space," "stimulating, attractive detailing" and "smart usability," with attention given to fashionable looks and practicality. From a "perceived quality" viewpoint, excellent functionality and quality looks are carefully built in.

< eK Wagon>

    The interior uses a light grey color scheme to create a cabin space that is chic and elegant.

    The seats use a chunky fabric upholstery for optimum ride comfort with a simple casual-look pattern.

<eK X>

    The interior uses a black tone color scheme with blue accents to create a sporty and stylish cabin.

    The seats are upholstered in a crinkled fabric with a honeycomb embossed finish that presents a tough, functional look.

    The factory-option premium interior package uses a black and tan color combination while multi-material seat upholstery with a striped pattern imparts a playful presence look to the cabin.

<Features common to eK Wagon and eK X>

    The dashboard uses MMC's Horizontal Axis concept in providing excellent forward visibility in a clean design.

    The auto climate control system*5 uses a touch-operated panel that offers excellent legibility and a quality look. The vent airflow controls and function indicators are neatly integrated in a clean and smart design that gives improved operability.

    The instrument cluster uses clear raised dial bezels for a better quality look. With generous small-item storage, the functional dashboard design places priority on ease of use.

    The Multi Information Display presents a variety of information in multicolor. Included are an Eco Pedal Guide, which shows how hard the driver is pressing the accelerator pedal, and a Wheel Angle Indicator that shows the turn direction and angle of the wheels when maneuvering to park the car.

*5…Standard on all eK Wagon and eK X trim levels, except the M.

3)Powertrains: Quieter, more nimble performance

A new engine and new CVT are mated in powertrains that deliver better fuel mileage, more nimble acceleration across the rev range and quieter performance. eK X uses a new Hybrid system that delivers even more torqueful and lower-consumption performance.

    The new engine features lower friction levels and a higher compression ratio than the current unit, while the new wide ratio CVT uses a high efficiency oil pump and lower-friction belt. The resulting powertrains return improved fuel mileage while delivering stress-free and nimble acceleration across the full rev range.

    eK X uses a Hybrid system in which engine and motor work together to improve fuel mileage and to deliver more powerful and smoother driving performance. During acceleration, the system uses electric power stored in the drive battery to assist engine-generated torque. During deceleration, the system recovers kinetic energy and uses it to charge the lithium-ion drive battery. eK X uses MMC's Auto Stop & Go system (with coast-stop mode) which turns the engine off at speeds under 13km/h and while it is stationary.


4)Advanced technology enhances peace of mind

A)  MI-PILOT*6*7: Single-lane driver assistance.

A first on a MMC model, this system supports the driver on expressways by assisting operation of the accelerator, brakes and steering to mitigate stress and fatigue on longer trips.

 -   Active Cruise Control (ACC*8)

Automatically adjusts the distance to the car ahead by matching its changes in speed up to a vehicle speed preset by the driver, and automatically keeps*9 the vehicle stationary when the car ahead is stopped*10. If the car ahead moves off, the driver only has to press a button on the steering wheel or press the accelerator pedal to release the car from stationary and start off again.

 -   Lane Keep Assist (LKA*11)

Reduces the driving burden by detecting lane markings and assisting the driver's steering inputs to keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane. LKA works not only along straight sections of road, but also through corners.

B)  Grip Control help in all seasons

Assists the driver when moving off or accelerating on slippery surfaces. The system gives improved all-terrain performance by braking any wheel that starts spinning on snow-covered or muddy surfaces and by feeding more torque to wheels that have grip. Grip Control is standard on all 4WD and 2WD models.

C)  Multi Around Monitor*12 assists parking

Allows the driver to check for people or obstacles behind his vehicle by displaying a birds-eye image of the vehicle in a monitor housed in the rearview mirror. A new Moving Object Detection function detects people or bicycles moving in the perimeter of the vehicle and warns the driver by showing them in the rearview mirror and by sounding an alert.

D)  Digital Rearview Mirror (with Multi Around Monitor display) *14

In a first for keicars*13, eK Wagon and eK X use a Digital Rearview Mirror that shows an image from a camera mounted at the rear of the vehicle. An LCD monitor housed in the rearview mirror allows the driver to check behind the vehicle when their field of view is obstructed by passengers or luggage in the rear seats, or when the weather makes it difficult to see behind the vehicle. In night mode, the mirror dims to reduce headlight glare from following vehicles ..

*6…Mitsubishi Intelligent PILOT

*7…The Advanced Comfort Package (MI-PILOT, electric parking brake, MI PILOT steering wheel switch) is a factory option on all eK Wagon and eK X models, except the M.

*8…Adaptive Cruise Control

*9…Preset speed range: 30km/h to 100km/h (also operates below 30km/h if there is a car in front)

*10…System restarts automatically for up to three seconds after stopping.

*11…Lane Keeping Assist

*12,14…Available for all eK Wagon and eK X trim levels (except the M) as a factory option is the Advanced Safety Package

[Digital Rearview Mirror (with Multi Around Monitor display) and Multi Around Monitor (with moving object detection)].
*13…As at March, 2019 (in-house data).

5) New features in e-Assist active safety package / Other safety equipment

    The active safety systems fitted to current models – Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM*15) braking, Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication, Lane Departure Warning (LDW*16), Automatic High Beam (AHB*17) – are now joined by Lane Departure Prevention (LDP*18) to earn all eK Wagon and eK X models "Sapo Car S-wide*19" classification.

    LDP. If the system judges the vehicle is about to stray from its lane unintentionally, LDP urges the driver to return the vehicle to its lane by generating a momentary braking force that acts to move the vehicle back toward the lane.

    All models come standard with driver and front passenger SRS airbags, as well as front seat side airbags and curtain airbags that can protect the body area from the shoulders to the hips in a collision.

*15…Forward Collision Mitigation System

*16…Lane Departure Warning

*17…Automatic High Beam

*18…Lane Departure Prevention

*19…Sapo Car (Safety Support Car) are vehicles fitted with advanced technologies that support safe driving. This is a new vehicle safety concept being promoted by the Japanese government (METI and MLIT) and designed to prevent traffic accidents and to mitigate injuries to drivers, particularly older drivers. Vehicles are classified as "Sapo Car" or "Sapo Car S (basic, basic + wide)" depending on the level of safety functions fitted.

6) Comfortable cabin encourages getting out and about

    As with the current model, 65mm longer wheelbase create a comfortable living space. The rear seats also provide a comfortable space with knee room extended by 70mm to allow the occupant to sit with legs crossed even with the front seats all the way back on their slide. Rear seat foot space is flat and unimpeded by any bulges. This makes for easier entering and exiting, and keeps luggage on the floor from tipping over.

    The rear seats can be moved in a single one-handed operation by lifting the slide lever and moving the rear seat back and forward.*20

    The driver's seat has a vertically optimized seatback angle and incorporates a spinal support for the thorax and pelvis regions This makes for a high-function seat that reduces driver fatigue on longer journeys.

    The windshield forward field of vision angle, as with the current model, has been increased by 4.7-degrees giving improved visibility that makes for easier driving.

    Sound absorbing and proofing material is strategically fitted so as to embrace the engine and reduce the intrusion of noise into the cabin. The result is a very quiet cabin in which passengers can talk to each other without having to raise their voices.

*20…Standard on eK Wagon G, and on all eK X trim levels.

7) Comprehensive dealer option lineup

To concepts of "Practical and reassuring" and of "Exciting and fun-loving" a variety of dealer options is available.

    New to the option lineup is an in-car infotainment system with a 9-inch display. Easier to read than the current 7-inch display, it offers improved operability and user-friendliness. The factory option Multi Around Monitor*21, meanwhile, shows a birds-eye view of the vehicle in a large display, allowing the driver to check the periphery.

    All-weather floor mats are now available in addition to the standard floor mats. Light in weight, not having the distinctive "rubber" smell, and easy to wipe clean makes them ideal for trips to outdoor pursuit destinations.

    Two exterior trim packages are available: "Exterior Chrome Package (chrome door handle covers, chrome door mirror covers)" and "Decal Package (front under decal*22, side decals, tailgate decal)". eK X is also available with several other options including an "Exterior Garnish Package (front bumper and tailgate)" that allow the customer to personalize their car.

    Available for the inside is an "Interior Panel Package (door switch panel, air vent garnish)" that makes coordinating the interior with the body color fun.

*21…Available for all eK Wagon and eK X trim levels (except the M) as a factory option is the Advanced Safety Package [Digital Rearview Mirror (with Multi Around Monitor display)and Multi Around Monitor (with moving object detection)].
*22…eK X only.


Mitsubishi Tokyo also photos


28.03.2019 / MaP

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