Toyota Rolls Out New Supra

Toyota Rolls Out New Supra

17.05.2019: -Sales appointments in Japan for the Matte Storm Gray Metallic RZ for this fiscal year are now being accepted online only- · Packaging in pursuit of the fundamental performance of a pure sports car

-Sales appointments in Japan for the Matte Storm Gray Metallic RZ for this fiscal year are now being accepted online only-

·    Packaging in pursuit of the fundamental performance of a pure sports car

·    Styling that leverages sports car packaging and layout characteristics

·    Technology that supports outstanding driving performance and maneuverability honed on the roads of the world

·    The latest preventive safety performance, and safe, worry-free, comfortable, and convenient connected services

·    Equipped with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Recorder that offers a new way to enjoy cars

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces the launch of the new Supra in Japan at Toyota dealers nationwide. Requests for sales appointments for the 24 Matte Storm Gray Metallic*1 Supra RZ scheduled for production this fiscal year will be accepted online only*2 for approximately one month from 1:00 p.m. on Friday, May 17, 2019 to Friday, June 14, 2019*3.

The order of the sales appointments will be decided in a draw to be announced on the day of Germany's 47th 24 Hours of Nürburgring endurance race (June 22 to June 23) in which the new Supra is taking part.


Supra RZ (Matte Storm Gray Metallic exterior color) Options shown

The new Supra is the first global model of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing's GR sports car series. Ever since first competing in Germany's 24 Hours of Nürburgring endurance race in 2007, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has been aiming through its motorsports activities to develop its cars and people, with the goal of "making ever-better cars." The knowledge and know-how it has built up over the years have been funneled into bringing the Supra back to life in the form of the "GR Supra,"*4 as a car that people the world over will find fun to drive.

The new Supra produced at the Magna Steyr, Graz Plant in Austria is the first product in a comprehensive collaboration with BMW*5. Following shipment by sea, the cars will pass through Toyota's Motomachi plant for delivery to customers in Japan.

The all-new fifth-generation*6 Supra marks the end of a 17-year hiatus since the conclusion of production of the previous generation in 2002. Ever since the Supra's inception in 1978*6, all generations have been front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles powered by an inline six-cylinder engine. The latest rendition is no exception.

This time around, extensive attention has also been paid to the three fundamental elements of wheelbase, tread, and center of gravity, thus achieving handling performance befitting a pure sports car.

*1    Separate option price of 320,000 yen (consumption tax included) will incur.


*3    The sales method of cars to be produced in the next fiscal year has not been determined yet.

*4    The name given for marketing activity. The name reported to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is “Supra.”

*5    Concluded on Jan, 2013

*6    The first-generation Supra was launched in 1978. In Japan, it was released as Celica XX (Double X). Japan's first-generation Supra (launched in 1986) is the third generation globally.

Sales outline

Sales outlets: TOYOTA, TOYOPET, Toyota “Corolla,” Toyota “Netz” nationwide, and Toyota Mobility Tokyo, Inc.

Production plant   Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG Graz Plant (Austria)

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices

Grade    Engine    Transmission    Driveline    Price*
(Japanese yen)
SZ    B48 (2.0 liter)    8-speed Sports
Transmission    Front-engine,
rear-wheel-drive    4,900,000
SZ-R                5,900,000
RZ    B58 (3.0 liter)            6,900,000    ◎
* Includes consumption tax and does not include recycling fees. Separate pricing applies for Okinawa.
◎: Model shown (excluding options)

Vehicle outline

1. Packaging in pursuit of the fundamental origins of a pure sports car
·    To achieve excellent handling and a stable cornering stance, the three elements of wheelbase, tread, and center of gravity were positioned as the most important factors in pursuing the ideal conception of a pure sports car.

Supra RZ (Matte Storm Gray Metallic exterior color) Options shown

·    Being straightforward about the model being a two-seater, at 2,470 mm, its wheelbase is 100 mm shorter than that of the 86.

·    The relatively short wheelbase results in a wheelbase-to-tread ratio of 1.55*1, one of the smallest ratios among mass-production sports cars, contributing to excellent turning performance.

·    All-out efforts were made to lower the center of gravity, resulting in a lower center of gravity than in the 86, which features a horizontally opposed engine.

·    An ideal 50/50 distribution in front/rear weight balance, which is one of the crucial elements in determining cornering performance, was achieved.

2. Styling that fully leverages sports car packaging and layout characteristics

Design concept

Condensed Extreme L6 FR “TOYOTA” Sports

Exterior highlights

Sports styling suitable for a Toyota flagship model was achieved by fully leveraging sports car packaging and layout characteristics.

·    Side-view packaging that emphasizes the presence of the wheels and tires, thanks to a short wheelbase and large-diameter wheels

·    A two-seater-appropriate, close-fitting cabin and a super-wide stance born of a wide tread

·    The long-nose, short-cabin silhouette of an inline-6, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car

The design adopts a condensed body contour with optimal engine position to focus on suppressing the generation of lift in aerodynamics and the most suitable aerodynamic balance and weight distribution between the front and rear for a sports car.
The styling inherits the heritage of Toyota Sports from the Toyota 2000GT and fourth-generation Supra, such as a "double-bubble" roof*2, which contributes to reduced air friction, and an approach for creating a condensed body design by positioning headlights more inwardly from the sides of the vehicle to lend a more voluminous appearance to the fenders.

Interior design

Supra RZ (Ignition Red interior)

A thin, flat, and linear instrument panel was designed to create greater visibility at high speeds and make it easier to feel positional changes of the vehicle.

Visual recognition and operation system instruments (gauges, Head-Up Display, paddle switch, steering switch, and other) necessary for sport driving are compactly arranged directly in front of the driver. A seamless flow from the door trim to the console knee pads realizes a new compact cockpit style that surrounds the driver.

A centralized gauge layout (equipped with an 8.8-inch high definition color monitor), which features instruments required for sport driving such as the tachometer and shift indicator, is optimally positioned to enable a natural sightline of the gauges through the small-diameter steering wheel.

Featuring high back seats to securely cradle and hold the driver's body with a focus on the lower back, the interior design was created based on our interior designer's actual driving experience on racing circuits.

Interior and exterior colors

Attention was paid to the texture and shading as well as reflectiveness of the body surface to further highlight the sense of power created by the contour of the vehicle.

·    Eight exterior color options are available including two optional colors, the sporty and vivid Lightning Yellow and the newly developed color Matte Storm Gray Metallic that accentuates the silhouette.
The driver-oriented interior accentuated by a beautifully blended color scheme pursues the functionality of driving with distinctly designed materials and color coordination.

·    Available in two colors: Ignition Red, which surrounds the driver in a sporty and sophisticated rich hue that enhances the revamped cockpit style, and Black, which creates a sharp-looking space that leverages materials with different textures.

3. Technologies that support driving and maneuverability honed on the roads of the world

High-rigidity body for a higher state of driving performance

·    In addition to a thick, straight skeletal structure that prioritizes driving performance, aluminum and steel are employed in the most optimal locations, and by pursuing ways to increase bonding strength among materials of differing composition, body rigidity up to 2.5 times higher than that of the 86 was achieved. Rigidity is even higher than that of the Lexus LFA, which features a cabin constructed of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics.


An inline-6 turbo that carries on tradition and an inline-4 turbo to easily enjoy sporty drivin

·    The tradition of an inline, six-cylinder engine found in successive generations of the Supra is carried on in the form of a 6.3-liter, inline-6, twin-scroll turbocharged*3 engine. Maximum torque of 500 N·m is produced at a low engine revolution of 1,600 rpm, allowing exhilaration from acceleration that perfectly matches expectations in line with accelerator-pedal operation.

·    Available are two differently tuned 2.0-liter, inline-4, twin-scroll turbocharged engines. One, with a high-performance maximum output of 190 kW (258 PS), is ideal for light, sporty driving in combination with a lightweight vehicle body, while the other, which musters 145 kW (197 PS), allows for a brisk driving sensation from in-town to highway.

A suspension that enables precise vehicle control

·    A newly designed suspension is characterized by reduced unsprung weight, high-rigidity assembly, and minute movability. The aluminum front suspension and subframe contribute to the optimization of weight allocation between the front and rear.

·    Certain grades feature the Adaptive Variable Suspension system*4, which provides a high level of both drivability and riding comfort by optimally controlling such elements as the selected driving mode and the damping force of each wheel's shock absorber depending on the conditions of the road surface.

An active differential for heightened turning performance and stability*5

·    While coordinating with the Vehicle Stability Control system, an active differential optimally and seamlessly controls the locking ratio between the rear left and right wheels in a range of zero to 100 by way of an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. High cornering speed, stability, and neutral steering characteristics were realized.

Maneuverability honed on the roads of the world

·    With importance placed on the environments in which customers drive in the real world, proving runs were thoroughly and repeatedly conducted on regular roads during various stages of development. Such runs naturally included racing-speed drives at Nürburgring. But numerous tests were also held on a wide range of roads throughout the world, such as country roads in Europe, the Autobahn in Germany, snow-covered and ice-covered roads in Northern Europe, highways in the United States, and winding roads in Japan. The result is tuning aimed at enabling drivers to experience the joy of driving the new Supra even in everyday situations.

4. The latest preventive safety technologies, and safe, worry-free, comfortable, and convenient connected services
The latest preventive safety technologies are standard on all models.

·    A pre-collision safety system (millimeter wave radar + monocular camera) to detect preceding vehicles or pedestrians (day) and bikes (day) to support collision prevention and mitigate damage

·    A blind spot monitor to detect vehicles in blind spots in other lanes

·    Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with full-speed range that supports driving behind the car in front.

·    Lane departure alert to assist steering when it senses that drivers have veered from their lane

All models come standard with an on-board Data Communication Module (DCM), and a Supra exclusive connected service called Toyota Supra Connect is available.

·    Remote Service enables remote operation and checking of the vehicle using a dedicated smartphone application*6

·    Battery Guard that automatically notifies owners by email when the battery is running low

·    Apple CarPlay® that enables hands-free operation of iPhones during driving

5. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Recorder*7 offers a new way to enjoy cars
Vehicle information recording device based on GAZOO Racing technology


·    A data logger records driver operating information such as acceleration, braking, steering, and shift positions, and various sensor values, including vehicle velocity, engine rotation and acceleration, vehicle position, and direction data are stored on SD cards.

·    The information recorded on SD cards can be displayed with the GAZOO Racing Data Viewer*8. Up to two videos can be played, and when the video is recorded with the recommended Action Cam*9 (sold separately), video playback is automatically synchronized in time with the recorded information. Driving routes can also be displayed/played in Microsoft Bing Maps*10.

*1    For RZ and SZ-R grades. 1.54 for SZ grade. It is said that mobility (turning performance) increases the closer this ratio is to 1 while handling stability (straight line stability) increases the closer this ratio is to 2.

*2    A roof that features two small, outwardly protruding bulges -- one above the driver's seat and the other above the front passenger seat.

*3    The emissions route from the engine to the turbine are split into a large path and a small path. During low engine speeds, by opening the smaller path only, the turbine is efficiently rotated with a small flow amount to generate high supercharging pressure. During high engine speeds, both the large and small paths are used to realize high torque throughout the entire range without turbo lag. There is one turbine housing.

*4    Mounted in RZ and SZ-R grades.

*5    Standard in RZ and SZ-R grades.

*6    Application is compatible with iPhones only. For Android phones, users must access a special user site with an Internet browser for operation.

*7    Dealer option

*8    Scheduled for release at the end of May 2019.

For details, see

*9    Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000/X3000R

*10    Map service (a Bing service) provided by Microsoft (U.S.).

Reference: Main specifications

Grade    RZ    SZ-R    SZ
Length (mm)    4,380
Width (mm)    1,865
Height (mm)    1,290    1,295
Wheelbase (mm)    2,470
Tread    Front (mm)    1,595    1,610
    Rear (mm)    1,590    1,615

Minimum ground clearance (mm)    112    118
Curb weight (kg)    1,520    1,450    1,410
Seats    2
Powertrain layout    Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Engine    Inline-6 DOHC
turbocharger    Inline-4 DOHC

Twin-scroll turbocharger
    Engine displacement (cc)    2,997    1,998
    Maximum output
(kW[PS]/rpm)    250[340]
/5,000    190[258]
/5,000    145[197]
    Maximum torque
(N·m[kgf·m]/rpm)    500[51.0]
/1,600-4,500    400[40.8]
/1,550-4,400    320[32.6]

Transmission    8-speed Sports Automatic Transmission
WLTC mode fuel efficiency*    12.2    12.7    13.1
(km/liter)    Normal mode*    8.3    9.2    9.5
    Sport mode*    12.9    13.1    13.6
    Highway mode*    14.7    14.7    15.1
Suspension    Front    MacPherson Strut
    Rear    Multi-link
Brake    Front    Ventilated disc
        4-pot aluminum
monoblock caliper    Aluminum floating caliper
    Rear    Ventilated disc
        Floating caliper    Aluminum floating caliper
Tire    Front    255/35ZR19    255/40R18    225/50R17
    Rear    275/35ZR19    275/40R18    255/45R17

*Evaluated value by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
    WLTC mode:     Global driving mode composed of average driving hours in Normal, Sport, and Highway modes
    Normal mode:     Relatively slow speed driving affected by traffic signals, traffic congestion, and other similar factors is assumed.

    Sport mode:     Driving not affected by traffic signals, traffic congestion, or other similar factors is assumed.
    Highway mode:     Highway driving and other similar driving factors are assumed.

- Toyota - also photos



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