Honda Type R Performance Goes to Next Level with New Race-Ready Civic Type R TC

Honda Type R Performance Goes to Next Level with New Race-Ready Civic Type R TC

12.12.2019: Engineered by Honda Performance Development for SRO TC Americas and amateur Touring Car competition Type R TC joins Civic Si TCA and Type R TCR in Honda's turn-key Civic-based customer racing portfolio New race-ready Type R available to Hond

    Engineered by Honda Performance Development for SRO TC Americas and amateur Touring Car competition

    Type R TC joins Civic Si TCA and Type R TCR in Honda's turn-key Civic-based customer racing portfolio

    New race-ready Type R available to Honda Racing Line customers

Honda today took the wraps off the latest iteration of the Civic Type R, the race-ready Civic Type R TC race car from Honda Performance Development (HPD). The Type R TC is designed as a turn-key solution for professional racers, and for skilled Type R enthusiasts who wish to transition from track time in a stock Type R to a fully built race car.

Eligible for SRO TC Americas Touring Car competition, the all-new Type R TC race car is available to Honda Racing Line members with racing licenses exclusively through HPD at a manufacturer's price of $89,900. The specially outfitted Type R joins the TCA-class Civic Si and TCR-class Type R in HPD's portfolio of Civic-based, turn-key racing machines.

"The successes of Honda Racing Development's TCA Civic Si and TCR Type R in North American touring car championship series have generated a strong interest in more ready-to-race Honda Touring Cars for North America," said Ted Klaus, President of Honda Performance Development. "With the introduction of the new Type R TC-class race car, we now offer a complete lineup of turn-key, Civic-based race cars for registered racing customers in North America."

Designed specifically for TC-class competition, the Civic Type R TC was developed and tested in-house by HPD engineers as a modified version of the production Civic Type R designed exclusively for track use, with final assembly done by Gradient Racing in Austin, Texas. HPD engineers developed and tested the Civic Type R TC race car in-house, drawing on experience gained from production car and race vehicle engineering, including development of the HPD Civic Si TCA race car.

The HPD-developed Civic Type R race car begins life as a body in white from Honda's Swindon, England, plant, and uses its road- and track-proven 2.0-liter VTEC Turbo engine supplied by the Honda of America Mfg. engine plant in Anna, Ohio, producing between 270 and 330 horsepower, depending on the series application.

The Type R TC retains the stock vehicle's exterior sheet metal, but adds racing components developed in-house and in partnership with select suppliers to build a ready-to-race vehicle that saves racers the time and money of doing it themselves.

Major modifications to the production Type R include a high-flow front grille, a J's Racing FRP vented hood, CSF-designed radiator and oil cooler; an HPD/Borla downpipe and turbo back exhaust; a 6-speed manual transmission with high-strength 3rd and 4th gears; an HPD/Cusco limited slip differential; HPD Girodisk 2-piece front brake rotors and HPD brake inlet ducts; an HPD/Pyrotect bolt-in FIA 16-gallon fuel cell; a welded multi-point racing cage; and an OMP racing seat with 6-point harness.

The Civic Type R TC-class race car will be available to registered North American racing customers with racing licenses through HPD's Honda Racing Line program for competition in SRO TC Americas competition, along with certain SCCA and NASA classes. In addition to a fully outfitted race car, HPD supports all of its racing customers with trackside factory engineering and parts support, and an exclusive technical support line that can connect racing customers directly with HPD engineers when they're not at the track.

L.A. Honda World Racing

HPD also announced today that L.A. Honda World Racing will be its first customer for the new Honda Civic Type R TC, entering two cars in the 2020 SRO TC Americas series competition. No strangers to Civic racing, L.A. Honda World Racing campaigned three Civic Type R TCR race cars in IMSA's Michelin Pilot Challenge in 2019 and will again in 2020. The team battled for a championship title, with multiple wins from drivers Tom O'Gorman, Shelby Blackstock, Mike Lamarra and Matt Pombo.

"After a remarkable first year with our TCR program, we are excited and confident to expand our Honda racing endeavors with this Civic Type R in the SRO TC Class next year. With our veteran team and competitive race cars, we expect to challenge the front-runners in 2020," said Mario Biundo, President, L.A. Honda World Racing.

"With its clear tie-in to the production car, and the racing lineage of the entire Honda Civic line, we know that it will elevate awareness of Honda as a motorsport brand, and how our employees focus on this mindset at the customer level in our dealership. We plan on making 2020 an even more successful year for Honda and L.A. Honda World Racing in both series."

HPD Touring Car "Ladder"

What Honda calls its "Racing Spirit" is an essential element of the company's DNA, and Honda is a first choice for more professional and amateur racers than any other brand. For those racers, HPD offers a clear "ladder" of turn-key touring car solutions, from entry-level TCA all the way to pinnacle TCR series. While all three vehicles are based on showroom-stock counterparts, they also feature distinct modifications to allow them to compete successfully in a wide variety of touring car race series in the U.S. and around the world, fitting a variety of different budgets.

HPD Civic Si TCA: A turn-key race car solution based on the popular Civic Si Coupe. With significant modifications including an SRO-homologated roll cage and competition-specific suspension, electronics, and brake components, the Civic Si TCA race car is an affordable way to begin racing in Touring Car Americas competition.

HPD Type R TC: With more power and performance capability than the Civic Si TCA, the Type R TC combines HPD-designed components with specifically selected and tested partner racing parts to create a modern track weapon worthy of the legendary Type R performance heritage.

HPD Type R TCR: At the pinnacle of the Touring Car racing program is the Type R TCR, a joint effort with long-time Honda partner JAS Motorsport in Milan, Italy. Designed for worldwide TCR-class competition, the Type R TCR features special body work, a seam-welded body, a sequential transmission, and additional high-end racing modifications for the ultimate in Civic Pro Racing competition.

Civic Si TCA vs Civic Type R TC vs Type R TCR



Civic Si TCA  $52,500*

Type R TC  $89,900*

Type R TCR  $172,238*

Price (for eligible Honda Racing Line members)



    1.5-liter inline-4 (production-based)

    2.0-liter inline-4 (production-based)

    2.0-liter inline-4 (production-based)
    Calibrated and sealed by JAS Motorsport

Engine Management

    Production-based ECU
    HPD or customer-tuned (series dependent)


    Production-based ECU
    HPD or customer-tuned (series dependent)


    Motec M142 ECU with custom wiring harness
    Mapped for 100 octane fuel


    HPD CSF radiator
    OE Honda intercooler


    HPD CSF radiator and auxiliary oil coolers
    HPD cooling ducts
    OE Honda intercooler


    High performance radiator, oil cooler and intercooler
    Ducting for engine, radiator, and intercooler


    Direct injected 91+ octane unleaded (series dependent)   

    Direct injected 91+ octane unleaded (series dependent)   

    Direct injected, 100 octane unleaded race fuel


    HPD/Borla downpipe and turbo back exhaust   

    HPD/Borla downpipe and turbo back exhaust

    Competition stainless exhaust with racing-grade catalytic converter


    170-220+ hp (series dependent)   

    270-330+hp (series dependent)   

    340 hp

Transmission & Differential

    OEM 6-speed manual transmission
    HPD high strength 4th gear
    HPD/Cusco Limited Slip Differential
    HPD single mass flywheel


    OEM 6-speed manual transmission
    HPD high strength 3rd and 4th gears
    HPD Cusco limited slip differential


    Xtrac 6-speed sequential gearbox
    Hydraulic paddle shifters
    Limited slip differential w/exterior adjustable preload
    Gearbox oil cooler
    JAS twin-disc racing clutch
    Bespoke 6kg flywheel



    Front MacPherson strut, multi-link rear
    HPD/Bilstein inverted double adjustable dampers
    Eibach race springs
    HPD front camber and caster plates
    HPD/SPC rear camber adjustment
    HPD/SPC rear camber adjustment
    Upgraded HPD/RV6 rear lower arms for race spring rates and positive toe adjustment
    Enkei RPF1 cast aluminum wheels, 17 x 8 in.


    Front dual axis MacPherson strut, multi-link rear
    HPD/Bilstein inverted double adjustable dampers
    Eibach race springs
    HPD front camber and caster plates
    HPD/SPC rear camber adjustment
    HPD/RV6 rear adjustable stabilizer bar
    Spherical suspension bushings and damper mounts
    Upgraded HPD/RV6 rear lower arms for race spring rates and positive toe adjustment
    Forgestar F14 cast aluminum wheels, 18 x 9.5 in.


    Front Ohlins TTX NK56 dampers
    Rear Ohlins 2 way S46 dampers
    Rear anti-roll bar with 3 holes for adjustment
    3 front and 2 rear sway bars with different stiffness (optional)
    3 sets of springs with different stiffness (optional)
    JAS OZ Racing cast aluminum wheels, 18 x 10 in.


    Production electric power steering
    OMP racing wheel and quick disconnect
    OE Honda tilt / telescopic column


    Production electric power steering
    OMP racing wheel and quick disconnect
    OE Honda tilt / telescopic column


    Electric power steering with heavy-duty arms
    Heavy-duty ball joints on front lower wishbone
    Multifunction quick disconnect wheel


    HPD Wilwood Superlite front brakes with 6-piston calipers
    Wilwood 2-pc slotted rotors, 327x28mm
    OEM rear brakes with single-piston calipers
    HPD Goodridge front and rear braided brake lines
    HPD ABS modulator
    Carbon fiber brake cooling inlet ducts


    Brembo 4-piston calipers
    HPD Girodisk 2-pc front rotors 350mm x 32mm
    OEM rear calipers and rotors
    HPD Goodridge front and rear braided brake lines
    HPD ABS Modulator
    Variety of Sprint/Endurance brake compounds available
    HPD brake cooling inlet ducts


    JAS AP Racing front brake calipers with 380mm x 35mm DS4 discs
    JAS Motorsport rear brake calipers with 260mm x 9mm discs

Endurance Option

    380x35mm with 64mm brake pad surface
    Brake cooling ducts from bumper to upright
    Bosch racing ABS
    Switch-on central console with 12 working levels


    Stock Honda Civic Si Coupe
    High-flow front grille
    HPD brake cooling inlet ducts
    Adjustable electric side mirrors


    High-flow front grille
    HPD oil cooler, brake, and radiator inlet ducts
    J's Racing FRP vented hood
    HPD APR adjustable rear wing
    Adjustable electric side mirrors


    Front/rear composite wheel arches
    Front/rear composite bumper
    Adjustable front splitter
    Hood scoop
    Composite side skirts
    JAS rear wing under TCR regulations
    Airjack system


    Welded multipoint roll cage
    OMP racing seat
    OMP XL seat (optional)
    OMP 6-pt harness
    OMP window and center nets
    OMP on board fire control system
    HPD/Hasport polyurethane engine mounts


    Welded multipoint roll cage
    OMP racing seat
    OMP XL seat (optional)
    OMP 6-pt harness
    OMP window and center nets
    OMP on board fire control system
    HPD/Hasport polyurethane engine mounts


    Seam-welded body panels
    TIG-welded roll cage, homologated by MSA-UK
    Cross bracing and gusseting for maximum stiffness
    OMP 6-pt harness
    OMP seat
    Cool suit system (optional)
    Heated Lexan screen (optional)

Endurance Option

    Adjustable electrical side mirrors on center console
    UV cockpit lights
    Drink system
    Lighted door number



    AIM MXP 1.2 data logger
    Motec C125 data logger (optional)


    AIM MXP 1.2 data logger
    Motec C125 data logger (optional)
    4-wheel suspension position sensors (optional)


    Motec PDM30 power distribution (factory sealed)
    Motec C127 data logger


    12.4-gallon capacity


    HPD Pyrotect Bolt-in FIA fuel cell
    16-gallon capacity
    High flow filler neck and cap in OE location


    FT3 100-liter tank
    Racing collector tank
    Aero-quality hoses and fittings
    3 lift pumps and filters
    Stabuli D12 refueling

Endurance Option

    Filler neck on right C-pillar built to VLN standards
    Quick refueling standard 1 left and 1 right

Eligible racing series

    SRO Touring Car Americas TCA class
    SCCA T3 class
    NASA ST5 & E2


    SRO Touring Car Americas TC class
    SCCA T2 class
    NASA ST5 & E2


    SRO Touring Car Americas TCR class
    IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge TCR class
    World TCR

*Does not include spare parts and support

 American Honda Motor- also photos


12.12.2019 / MaP

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