Groupe Renault worldwide sales results 2019

Groupe Renault worldwide sales results 2019

17.01.2020: Groupe Renault consolidates its positions in its core markets and maintains its global market share • Groupe Renault maintains a market share of 4.25% in a market down 4.8%. Sales volumes totaled 3.8 million vehicles, down 3.4%.

Groupe Renault consolidates its positions in its core markets and maintains its global market share

• Groupe Renault maintains a market share of 4.25% in a market down 4.8%. Sales volumes totaled 3.8 million vehicles, down 3.4%.

• Over the last quarter, the group recorded an increase in sales thanks to the success of New Clio in Europe, Arkana in Russia and Triber in India.

• The group is consolidating its positions in its core markets: Europe grew by 1.3%, in Russia it confirmed its solid leadership with 29% market share, in Brazil Renault became the fourth brand, gaining two positions, and in India, Renault is the only brand to have gained in passenger car volume.

• For the group, 2020 will mark a new stage in its electric offensive with the launch of Twingo Z.E. and the deployment of its new E-Tech hybrid and plug-in hybrid offers.

• The attractiveness of new products to customers will enable the group to continue to improve its price positioning initiated in 2019.


"Group sales rose in the last quarter thanks to the success of new launches in the group's core markets such as Europe, Russia, and in India, where Renault is growing strongly. In 2020, we will benefit from full-year sales of our best-selling New Clio and New Captur, as well as the acceleration of our electric and hybrid offensive, notably with New ZOE, Twingo Z.E. and E-Tech technology. We will continue to improve our price positioning initiated in 2019, supported by the quality and attractiveness of our new products" said Olivier Murguet, Sales and Regions Executive Vice President, of Groupe Renault.

In 2019, Groupe Renault sold 3,753,723 vehicles worldwide, down 3.4% (-130,550 vehicles of which -183,000 in the Iranian, Argentinean and Turkish markets) in a market that declined by 4.8%.


Worldwide sales of the group's electric vehicles rose 23.5% to 62,447 vehicles. New ZOE, launched at the end of 2019, will be the flagship of the electric range in 2020. In the light commercial electric vehicle segment, Kangoo Z.E. remains the undisputed leader, with a growth of 19.2% to 10,349 vehicles. In China, the group launched Renault City K-ZE in November and recorded 2,658 sales in two months.


In the light commercial vehicle segment, the group volumes rose 0.7% to reach a new sales record. This record was achieved thanks to the performance of the Renault brand in Europe, which rose 3.6% in a market that grew by 2.8%.

Renault Pro+ maintained its two European leaderships for another year in terms of sales volumes for vans and light commercial vehicles, as well as sales of electric light commercial vehicles.


In Europe, sales rose 1.3% in a market up 1.2%.

Clio is the leader in the B-segment, with 45% of New Clio sales in the top-of-the-range version. Clio 4 is maintained in the range to provide a broader customer offering. Captur remains the leading SUV in its category. ZOE saw its volumes grow by 19.1% (47,027 vehicles).

The Dacia brand set a new sales record for the seventh consecutive year in Europe, with 564,854 vehicles sold (+10.4%). This increase was driven by the performance of Duster and Sandero.


In Russia, Groupe Renault led the way with a market share of 29%, up 1.4 points. Sales rose 2.3% in a market that contracted by 2.6%.

LADA sales rose 0.6% to 362,356 vehicles, confirming its leading position with a 20.7% market share. LADA Granta and LADA Vesta confirmed their position as the best-selling vehicles in Russia. In December 2019, the iconic Niva model joined the group.

The Renault brand also grew by 5.8% to 144,989 vehicles sold, thanks to the successful launch of Arkana in the second half.


In Brazil, sales volumes rose 11.3% to 239,174 vehicles and market share reached a record 9% (+0.3 point) thanks to the good results of Kwid. The market remained dynamic and grew by 7.4%.


In India, the group's strategy is beginning to bear fruit. Renault is the only brand to make progress in 2019 in the passenger cars segment. Sales rose 7.9% in a market that contracted by 11.3%. The increase was mainly due to the successful launch of Triber and the success of New Kwid. Market share reached 2.5%, up 0.45 points compared to 2018.

Triber, the compact vehicle with unparalleled flexibility for transporting up to seven people, launched in August, has already recorded 24,142 sales, with more than half of these in the premium version. Triber is positioned in a segment that is expected to account for nearly 50% of the Indian market by 2022.


Outside of the core countries, the group is the leader in Africa, Turkey, Colombia and Romania.


For the group, 2020 will mark a new stage in its electric offensive with the launch of Twingo Z.E. and the deployment of its new E-Tech hybrid and plug-in hybrid offers.


Group sales by region PC+LCV

Ytd end of December* 2019  2018  % var.

France 698,723  689,788  1.3%

Europe** (excluding France) 1,247,098 1,230,963  1.3%

Total France + Europe  1,945,821   1,920,751  1.3%

Africa Middle-East India - Pacific 453,223 561,860  -19.3%

Africa Middle-East India - Pacific (excluding Iran) 453,223 460,513  -1.6%

Eurasia  750,571 747,729   0.4%

Americas  424,537 437,081  -2.9%

China 179,571 216,852 -17.2%

Total excluding France + Europe 1,807,902 1,963,522 -7.9%

World 3,753,723 3,884,273  -3.4%

World (excluding Iran) 3,753,723 3,782,926 -0.8%

* Sales
** Europe = European Union (exclude France & Romania) + Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and Balkan states


Sales by brand

December Ytd end of December*      2019     2018     % var     2019     2018     % var

PC     192,031     163,954     17.1%     1,944,934     2,123,615     -8.4%
LCV     40,345     37,194     8.5%     412,159     408,987     0.8%
PC+LCV     232,376     201,148     15.5%     2,357,093     2,532,602     -6.9%

PC     62,803     53,369     17.7%     690,525     654,996     5.4%
LCV     3,633     4,726     -23.1%     46,045     45,625     0.9%
PC+LCV     66,436     58,095     14.4%     736,570     700,621     5.1%

RENAULT SAMSUNG MOTORS                                    
PC     9,790     10,402     -5.9%     79,081     84,954     -6.9%

PC     446     293     52.2%     4,835     2,094     130.9%

PC     38,910     37,818     2.9%     400,256     385,181     3.9%
LCV     1,122     1,136     -1.2%     12,633     13,211     -4.4%
PC+LCV     40,032     38,954     2.8%     412,889     398,392     3.6%

PC     301     521     -42.2%     8,449     13,416     -37.0%
LCV     15,152     12,123     25.0%     153,452     152,194     0.8%
PC+LCV     15,453     12,644     22.2%     161,901     165,610     -2.2%

PC     1,354     0     0.0%     1,354     0     0.0%

RENAULT GROUP                        

PC     305,635     266,357     14.7%     3,129,434     3,264,256     -4.1%
LCV     60,252     55,179     9.2%     624,289     620,017     0.7%
PC+LCV     365,887     321,536     13.8%     3,753,723     3,884,273     -3.4%


Group Renault : 15 markets - FY 2019

FY 2019  Volumes*(units) PC+LCV M/S (%)

1     FRANCE     698,723     25.9
2     RUSSIA**     508,647     29.0
3     GERMANY     247,155     6.3
4     BRAZIL     239,174     9.0
5     ITALY     220,403     10.5
6     SPAIN+CANARY ISLANDS     183,264     12.4
7     CHINA***     179,494     0.7
8     UNITED KINGDOM     109,952     4.1
9     BELGIUM+LUXEMBOURG     90,989     13.1
10     INDIA     88,869     2.5
11     SOUTH KOREA     86,859     5.0
12     TURKEY     85,055     17.8
13     ROMANIA     72,165     37.6
14     MOROCCO     70,281     42.4
15     POLAND     69,090     11.1

 *2019, exclude Twizy sales

** Include Avtovaz sales



17.01.2020 / MaP

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