MITSUBISHI MOTORS to Start Sales of the New Super Height Kei Wagon eK X space and eK space on March 19

MITSUBISHI MOTORS to Start Sales of the New Super Height Kei Wagon eK X space and eK space on March 19

06.02.2020: MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (MMC) has announced the first full redesign of the eK space in roughly six years, in addition to the launch of the new eK X space (pronounced eK "cross" space), a crossover model with SUV flavor. These models will go on sale

MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (MMC) has announced the first full redesign of the eK space in roughly six years, in addition to the launch of the new eK X space (pronounced eK "cross" space), a crossover model with SUV flavor. These models will go on sale at MMC sales affiliates throughout Japan starting on Thursday, March 19.

The price for the eK X space will start at 1,655,500, ranging up to 1,991,000 fully equipped, while the price for the eK space will range from 1,399,200 to 1,767,700 (10% tax included).

1. Features of the eK X space and eK space

(1) Distinctive design with Mitsubishi-ness

①  The eK X space has high-powered SUV flavor.

②  The eK space is stylish and approachable.

(2) Comfortable, user-friendly interior space

①  Comfortable cabin space with class-topping*1 slide space at the rear seats

②  Hands-free automatic sliding doors that are easy to open and shut

(3) Advanced driver assistance technology and safety features

①  Evolved MI-PILOT single-lane driver assistance technology for highways

②  Active safety technology enhanced with four newly added functions for even more safety

*1: Models in the super height Kei wagon class (overall height above 1,700 mm) with engines placed in the hood were compared by in-house research in February 2020.

2. Product Overview

(1)  Exterior design with unmistakable Mitsubishi-ness

eK X space

    The front side employs MMC's DYNAMIC SHIELD design concept. Vertical plated bars combined with a horizontal grille express the power and stability of an SUV.

    Sculpted character lines with three-dimensional depth give the frame a sense of both velocity and force. With the tires located in the far corners of the frame, housed within fenders that stretch out to the bumper side, the eK X space was designed to accentuate its tight grip on the road.

    Its side profile evokes an image of brisk driving, offering a strong contrast between the thin glass area and the forceful thickness of the body thanks to a jet fin pillar (D pillar) sticking up in the rear connected from the floating roof and belt lines.

    The SUV flavor is accentuated by black side-sill garnish and wheel arches, along with silver skid plate areas below the front and rear bumpers.

    A lineup of 13 different body colors will be available, with six two-tone color combinations that accentuate SUV flavor, such as the theme color combination of metallic olive green and solid white*2, in addition to seven monotone color selections.

*2: Color combination can be selected with an additional ¥82,500 (10% tax included)

eK space

    With a grille the same color as the body, the front side is designed to be approachable, while also expressing the solid, thoroughly high-quality build of the vehicle. The stylish, relaxed design has character lines running from the headlights to the body sides for a sense of uniformity.

    Models equipped with a turbocharged engine have a black grille to accentuate power and sportiness.

    Nine color variations are available in all, with six monotone colors and three two-tone varieties to cater to a wide variety of tastes.

(2)  Interiors with high-quality feel and attention to detail


eK X space

    The horizontal-oriented instrument panel has a simple, refined shape that ensures favorable and unfettered forward visibility.

    The automatic air conditioning panel has a simple, smart design that is easier to use, with a touch panel that provides high-quality look and good visibility by compactly unifying the air volume control switch and display portion.

    The functional interior design emphasizes utility, with the plentiful storage spaces and equipment located in a way that makes the seats as easy to use as possible.

    The Multi-Information Display (MID) presents various information in a colorful way, from the ECO-pedal guide, which shows how hard the acceleration pedal is being pressed, to the tire angle guide, which shows the direction tires are facing and at what angle when moving back and forth to park.

    A stylish and high class look is created by the black-themed interior. Quilting patterns were also incorporated into the seat fabric for an extra touch of class.

    The premium interior package*3 is available as a manufacturer option. This package offers a taste of high class and refinement with a combination of synthetic leather and fabric themed in brown and accented with orange in all the right places. Soft padding around the instrument panel adds an extra touch of class for an even more superior feel.

*3: Manufacturer's option package for the G and T models of the eK X space

eK space

    Themed in light warm gray, the interior was designed to be a place for relaxation at any time. The bright color and simple design accentuate the large size of the cabin.


(3)  Comfortable, spacious interior room

    Extending the wheelbase an extra 65mm wider than the previous model has allowed for a more spacious, comfortable and inhabitable interior space.

    The back seats have been made as comfortable and accessible as possible to accommodate families with small children. Thanks to the class-topping*4 slide space at the rear seats, the back seats have more legroom compared to the previous model. There is now enough legroom in the back seat to sit more than comfortably even when the front seats slide as far back as they can go.

    The front seats can be equipped as separate seats as a manufacturer option*5, allowing the seats to move forward and backward within the cabin more smoothly to care more easily for little ones seated in back.

    Hands-free automatic sliding doors were used for the back seat sliding doors*6, which now open significantly wider than the previous model. The door can be opened by kick sensors, making it easy to get in and out even when carrying lots of items in both hands or when holding children.

    The back seat is even more comfortable thanks to a rear air circulator (with Plasmacluster*7)*8 that circulates the air inside the cabin.

    Floor space for luggage room has been expanded lengthwise over the previous model, now with enough loading space for four 48L suitcases when sliding the rear seat all the way forward.

*4: Models in the super height Kei wagon class (overall height above 1,700 mm) with engines placed in the hood were compared by in-house research in February 2020.

*5: Manufacturer option package for the G and T models of eK X space and eK space

*6: Hands-free automatic sliding door on the passenger side is standard equipped on the G and T models of both the eK X space and eK space, while hands-free automatic sliding door on the driver side is manufacturer option for the G and T models.

*7: Plasmacluster is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.

*8: Rear air circulator with Plasmacluster is standard equipped on the G and T models of eK space and available as part of the manufacturer option package for G and T models of eK X space.

(4)  Ease of handling and ride comfort

    The naturally aspirated engine and turbo engine use a hybrid system and combine with CVT to balance powerful, smooth acceleration with superior fuel economy. Models with turbo engine are equipped with paddle shift*9, which allows drivers to change gears without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

    Optimized steering force and shock absorber damping force achieve brisk, nimble handling at low speeds and high-stability handling at high speeds.

    These models will be MMC's first ever in Japan to come equipped with Hill Descent Control*10. Electronic controls keep the car at low speeds on steep declines and when heading downhill on slippery roads to allow for safe driving. Hill Descent Control has been made even more driver-friendly with the ability to maintain a wide vehicle speed range between around 4 to 20 km/h.

    Seating position has been made higher than the previous model while also expanding the field of view on both the left and right sides to give the driver excellent visibility with and minimal blind spots.

*9: Standard equipped on T models of eK X space and eK space
*10: Standard equipped on the eK X space only

(5)  Cutting-edge driver assistance technologies and safety equipment

    These models have been equipped with MI-PILOT*11*12*13 single-lane driver assistance technology for highways. This technology makes long-distance minicar driving easier and more palatable by having the vehicle proactively assist the driver with acceleration, braking and steering on highways, taking some of the burden off the driver in traffic jams and when driving at cruising speed for long hours.

    The addition of millimeter-wavelength radar has further improved the functionality of MI-PILOT to take even more burden off of the driver. By turning on the blinkers when passing and the car will accelerate within a set speed range, controlling close distance between cars. Even when the engine is off it will maintain the previously set distance between vehicles, improve performance while the windshield wipers are being used and provide other such assistance.

    Active safety technologies*14 come standard equipped, and all models qualify for Safety Support Car S Wide*15, thus reducing the burden on the driver while making everyone in the car feel safer and more secure.

    Active safety technologies offer an even greater level of safety thanks to the addition of four new functions.

⮞   Predictive Forward Collision Warning (PFCW)
Using millimeter-wavelength radar to monitor the status of the car driving two cars ahead, PFCW can detect any sudden changes such as sudden braking ahead which the driver cannot directly see. The driver will be alerted by a warning buzzer and on-screen information whenever it is determined that the car needs to slow down, helping to avoid rear-end collisions that result from stepping on the brake too late.

⮞   Driver Attention Alert (DAA)
The driver will be alerted by a warning buzzer and on-screen information and encouraged to take a break whenever the driver's steering input indicates that the driver is losing focus while driving.

⮞   Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)
TSR keeps the driver from failing to notice any road signs, using a warning buzzer (only for no vehicle entry signs) and on-screen information to alert the driver to signs indicating no vehicle entry and speed limits, as well as stop signs and more.

⮞   Leading Car Departure Notification (LCDN)
In cases such as waiting for a traffic signal, when the car is stopped and remains stationary even when cars ahead start to accelerate, a warning buzzer and on-screen information will alert the driver that the cars ahead have started moving.

    Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH)*16 (with optical axis automatic adjusting system) are available as a manufacturer option. ALH ensures the visibility of high beams without shining them in the rear-view of drivers ahead or drivers in opposing lanes by automatically limiting the angle at which the light can shine.

    The problem of forgetting to turn on the headlights has been eliminated, thanks to a constantly active automatic light control system, making the off position unnecessary and instead turning the lights on and off automatically according to surrounding light levels.

    Seven airbags including driver side SRS knee airbags*17 have been installed for improved full-body protective effectiveness in the event of a collision.

*11: Manufacturer option for all models other than the M of both the ek X space and eK space

*12: Mitsubishi Intelligent-PILOT

*13: Technologies included in MI-PILOT are as follows:

    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
    Lane Keep Assist (LKA)

*14: Active safety technologies are as follows:

    Forward Collision Mitigation system (FCM)
    Automatic High Beams (AHB)
    Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication
    Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
    Lane Departure Prevention (LDP)
    Predictive Forward Collision Warning (PFCW)
    Driver Attention Alert (DAA)
    Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)
    Leading Car Departure Notification (LCDN)

*15: Safety Support Car (Sapo Car) is a vehicle fitted with advanced technologies that support safe driving. This is a new vehicle safety concept being promoted by the Japanese government (METI and MLIT) to prevent traffic accidents by all drivers including older drivers and to mitigate injuries from such accidents. Vehicles are classified as "Sapo Car" or "Sapo Car S (Basic, Basic+, or Wide)" depending on the equipped safety functions.

*16: Manufacturer option for the G and T models of the eK X space
*17: Standard equipped on eK X space, manufacturer's option package for eK space

3. Sales target

2,400 units per month


- Mitsubishi Tokyo also photos


06.02.2020 / MaP

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