All-new Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid

All-new Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid

06.12.2022: Fifth generation Prius with striking new look and enhanced plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology – bringing new the new unexpected Plug-in Hybrid only with enhanced battery pack and all-round evolution to create a super-efficient hybr

    Fifth generation Prius with striking new look and enhanced plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology – bringing new the new unexpected


    Plug-in Hybrid only with enhanced battery pack and all-round evolution to create a super-efficient hybrid system

    EV driving range of 69 km* allowing more journeys to be fully electrified

    19 grams CO2 per km* – efficient hybrid system with dual DNA

    Peace of mind through T-Mate and latest generation Toyota Safety Sense for enhanced risk detection and active safety

The eye-catching fifth-generation Toyota Prius writes the next chapter in a pioneering story of engineering innovation and dynamic design, maintaining its proud tradition of challenging convention.

Since its launch in 1997, the Prius has made a lasting impact on Toyota and the world, establishing itself as an authentic automotive icon by emphasising electrification and fearlessly setting future trends. The new generation, which will be available exclusively as a Plug-in Hybrid in Europe, takes the next step in that journey.

Toyota is committed to carbon neutrality, and the Hybrid technology originally pioneered by the Prius continues to contribute significantly to the transition towards zero emissions. The new Plug-in Prius strengthens Toyota’s multi-technology line-up, which also includes battery electric (BEV) and fuel cell electric (FCEV) solutions, by delivering increased efficiency and accessible carbon reduction.

As a path-finder for new technologies, the Prius has always inspired the future of other models and the latest generation continues that pioneering spirit. It introduces Toyota’s new generation Plug-in Hybrid system, an all-round evolution with enhanced output via an increased high-capacity battery and an ultra-low combined WLTP CO2 emissions rating of 19 g/km* (subject to homologation), the lowest ever for a Prius.

That makes the Prius truly a car with a dual DNA: an EV range long enough to allow fully electrified daily driving on most journeys, combined with the flexibility and convenience an extremely efficient hybrid for longer distances.

Any journey, whether a short urban route or longer road trip, is sure to engage the senses thanks to a more powerful motor generator and two-litre engine engage with a combined 223 DIN hp (164kW) for strong and responsive acceleration.

The Prius’ famously distinctive styling is taken to a new, more dynamic level by a coupe-like silhouette, immediately catching the eye and evoking a strong emotional response. It is built on the second-generation GA-C platform of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), which reduces weight and increases rigidity for a captivating driving experience and serene ride.


Driving Performance

A new fifth generation hybrid system achieves an all-round evolution of the driving experience on the plug-in Prius, providing more power and greater efficiency.

The TNGA 2.0l engine produces 152 DIN hp (112kW*) and combines with a new 163 DIN hp (120kW*) transaxle front motor for a total system output of 223 DIN hp (164kW*). Compared to the current generation’s 122 DIN hp (90kW) in Plug-in Hybrid configuration, the increased power ensures strong and responsive acceleration.

With a target of allowing most daily driving to be undertaken in EV mode, EV range is 69 kilometres* thanks to a new 13.6kWh lithium-ion battery. Higher energy density cells allow for optimised packaging of the battery pack, now compact enough to be installed under the rear passenger seat, lowering the centre of gravity.

In the quest for maximum efficiency, clean energy can also be generated optionally** by solar cells on the roof. The solar roof can generate 8 kilometres of EV range every day – or charge the battery completely full if parked for several days.


Design – Exterior

The iconic wedge shape, a Prius original since the second generation, has evolved, embracing elegant modern lines. A smooth, sleek silhouette has been crafted by lowering the overall height by 50 mm, moving the roof peak rearwards and adopting larger diameter tyres, up to 19 inches.

Unnecessary forms and lines were discarded, leaving a simple and clean overall design inspired by the natural flow of air. The distinctive shape is enhanced by 50 mm longer wheelbase, compared to the previous generation. At the same time, the overall length has been decreased with 46 mm, to 4 599 mm.

At 22 mm wider than its predecessor, the Prius’ stance is dynamic and, on its front, a hammerhead motif elegantly integrates lights which accentuate the distinctive form. The rear view is accented by a three-dimensional linear lighting element emphasising progressive design and focusing attention on the bold Prius logo.


Design – Interior

A spacious cabin combines driving fun and excitement, utilising the new “Island Architecture” framework for a clean and spacious interior, divided into three zones: surroundings, driver module and floating instrument panel.

For driver and passengers alike, the surroundings are spacious and constructed from stylish, high-value materials, accentuated by harmonious accents which highlight a dynamic feel and sense of purpose.

The driver module is based around the seven-inch TFT LCD screen which sits directly in the field of vision, enhancing safety by keeping a driver’s eyes on the road.

A newly-designed instrument panel prioritises cabin comfort, a clean lay-out with minimal intrusion into the driver’s forward vision, usability and appearance. It combines a discreet, lower central screen and slim air conditioning controls, while instrument panel illumination is linked to notifications from Toyota Safety Sense and expresses alerts through colour changes.


Superior Safety with T-Mate

As well as exceeding expectations in terms of performance, efficiency and aesthetics, the new Prius makes safety a priority. It provides a wider range of risk detection and active safety functions than ever before thanks to Toyota T-Mate, incorporating the latest generation of Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) which can now be conveniently updated over-the-air.

An enhanced front camera sensor has double the forward detection distance and a wider lateral and vertical view, allowing it to detect nearby objects earlier, as well as identifying a wider range of potential hazards, including motorcycles and roadside objects. Front side radar sensors are added to support the Pre-Collision System, Lane Trace Assist and Front Cross Traffic Alert features.

That increased detection range enhances the Pre-Collision System so alerts now include motorcycle and oncoming vehicles, in addition to enhanced vehicle and pedestrian avoidance. The new Intersection Collision Avoidance Support works in tandem to react to oncoming traffic and vehicles passing across a junction, as well as detecting pedestrians crossing when the vehicle is turning.

Drivers are alerted to, and supported to avoid, potential hazards by the new Proactive Driving Assist, which includes steering and braking support from Obstacle Anticipation Assist if an oncoming object is detected in the distance.

Deceleration Assist slows the vehicle intelligently when the accelerator is released, varying deceleration according to approaching turns or traffic. Steering Assist detects the upcoming road direction and adapts the power steering strength to aid smoother cornering.


The Next Chapter in a Hybrid History

The Prius has come a long way in every respect since its launch in 1997, and the fifth generation takes the legacy to a new level whilst building on a philosophy of pioneering technology and Toyota’s commitment to a brighter future.

The original Prius started the ball rolling on electrification as the world’s first mass-produced hybrid electric vehicle, fittingly launched with the tagline “Just in time for the 21st Century” and it initially caught the eye thanks to its quirky sedan styling.

On closer inspection the new hybrid technology was the real standout. A specially designed VVT-i 1.5l petrol engine and compact, high-torque electric motor provided driving performance comparable to that of existing similar-sized cars, but with double the fuel efficiency and half the CO2 emissions.

Those figures helped Prius become Japanese Car of the Year honour in 1997-98 before it hit the world stage when exports began in 2000, quickly creating a close bond with environmentally-conscious consumers in Europe and the United States.

A completely new, second-generation Prius was introduced in 2003 and brought with it new aerodynamic standards, with an ultra-low 0.26 drag coefficient, and the iconic wedge shape, achieved as a result of the move to five-door hatchback format. This generation was also awarded the Car of the Year title for Europe in 2005.

Hybrid technology was evolving fast and the new Toyota Hybrid System II in the second-generation Prius achieved 15 per cent greater efficiency, and 50 per cent more power from the electric motor, now utilised to enhance performance as well as efficiency. An improved battery pack, with reduced weight but increased output, enabled the Prius to drive on electric power alone for the first time.

True to its original mission as an inspiration for a new style of motoring, the second-generation Prius drove Toyota’s hybrid sales beyond the 1 million mark, making a meaningful impact on emissions reduction worldwide.

Toyota’s hybrid leadership was further strengthened in 2009 via the third generation Prius, which arrived as the world’s most technically advanced mainstream car, increasing fuel efficiency by another 10 per cent and reducing CO2 emissions by 14 per cent thanks to an even lower drag coefficient, a larger 1.8l engine and redesigned electric motor.

Customers could now enjoy smooth, stress-free hybrid driving in new Prius family members as well, courtesy of more powerful lithium-ion battery packs. The Prius Plug-in, introduced in 2012 as one of the very first plug-ins in Europe, could also be charged from an external power source, allowing drivers to enjoy the benefits of all-electric motoring with the reassurance and reliability of hybrid. With its 25 kilometres of EV range and class-leading efficiency, the first Prius Plug-in Hybrid set a new benchmark in terms of mobility.

Prius continued its role as Toyota’s path-finder, for hybrid technology and beyond, with the fourth generation, which was launched in 2015 as the very first vehicle to utilise Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).

TNGA contributes to making Prius, and many subsequent models, more fun to drive by achieving a low centre of gravity for a more engaging driving position, and less body roll. More responsive handling came also from the use of high-strength steel which made the fourth generation Prius bodyshell 60 per cent more rigid than its predecessor.

Another engineering milestone was reached on the fourth generation Prius. Its new engine delivered an unprecedented maximum thermal efficiency of 40 per cent, the highest figure yet achieved for a mass-market petrol engine. A new plug-in hybrid version was also introduced, with an EV range of 45 kilometres and a CO2 per kilometre-value of only 28 grams according to the WLTP driving cycle.



Such technical breakthroughs are integral to the model’s position as the inspiration for Toyota’s leadership in electrification. Over the 25 years since Prius first blazed its hybrid trail, the majority of Toyota vehicles sold in Europe are now hybrids, while cumulative sales of electrified Toyota vehicles worldwide have exceeded 21 million. The Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid versions of Prius alone have sold more than 5.05 million units.

The next chapter in that unique Prius story will begin when the fifth-generation, Plug-in Prius is introduced to Europe in mid-2023.

*pending final homologation

**subject to grade equipment and market availability

Vincent Dewaersegger- photos Toyota


06.12.2022 / MaP

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