How to secure your competitive edge in a recession

18.06.2009: Consumer Perception is Key to Survival as Recession Puts Pressure on Small Businesses Now more than ever, maintaining a quality customer experience is crucial to the survival

Consumer Perception is Key to Survival as Recession Puts Pressure on Small Businesses

Now more than ever, maintaining a quality customer experience is crucial to the survival of your business.  According to Business Management Specialist, Bob Prosen MBA, Author of Kiss Theory Goodbye, Five Proven Ways to get Extraordinary Results in Any Company, “getting the right message across to your customer will make or break your business during these hard times.”
“It’s essential to cut back during a recession, but the moment you sacrifice your customer’s buying experience your business is doomed,” says Bob Prosen, CEO of The Prosen Center for Business Advancement. “Quality of service and product should be elevated during a recession, knowing where to cut costs and where to improve service will promise your companies success.”

Keep Your Word

Keep your doors open! It all comes down to customer loyalty, with more competition and less buyers, quality of experience is key.  Continue providing your base with reliable service, quality products, and top notch customer service. Stay true to your companies promises; DON’T increase prices because you can’t make your bottom line.  Innovate to give more value and more free bonuses on things that don’t cost you much.

Business Management Expert, Bob Prosen adds, “DON’T cancel your regular sales deals, this will turn loyal customers off and they’ll go elsewhere. Keeping your customers happy by staying in tune with their needs will build loyalty and allow you to scoop up more market share in the process.”

Don’t Compromise Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

Put your client first. DON’T skimp on things that could sour their buying experience.  Quality of goods must remain high, don’t switch suppliers just because they can do it cheaper.  Remember you usually get what you pay for and your customers will notice. Instead, talk to your current supplier and see if what they can do to help on price, chances are, they don’t want to lose your business and they’ll offer you a better deal. 
“Don’t fire your higher paid employees just to replace them with cheaper, untrained labor.  Now more than ever, customers want a high quality shopping experience with impeccable service and enthusiastic sales people. Your customers will respect you for your level of integrity and dedication to their needs, producing loyalty for years to come” explains Prosen.  

Empathize with your Customer

“Show your clientele that you understand what their going through.  Clients want to know that you recognize we are ALL under the gun right now, not just your business.  If you need to change your business model then be sure your customers understand your motives.  

Show them that you want to continue to be there for them now, and when good times return” notes Bob Prosen, Author of Kiss Theory Goodbye.  “Everyone is familiar with hard times, and we admire the ones that take the steps to get through it so they can be there for us tomorrow.  It’s critical to cut costs during a recession and trust me, your customers understand that.  Finding ways to cut bloated expenses rather than vital ones is the key to getting through this.”

Get The Message Across

During tough economic times, it’s essential to get to the customer base with the right message.  This is your chance, as a business, to show your humanity and develop closeness with your customer.  Let them know that you understand their hardship.  

Invest In Your Future NOW By Taking Advantage Of Recession To Secure Your Image

"This is the best time to solidify your competitive edge. While others may be cutting back on marketing and publicity to lower costs, you can charge ahead creating confidence and certainty for your brand" says Annie Jennings, CEO of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR. Your image is what will keep you in business, now and in the future.

About Bob Prosen

Business Management Specialist, Bob Prosen, MBA is the author of "Kiss Theory Goodbye, Five Proven Ways to get Extraordinary Results in Any Company" and the CEO of The Prosen Center for Business Advancement.  As an entrepreneur and experienced business leader, Bob’s mission is to help business leaders rapidly increase performance, productivity and profits. Prosen is the world's leading authority on The Five Attributes of Highly Profitable Companies® and is an internationally recognized business expert that has helped such companies as AT&T Global Information Solutions/NCR, Hitachi Data Systems, Sabre, Sprint, and Data Return Corporation achieve unprecedented financial and operational success.
Bob earned his MBA from Georgia State University and holds post-graduate certifications from MIT, Duke University and The Wharton School. He has received numerous awards for professional excellence and serves on the University of North Texas School of Marketing Advisory Board, and is listed in The International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs. In addition to his management training programs, he speaks nationally and internationally to a wide range of organizations including Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), Rotary International, The Executive Committee (TEC), corporations, and professional associations

Bob can be reached at

About Annie Jennings

Annie Jennings of the National PR firm, Annie Jennings PR is a National Publicist specializing in promoting authors and experts to the media.  Annie’s vision and insight has revolutionized the publicity industry as many of the publicity techniques, tools and strategies in widespread use throughout the industry today have been developed by Annie Jennings PR.   Annie freely shares her publicity strategies with authors and experts so everyone can have access to PR strategies, both the basics and advanced PR thought, so they can share their messages with millions for the betterment of all.

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