Mitsubishi Motors announces production, sales and export figures

25.01.2010: ....for December 2009 and for 2009 calendar year Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today announced global production, as well as domestic sales and export figures for December 2009 and for the 2009 calendar year

....for December 2009 and for 2009 calendar year

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today announced global production, as well as domestic sales and export figures for December 2009 and for the 2009 calendar year.

December 2009

# Production: global total and Japan

Total global production for December came in at 96,210 units, 31.5 percent up over the same month last year and the second consecutive monthly increase. Production volume in Japan at 48,945 units was 14.9 percent up, the first monthly year-on-year increase in 14 months, since October 2008. Passenger car output at 44,591 units was 21.3 percent up year-on-year while commercial vehicle output at 4,354 units was 25.6 percent down.

# Sales in Japan

Vehicle sales in Japan for December totaled 11,335 units, 1.7 percent up on the same month last year and the second year-on-year increase in two months. Sales of passenger cars at 8,589 units were 1.8 percent up and sales of commercial vehicles at 2,746 units were 1.5 percent up over December 2008. Registered vehicle sales volume at 4,325 units was 15.3 percent up on the same month last year, bolstered primarily by 112.6 percent and 41.7 percent increases respectively in sales of Colt and Colt Plus models on the back of tax reductions on eco-cars and promotional measures.

Sales of Outlander and Delica D:5 models were also up, by 45.6 percent and 40.4 percent respectively. Minicar sales volume at 7,010 units was 5.2 percent down although eK Wagon and "i" models registered 15.0 percent and 25.3 percent increases respectively.

# Production overseas

Overseas production volume totaled 47,265 units, 54.5 percent up over December last year and the second year-on-year increase in two months. By region, output in Asia at 37,645 units was 55.8 percent up year-on-year, boosted chiefly by 175.4 percent, 115.0 percent, 146.8 percent and 14.6 percent increases at China Motor Corp. in Taiwan, South East (Fujian) Motor in China, NedCar in Europe and MMTh in Thailand respectively.

In North America, output at 2,145 units was 34.1 percent down over December last year. In Europe, output at 3,499 units was 146.8 percent up year-on-year. In South America output at MMC Automotores do Brasil Ltda. was 3,690 units, 167.4 percent up from December last year.

# Export shipments from Japan

Total exports from Japan of 34,132 units were 23.3 percent up from December 2008 and marked the first year-on-year rise in 14 months. Exports to Asia at 4,979 units were 145.8 percent up year-on-year on the back of stronger sales in China. Shipments to North America at 6,987 units were 3.2 percent up over the same month last year helped by strong sales of the new 2010 model year Outlander in both the U.S. and Canada.

Exports to Europe at 7,773 units were 52.0 percent up year-on-year, driven mainly by an increase in shipments to Russia.

January - December 2009

# Production: total and in Japan

In calendar year 2009 total global production came in at 794,681 units, 39.5 percent down from on the previous year and the second consecutive year-on-year drop. Production volume in Japan at 426,530 units was 50.1 percent down from the previous year, the first year-on-year decrease in five years. Passenger car and commercial vehicle output were 53.7 percent and 16.5 percent down respectively from 2008.

# Sales in Japan

Calendar year 2009 vehicle sales in the Japanese market at 159,789 units were 15.8 percent down on the previous year, marking the third consecutive year-on-year decrease. Total passenger car sales volume at 119,148 units was 17.1 percent down and commercial vehicle volume at 40,641 units was 11.9 percent down year-on-year.

# Production overseas

Total overseas production in calendar year 2009 came in at 368,151 units, 19.9 percent down over the previous year and the second consecutive year-on-year decrease. Output in Asia at 272,170 units was 9.5 percent down from 2008 despite significant recoveries at China Motor Corp. in Taiwan and South East (Fujian) Motor in China.

Output in North America at 18,483 units was 68.7 percent down year-on-year after a 4-month halt in production. Output in Europe at 43,155 units was 19.6 percent down year-on-year due to reduced production levels at NedCar early in 2008 and slow sales.

# Export shipments from Japan

Total exports from Japan in calendar year 2009 at 232,224 units were 61.6 percent down from 2008, the first year-on-year decline since 2005. The company shipped a total of 226,752 passenger cars, 61.7 percent down, and 5,472 commercial vehicles, 57.8 percent down year-on-year. By region, export shipments to Asia at 32,117 units fell by 22.8 percent year-on-year due to slow sales throughout the region in general.

Exports to North America at 45,947 units were 29.1 percent down year-on-year. Shipments to Europe at 49,063 units dropped 81.5 percent year-on-year due principally to very sluggish sales in Russia and the Ukraine.

    December 2009     Fiscal Year 2009 ('09/04-'09/12)     Calendar Year 2009 ('09/01-'09/12)
Volume     YoY(%)     Volume     YoY(%)     Volume     YoY(%)

Production     Passenger Cars     44,591     121.3     290,985     57.5     356,978     46.3
Commercial Vehicles     4,354     74.4     54,711     105.2     69,552     83.5
Total     48,945     114.9     345,696     61.9     426,530     49.9
Sales *     Passenger
Cars     Registrations     4,131     116.1     39,500     120.0     53,173     86.8
Minicars     4,458     91.4     44,072     89.7     65,975     80.0
Total     8,589     101.8     83,572     101.9     119,148     82.9
Vehicles     Registrations     194     101.0     2,227     74.0     3,014     63.6
Minicars     2,552     101.6     27,778     108.3     37,627     90.9
Total     2,746     101.5     30,005     104.7     40,641     88.1
Registrations Total     4,325     115.3     41,727     116.1     56,187     85.1
Minicars Total     7,010     94.8     71,850     96.1     103,602     83.7
Grand Total     11,335     101.7     113,577     102.6     159,789     84.2
Exports     Passenger Cars     33,508     123.5     184,165     48.0     226,752     38.3
Commercial Vehicles     624     113.9     4,646     55.0     5,472     42.2
Total     34,132     123.3     188,811     48.2     232,224     38.4
Production     Domestic Production     48,945     114.9     345,696     61.9     426,530     49.9
Overseas Production     47,265     154.5     291,703     97.4     368,151     80.1
Total     96,210     131.5     637,399     74.3     794,681     60.5

*      Includes imports to Japan


- Tetsuji Inoue-


25.01.2010 / MaP

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