Honda Soltec Begins Sales of Thin-Film Solar Cells for Public and Industrial Use

29.10.2008: Honda Soltec Begins Sales of Thin-Film Solar Cells for Public and Industrial Use

Honda's wholly-owned solar cell subsidiary Honda Soltec Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto; President and CEO: Akio Kazusa) will begin sales throughout Japan of thin-film solar cells for public and industrial use on October 24, 2008. Having sold solar cells for home use since October 2007, Honda intends to expand its customer base by manufacturing and selling solar cells capable of the high-capacity electrical generation required by public and industrial facilities.

Honda Inaugurates Second Auto Plant in Japan

Using a thin film of copper, indium, gallium and selenium (CIGS) to convert solar energy into electricity, the Honda-developed cells are environmentally responsible both in their manufacturing process and in use. With increased awareness of environmental issues, Honda is seeing growth in demand not only for private- but also public- and industrial-use solar cells and continues to strengthen its business foundation by expanding product line.

In addition, Honda's extensive experience in large-scale solar cell installations has prepared the company for the expansion of the product line to public and industrial uses. The following are examples of completed projects:

Honda Cars Automobile Dealership

A 9 kW solar cell system was installed as part of the upgrading and reopening of the Honda Cars Mito, Katsuta North automobile dealership in Ibaraki Prefecture. The system powers the showroom and office of the facility.


The Solar Bear Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing environmental education to children and fighting global warming, selected at random three kindergartens from among applicants throughout Japan to receive a Honda solar cell system.

Automobile Transport Ship

Honda affiliate and automobile shipper ACT Maritime Co., Ltd. installed a 20 kW solar cell system on one of its large transport ships, powering on an experimental basis the cargo hold lighting system, etc., since November 2007 with the abundant solar energy available on long sea journeys.

Solar-Powered Hydrogen Station at Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

Using a 6.7 kW solar cell system on an experimental basis, Honda R&D Americas, Inc. is electrolyzing water to produce hydrogen without any CO2 emissions.

New Motorcycle Production Facility at the Kumamoto Factory

This 116 kW solar cell system, at 1,000 modules Honda's largest in Japan, powers the office building of the new facility.

In addition to developing motorcycles, automobiles and power products that emit less CO2, Honda is creating energy-producing products and engaging in activities that help reduce global warming.


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