Cumulative Global Production of Cub Series Motorcycles Reaches 60 Million Units

Cumulative Global Production of Cub Series Motorcycles Reaches 60 Million Units

21.05.2008: Cumulative Global Production of Cub Series Motorcycles Reaches 60 Million Units

Cumulative worldwide production of Honda Cub series motorcycles*1 reached the 60 million-unit milestone at the end of April 2008. Honda Super Cub C100, first introduced in Japan in 1958, has gained worldwide acceptance both as a business-use motorcycle and for daily transportation, and has been being enjoyed by customers in more than 160 countries around the world. This August will mark the 50th anniversary of launching of Honda Cub series.

When Super Cub was originally launched, the 2-stroke engine was the mainstream power plant for motorcycles. However, the first generation Honda Super Cub C100 was equipped with an innovative and high-performance 50cc 4-stroke engine which was highly economical and durable.

Super Cub C100 also achieved creative and unique designs including the low-floor backbone frame which enhanced the ease of getting on and off, a centrifugal clutch system which required no clutch operations, and the installation of a large plastic leg shield which reduced the amount of dirt splatter and wind experienced by the rider. Since the introduction of the first generation model, the basic design and concept have remained virtually unchanged, and the unique style has been passed on even to current models.

In regions outside of Japan, such as Asia, the Honda Cub series has evolved to accommodate the unique culture and diversifying customer needs in each country. In Japan, an electronically-controlled fuel injection system, Honda’s PGM-FI*2, was installed on Super Cub in 2007, enhancing the environmental performance of the model. Demonstrated by these examples, Honda Cub has been continuously advancing throughout the world.

*1 Honda motorcycles which fulfill certain conditions including, 49cc-125cc 4-stroke single cylinder engine, engine type, frame (low-floor backbone frame), exterior (leg shield) and tire size lager than 14 inches, etc.

*2 PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) is a registered trade name of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Exports of Super Cub began in 1959 with the first destination being the U.S., and production in regions outside of Japan began in 1961 in Taiwan, with production based on component parts sets. Since that time, based on Honda’s long-standing commitment to "build products close to the customer," local production began in many other countries. The Honda Cub series is currently being produced in 15 countries around the world.

Production Results of "CUB" series As of April 30, 2008

Year Production Unit Cumulative Production

1958 (Jan-Dec) 24,195 24,195

1959 (Jan-Dec) 167,443 191,638

1960 (Jan-Dec) 564,365 756,003

1961 (Jan-Dec) 661,398 1,417,401

1962 (Jan-Dec) 790,012 2,207,413

1963 (Jan-Dec) 889,005 3,096,418

1964 (Jan-Dec) 822,719 3,919,137

1965 (Jan-Dec) 790,396 4,709,533

1966 (Jan-Dec) 700,296 5,409,829

1967 (Jan-Dec) 526,238 5,936,067

1968 (Jan-Dec) 660,482 6,596,549

1969 (Jan-Dec) 601,441 7,197,990

1970 (Jan-Dec) 735,065 7,933,055

1971 (Jan-Dec) 625,884 8,558,939

1972 (Jan-Dec) 537,867 9,096,806

1973 (Jan-Dec) 469,732 9,566,538

1974 (Jan-Dec) 634,942 10,201,480

1975 (Jan-Dec) 493,855 10,695,335

1976 (Jan-Dec) 472,212 11,167,547

1977 (Jan-Dec) 558,634 11,726,181

1978 (Jan-Dec) 600,147 12,326,328

1979 (Jan-Dec) 520,447 12,846,775

1980 (Jan-Dec) 652,239 13,499,014

1981 (Jan-Dec) 680,523 14,179,537

1982 (Jan-Dec) 749,955 14,929,492

1983 (Jan-Dec) 595,673 15,525,165

1984 (Jan-Dec) 431,302 15,956,467

1985 (Jan-Dec) 475,649 16,432,116

1986 (Jan-Dec) 469,077 16,901,193

Jan-Dec 1987 & Jan-Mar 1988* 573,352 17,474,545

FY 1989 (Apr 88-Mar 89) 504,066 17,978,611

FY 1990 (Apr 89-Mar 90) 595,611 18,574,222

FY 1991 (Apr 90-Mar 91) 734,460 19,308,682

FY 1992 (Apr 91-Mar 92) 730,887 20,039,569

FY 1993 (Apr 92-Mar 93) 721,701 20,761,270

FY 1994 (Apr 93-Mar 94) 1,106,160 21,867,430

FY 1995 (Apr 94-Mar 95) 1,142,531 23,009,961

FY 1996 (Apr 95-Mar 96) 1,379,099 24,389,060

FY 1997 (Apr 96-Mar 97) 1,523,897 25,912,957

FY 1998 (Apr 97-Mar 98) 1,550,872 27,463,829

FY 1999 (Apr 98-Mar 99) 886,407 28,350,236

FY 2000 (Apr 99-Mar 00) 1,230,443 29,580,679

FY 2001 (Apr 00-Mar 01) 1,269,734 30,850,413

FY 2002 (Apr 01-Mar 02) 2,272,227 33,122,640

FY 2003 (Apr 02-Mar 03) 3,604,815 36,727,455

FY 2004 (Apr 03-Mar 04) 3,636,067 40,363,522

FY 2005 (Apr 04-Mar 05) 4,808,979 45,172,501

FY 2006 (Apr 05-Mar 06) 5,370,285 50,542,786

FY 2007 (Apr 06-Mar 07) 4,588,614 55,131,400

FY 2008 (Apr 07-Mar 08) 4,725,048 59,856,448

FY 2009 (Apr 08 only) 506,142 60,362,590

*Fiscal year changed


- Honda, Tokyo - also photos


21.05.2008 / MaP

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2006 - a year of records for BMW Motorrad
An annual production of 100,000 motorcycles was achieved for the first time ever at BMW’s Berlin plant last year. This accomplishment was also matched in sales figures, as the magic ‘100,000 units’ was also exceeded for the first time. A grand total of 100,064 BMW motorcycles were sold worldwide (the highest number ever supplied by the company to customers in a single ye more >>
Limitiertes Editionsmodell der BMW R 1200 ST
Hochwertige Ausstattung inbegriffen Ab sofort wird die BMW R 1200 ST in den Farben Nachtschwarz uni und titansilber metallic als Edition Modell angeboten. Die Sonderauflage der 110 PS starken Boxer-Maschine mit dem unverwechselbaren Design wird auf 500 Einheiten limitiert. Eine verchromte Auspuffanlage, ESA-Fahrwerk, Heizgriffe, Bordcompute more >>
Neue Preise für BMW Motorräder aufgrund der Mehrwertsteuererhöhung
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BMW Motorrad bringt das Neck Brace System
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_blank more >>
BMW - HP2 Megamoto
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BMW Motorrad High Performance Parts
BMW Motorrad High Performance Parts - Die logische Konsequenz. Die Bosch Lichtanlage für Stadt- und Landlicht, Kilometerzähler, Horn - Fahrzeugkomponenten, die uns heute an einem Motorrad selbstverständlich erscheinen. 1923 stellten diese Elemente für die BMW R32 jedoch die ersten BM more >>
BMW MOTORRAD und INTERMOT 2006 – Produktprogramm und Neuheiten.
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Die neue BMW K 1200 R Sport Motorrad
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