Bikes News from stage 9

Bikes News from stage 9

14.01.2013: Dakar 2013 Stage 9 January 14th, 2013 2013 - Argentina/Chile 1st start (GMT-3) : 7:40 AM

Dakar 2013  Stage 9  January 14th, 2013
2013 - Argentina/Chile
1st start (GMT-3) : 7:40 AM

17:38 - bike
011 - Faria takes control of the overall

KTM's Portuguese rider now sits at the top of the general classification, 5'23" ahead of his teammate and today's stage winner Cyril Despres, thanks to the 15-minute penalty handed down to Despres yesterday for changing his engine.

Francisco López isn't far away from them, sitting in third place, 9'03" down. Ivan Jakes (+16'56") is fourth and Alessandro Botturi (+22'58") is fifth. Olivier Pain (+28'46") slips to sixth after a catastrophic stage in which he finished 28th.

David Casteu's place in the general classification is still uncertain because he hasn't crossed the finish line yet. He's still about 20 km from the finish.

17:01 - bike
010 - Casteu's bad hair day...

David Casteu is still in the special, but now we know more about his mishaps: it's all about a problem with his tank which he hasn't been able to repair by himself. Expect the rider from Nice to plummet down the classification.

16:32 - bike
001 - Finish 2: Despres wraps it up

The man on the no. 1 KTM was 4'03" faster than Joan Barreda. Alessandro Botturi (+5'14") took third in this stage, ahead of Ruben Faria (+7'47") and Hélder Rodrigues (+8'47"). Ivan Jakes finished sixth, 9'37" down on the winner. Olivier Pain and David Casteu have yet to cross the finish line.

16:05 - bike
001 - Despres in a class of his own

Joan Barreda's performance was impressive, but Cyril Despres is the man of the day. He beat the Spaniard by 4'03". We're now waiting for Alessandro Botturi, among others, to confirm the podium.

16:02 - bike
010 - Casteu just doesn't catch a break

Following his mechanical problems and a fall due to a cow, injuring his right shoulder, David Casteu has stopped again, this time just before km 560. He's still got about 30 kilometres to go.

15:53 - bike
005 - Barreda crosses the finish line

Joan Barreda has just gone through the checkpoint at 141 km/h to finish the ninth special of the 2013 Dakar. It took the Spaniard 7 h 45'39" to cover the 593 km special. We're now waiting for the riders behind him to cross the finish line in order to get a clear picture of the pecking order at the end of this stage.

15:16 - bike
001 - Km 499: Despres keeps Barreda at bay

Cyril Despres still leads Joan Barreda by 3'21", Alessandro Botturi by 3'51", Ruben Faria by 6'18", Hélder Rodrigues by 8'46", Johnny Campbell by 13'38", Pedro Bianchi Prata by 21'18" and Felipe Prohens by 26'48". Olivier Pain started the special only a few minutes ago, having taken a tumble earlier. He and David Casteu are two of the major casualties of today's stage.

14:20 - bike
Provisional standings after 423 km

Cyril Despres is in control, still followed by Joan Barreda at 3'47", Alessandro Botturi at 5'29", Ruben Faria at 5'49", Ivan Jakes at 7'25" and Hélder Rodrigues at 7'47". David Casteu has lost 23'46" so far.

14:14 - bike
460 - Lachaume working on his car

Pierre Lachaume and Olivier Lambert's Nissan pick-up has been hit by a mechanical and had to stop at km 132 of today's special. The former motorcyle rider was helped by Bruno Miot and Pascal Gambillon and looks set to hit the road again after some repairs.

14:12 - bike
009 - Pain suffers a minor fall

The former overall leader fell in the area around km 370. Olivier Pain tumbled into a ditch and was unable to get out from it. He emerged unscathed with some help from Michael Metge and Vincent Guindani, who's doubling up as Yamaha's guardian angel today.

13:39 - bike
117 - Gardulski throws in the towel

Chilean Josefina Gardulski's rescue of fellow countryman Axel Heilenkotter didn't earn her any good karma, it seems. She was hit by a mechanical problem which degenerated into a fire. She was 133rd in the overall this morning.

13:21 - bike
033 - Campbell stops

American Johnny Campbell has hardly started the special and he's already come to a halt just before km 376. His GPS has been sending a stop signal for five minutes now.

13:01 - bike
005 - Barreda opens the throttle again

Spaniard Joan Barreda (Husqvarna) entered the second part of the special at 12:49:21 pm local time.

12:02 - bike
007 - Chaleco losing ten minutes

Francisco López's gunpowder seems to have been wet in the first part of the special, where he conceded 10'40". With Olivier Pain losing ground too, Ivan Jakes and Jeremías Israel Esquerre stand to gain from the situation.

11:45 - bike
010 - Holy cow!

We thought he might have run out of petrol due to a leak, but the reason why David Casteu lost time in the special was because he hit a cow!

The Yamaha rider hurt his shoulder. The medical team strapped it at the end of the first part of the special and will be keeping an eye on him.

11:38 - bike
001 - Finish 1: Despres going strong, Casteu going down

David Casteu lost 21'45" to his fellow countryman and leader of the KTM team. At the end of the first 225 km timed sector, before the neutralisation, Cyril Despres is the man to beat in today's special, with a total time of 2 h 55'16", followed by Joan Barreda at 4'05" and Johnny Campbell at 5'34".

Ruben Faria lies in fourth place, 5'38" down. Ivan Jakes is fifth, 6'49" back, followed by Hélder Rodrigues at 7'59".

11:16 - bike
082 - Guindani to the rescue

Yamaha's Vincent Guindani stopped next to David Casteu, probably to help him out, and the rider from Nice is up and running again after losing about ten minutes.

11:14 - bike
009 - Pain also struggling

Olivier Pain has also stopped, 182 km into the special, for some as yet unknown reason. The Frenchman and former overall leader has come to a halt in a forested area where the course of today's special follows a forest road.

11:11 - bike
010 - Casteu stops again!

Overall leader David Casteu has come to a standstill 210 km into today's special. The rider from Nice had already stopped before to check something on his motorcycle. It looks like he's got a fuel supply problem (a leak, maybe?). But the Yamaha rider stopped 16 km from the refuelling point, could it be that he's run out of petrol?

10:15 - bike
017 - Botturi still well placed

The Italian rider has posted the third best time so far at the second checkpoint, 2'45" behind leader Cyril Despres.

10:14 - bike
095 - Heilenkotter's engine blows up

The engine of Chilean Axel Heilenkotter's Sherco seems to have broken down. Fellow Chilean Josefina Gardulski has come to his aid and is now towing him through the special.

10:04 - bike
010 - Stop and go for Casteu

David Casteu stopped for a minute at km 134 of today's special. It looks like he wanted to check something on his motorcycle.

10:01 - bike
CP2: Despres still on top at km 121

The Frenchman is still leading the motorcycle race but has been unable to open a large gap on those behind him: Joan Barreda is riding at 50", David Casteu at 3'05", Johnny Campbell at 3'10", Ivan Jakes at 3'46" and Hélder Rodrigues at 3'55". Pedro Prata Bianchi is currently riding in seventh place at 5'57", followed by Vincent Guindani at 8'59".

08:59 - bike
001 - CP1: Despres seizes the lead

Cyril Despres has posted a best time of 34'44" in the motorcycle category,, with Hélder Rodrigues' Honda a mere 27" back. Perhaps he's decided to step it up a notch in today's special following his careful start to the rally, but what's for sure is that the Frenchman has clawed back 1'13" from fellow countryman and overall leader David Casteu.

08:44 - bike
CP1: Barreda in the lead after 38 km

38 km into today's special, the top 3 riders are ranked in the exact same order they went through the checkpoint: Barreda leads Campbell and Jakes, with roughly 30 seconds separating the three of them. Behind them, overall leader David Casteu has caught up with Pedro Bianchi Prata and Vincent Guindani and is now 40 seconds down on Barreda.

08:24 - bike
The motorcycle special starts!

Joan Barreda entered today's special at 7:50 am local time, followed by Johnny Campbell and Ivan Jakes, for the longest special of the rally: 593 km with a 122 km neutralised sector more or less after the first third.

07:46 - bike
Overall: what's going on beyond the Top 20?

Among the KTMs, Hondas and other Yamahas, Marc Guasch and his Gas-Gas female teammate Laia Sanz lie twenty-ninth and thirtieth, respectively. The enduro and trial world champion set herself reasonable goals after injuring her foot.

Alain Duclos' new adventure with Sherco has been plagued by mishaps and he now lies in forty-third, just behind Joan Barreda, who's also far from where he should be. The rider from Saint-Médard had three very difficult stages which he finished beyond the one-hundredth place.

07:40 - bike
Overall: what's going on behind the leaders? (part 2)

Down in twenty-fourth place, Paulo Gonçalves has paid a hefty price for his technical problems. Even though he's been clawing his way up again, he's still 1 h 41' down on the leader, but just 20 seconds behind KTM's Dutchman Henk Knuiman, Marc Coma's former teammate.

Behind Gonçalves lies another KTM with Pole Jacek Czachor on it, 7 minutes down on the Portuguese rider. From the riders in this group, much is expected from Nîmes-born Michael Metge, who could still take his Yamaha to new heights in the 2013 Dakar.

07:36 - bike
Overall: what's going on behind the leaders?

Beyond the Top 10, the first rider is no unknown quantity: Kurt Caselli has already shone in this Dakar, taking a stage win in his first participation in the rally.

The eleventh-placed rider only has 24" on Daniel Gouet's Honda and 41" on Alessandro Botturi's Husqvarna. Fourteenth-placed Hélder Rodrigues is still within striking distance, 4'52" down on the Italian. From the seventeenth place down, a group of underperforming big names is almost one hour down, led by Juan Pedrero García (+49'18"), whose 4'31" ahead of Frans Verhoeven de 4'31.

The highly experienced South African Curtis Darryl lies nineteenth, 3'11" ahead of Norway's Pål Anders Ullevålseter and 3'57" ahead of Aussie Ben Grabham.

07:27 - bike
Barreda leads the way

Spaniard Joan Barreda and his Husqvarna motorcycle were the first to set off from San Miguel de Tucumán for Córdoba. The 140 motorcycles starting today's stage will have to tackle a 176 km link section followed by a 593 km special.

Tucumán-Córdoba: the longest day

At a whopping 852 kilometres, this stage is the longest in the 2013 Dakar, with a 593 km special for the cars, the motorcycles and the quads. The lucky trucks will only face a 293 km timed section. But it is true that the first stage after the rest day will focus on the trucks, which will go head-to-head in just one of the two parts of the special but will have the rare privilege of opening the way.

Monday is a rather rolling stage which will favour the experts in trajectories. In the other categories, the distance is twice as long due to the addition of a much more technical part where the pilots will have to swerve round curves in the forests. They'll have to watch out for the trees, not least because swift assistance trucks won't be allowed onto this course. The drivers and riders will have to stay extremely focused throughout.

It's also an opportunity to open up gaps in the motorcycle classification, where the top 18 riders lie within less than an hour of each other, as well as the car category, which is still looking for an undisputed master.

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