Desafío Litoral, the first Dakar Series organised in South America

Desafío Litoral, the first Dakar Series organised in South America

16.05.2012: A NEW CHALLENGE IS IN MOTION Desafío Litoral, Dakar Series From July 22nd to 28th, 2012 THE RACE MAP


Desafío Litoral,  Dakar Series
From July 22nd to 28th, 2012


The history of the Dakar in South America in July reached a new milestone with the development of the DesaRo Litoral, the first edition of the Dakar Series competition to be held in this part of the world, linking Argentina and Paraguay in a six-day contest of more than 1,600 kilometers.

From the majesty of IguazúWaterfalls to the immensity of the “Impenetrable Chaqueño”, “DesaRo Litoral” proposesa sports event without precedents in this region of South America, going through two countries that will  highlight their historical brotherhood organizing a competition that will leave its mark on the motor sports activity of both nations.

“DesaRo Litoral” is an ideal opportunity to stay Rt and test the machines in a Rrst level competition environment. It will also be a part of “Campeonato Argentino de Cross Country”, the local competition thus it will bring many local competitors who will join other South Americans and European eager to face an exceptional challenge right when preparation is a fundamental issue.

The event aims to become a Rally Cross Country classic in this part of the world, just as DesaRo Ruta 40 became a few years ago, is relying on organization of the highest standards.

It will not be an easy race. Although there are no sand dunes, navigation through hardwood forests of Argentina`s Mesopotamia and southern Paraguay will play a key rol in achieving good results. Good driving on clay and slippery Soors will also be a difRcult task for those who choose to face “DesaRo Litoral”.

A new adventure is about to begin. Argentina and Paraguay will be part of a historical competition perfect for those looking to get ready for the next edition of Dakar Rally.


DesaRo Litoral’s prize is hard to resist for anyone who ever dreamed of competing Dakar Rally: two complete entries free of charge to be part of the most important motorsport competition in the world. One of the entries will be divided in two for the best rider and the best driver in ATV, while the other will be for a car driver. In all cases, the prize will be awarded to those who have never participated in the Dakar and are not ranked among the top ten of a race in the World Cross Country Rally Championship.

Thus, “DesaRo Litoral” offers three amateur competitors a unique opportunity to have his or her name in the Start List that every Cross Country lover wants to be in.

The bond between amateur and professional pilots is one of the main highlights of this race where they all come together. Some learn and perform their Rrst steps in this type of competition, and others continue their preparation for the biggest race of the year.

In order to win the grand prize, drivers must register as participants in the Rally and together with this registration, register their name in the "Dakar Challenge," which will open the direct possibility of competing to win a direct passage to Dakar 2013. The winning team will be awarded with a free registration, valid only for the Dakar 2013, which includes the following benefits:

• Sports Fees.

• Return of the race vehicle shipping between Europe and South America (Only for European pilots).

• Food service in the bivouac.

• Insurance (liability and repatriation).

• Connection of GPS, protectionbeacons, Sentinel, and Iritrack.

• Transportation of a trunk and two wheels between bivouacs, as well as technical support and recommendations from an ASO team for motorcyclists enrolled in the challenge "Malle Moto" (without assistance), for the Rrst 20 enrolled in the challenge, "Malle Moto".

• Refueling during the special stages.


DesaRo Litoral is the valid date for the third round of the Argentine Cross Country Rally Championship.

This is the Rrst of two long-term races that are planned for the national tournament which brings together the best cross country competitors in southern South America.

The 2012 season of the Argentine Cross Country Rally Championship has Rve dates. Three of them of a short duration, developed during a weekend with a unique epicenter, and two longer races such as DesaRo Litoral, which takes competitors through a linear path of just over 1,600 kilometers, thus a much higher demanding and competitive sport race.

Being a special race, DesaRo Litoral will have greater and differentiated points for the Argentine Cross Country Rally Championship, different from the scale of regular points used for the shorter rounds. Thus, for those drivers who take part in this Race, and also register to earn points in the Argentine Cross Country Rally Championship, the rating scale is as follows:

General Classification

1st 30 points
2nd 22,5 points
3rd 18 points
4th 15 points
5th 12 points
6th 9 points
7th 6 points
8th 4,5 points
9th 3 points
10th 1,5 points

Stage Classification

1st 1,5 points
2nd 1 point
3rd 0,5 points


The Dakar Series is a set of competitions seeking the dual purpose of keeping alive all year round the Same of the most exciting motor sport race in the world and giving pilots a chance to practice under the same standards of competence.

Solidarity is also an aspect of great importance. By bringing together amateur with professional drivers in the same race is expected that the latter assist and cooperate with the Rrsts in the development of their learning in the competition.

Finally, being a race to be held in the highest level of competition, all the main aspects involved: sports, technical, security and dissemination are carried out according to highest performance standards.

Throughout history, the races that had the honor of being designated as Dakar Series event were:

2008 Central Europe Rally Hungría - Rumania

2008 Pax Rally Portugal

2009 - 2011 Silk Way Rally Russia


DesaRo Litoral, gets installed in the global sporting context as a premium brand. More than a simple velocity race, like every Cross Country Rally, DesaRo Litoral is an adventure that requires competitors other capacities that goes beyond speed to reach the goal faster.

To be part of this amazing and demanding race of the year, it is needed a lot of training, and DesaRo Litoral, together with the Rally Cross Country are the best way of heat engines for the one that will be in January.

DesaRo Litoral it’s an only adventure and a unique experience to be lived. Who initiate the competition will share the same propose of making it to the end after crossed many km of jungle and many adventure.

A week of competition it’s enough time for competitors to prove themselves, their courage and strength for the big race in January.

With DesaRo Litoral, the world of Cross Country Rally, will discover new grounds and will be full of new stories, in the wet forest, where passion of adventurers will be renewed with the discovery of a new region.


DesaRo Litoral will be an event that will allow the world to show great images of the natural scenes where the competition will take place, that are the proud of Argentina and Paraguay.

As it is an international sporting event, DesaRo Litoral will be introduced in all houses and will cross borders of host countries, reaching the Rve continents by different mass media.

The natural wonders that take part of this scene will stay in everyone mind for ages and all this touristic movement will be very good appreciate for local people of this touristic region.

The start will take part in Cataratas del Iguazu, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Together with this wonderful place, the race will be by Parana river, one of the abundant river of the area, heading next to the south of Paraguay where the rivers and wetlands will be all around, together with the Jesuitical ruins, before arriving to Asuncion, the capital of this country.

At the end of the competition that joins Argentina and Paraguay, after crossing Rio Pilcomayo, will take pilots through dirt roads, that that cross the eastern end of the impenetrable chaqueño, a great forest and native region, whose name clearly indicates the difRculties that hides the route as it passes, surrounded by single tree species and a variety of fauna, typical of the place.


Wednesday May 16th Registration opening

Monday June 11th Media accreditation starts

Wednesday July 11th Entry closes

Saturday July 21st Administrative and Technical Verification

Sunday July 22nd Administrative and Technical Verification

Start Ceremony

Monday July 23rd 1st Stage

Iguazu – Posadas (RA)

Tuesday July 24th 2nd Stage

Posadas (RA) – Encarnación (PY)

Wednesday July 24th 3rd Stage

Encarnación (PY) – Asunción (PY)

Thursday July 25th 4th Stage

Asunción (PY) – Formosa (RA)

Friday July 27th 5th Stage

Formosa – Resistencia (RA)

Saturday July 28th 6th Stage

Resistencia – Resistencia (RA)


Costs  Cars $ 25.000.- (or equivalent in Euros)

Motorbike / Quads $ 15.000.- (or equivalent in Euros)

UTV with one person $ 15.000.- (or equivalent in Euros)

UTV with two drivers $ 25.000.- (or equivalent in Euros)

Assistant Vehicles, motorhome, etc $ 2.100.- (or equivalent in Euros)

Assistant persons or aditionals $ 2.300.- * (or equivalent in Euros)

The amount includes dinner and lunch box:

Pick up: driver + co-driver + 2 assistant

Motorbike / Quad: driver + 1 assistant

UTV: If it is one driver covers: driver + 1 assistant

If there are 2 drivers covers: driver + co-driver + 2 assistant

Sport Rights: Medical Insurance

GPS provided by Organization

Iritrack provided bt Organization

Doesn’t Include: Fuel



Transport vehicle in case of damage


- ASO   also photo and logo

Federico AMATEIS


16.05.2012 / MaP

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