FIA WMSC second meeting decisions

FIA WMSC second meeting decisions

09.07.2021: On the occasion of the 2021 FIA Conference, the World Motor Sport Council convened today in Monaco for the second meeting of the year. The meeting was hosted by FIA President Jean Todt with Deputy President for Sport Graham Stoker, WMSC members in at

On the occasion of the 2021 FIA Conference, the World Motor Sport Council convened today in Monaco for the second meeting of the year.

The meeting was hosted by FIA President Jean Todt with Deputy President for Sport Graham Stoker, WMSC members in attendance and those joining by video conference from around the world.

President Todt also noted that the presence of WMSC members in Monaco was a sign of a return to normality despite the global pandemic. He also thanked Michel Boeri, Michel Ferry and the Automobile Club de Monaco on behalf of the entire FIA family for the hosting of the FIA Conference and the WMSC in the Principality.

At the start of the meeting a minute’s silence was held in memory of Max Mosley, the FIA President (1993-2009), who passed away in May. President Todt praised the work Mosley undertook during his 16-year term to leave an indelible mark on the world of motor sport and mobility. He was remembered for his passion and commitment to improving safety both on the race track and in transferring that work to practical solutions for the road.

Carlos Reutemann, a true gentleman of the sport, who won 12 grands prix during the period of 1972-1982, was also remembered as was Mansour Ojjeh, who achieved huge success with the Williams and McLaren Formula 1 teams.

The following is a summary of the decisions taken during the meeting:

FIA Sport Strategy

An update on the FIA’s future sport strategy under the Purpose Driven movement umbrella, was made to council members by FIA Secretary General for Sport, Peter Bayer. This refresh outlines the FIA current path towards achieving its goals, reflecting the strategic changes that the FIA has made.

Health and safety, the environment, community development, diversity and inclusion, digital motor sport, economic viability and youth engagement have become critical focus areas as the FIA guides motor sport out of the pandemic and towards recovery.

Bayer made a particular focus on the FIA youth strategy, where the FIA wants to engage with its Club Members to interact, understand, attract and build connections with the younger audience.

Race Against Manipulation Platform

A presentation was made on the e-learning platform that will be launched in August 2021. The platform is part of an initiative to address the challenges of the manipulation of sport competition.

FIA Formula One World Championship

Various updates to the 2021 Sporting Regulations that relate to the implementation of events that include Sprint Qualifying were approved by the World Council.

The World Council approved the introduction of a new construction of rear tyre for the remainder of the 2021 season.

FIA World Rally Championship

2022 WRC calendar

To allow the best possible preparation for the upcoming season, the date and location of the first two events on the 2022 WRC calendar are confirmed as follows:

Event  Surface  Date

Monte Carlo Mixed 23 January, 2022
Sweden  Snow  27 February, 2022


Based on the agreed strategy of a maximum of 13 events in 2022, a further seven events were approved by the Council for inclusion on the calendar are as follows:

Event   Surface

Portugal Gravel
Italy Gravel
Kenya Gravel
Japan Tarmac
Spain Tarmac
Estonia Gravel
Greece  Gravel

The remaining four slots will be confirmed later.

Changes to the Sporting and Technical Regulations

New regulations for the seat standard used in WRC and Regional Rally were approved to improve safety at a lower cost and within a reasonable timeframe.

FIA World Endurance Championship

The revised 2021 calendar has been approved as follows:

26-27 April Belgium  Official Prologue – Spa-Francorchamps

1 May  Belgium  TOTAL 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps

13 June Portugal  8 Hours of Portimão

18 July  Italy    6 Hours of Monza

21-22 August  France  24 Hours of Le Mans

30 October  Bahrain   6 Hours of Bahrain

6 November  Bahrain  8 Hours of Bahrain

The World Motor Sport Council has now approved technical regulations amendment in order to achieve performance convergence of Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) and Le Mans Daytona h (LMDh).

Existing LMP2 technical regulations will be retained until the end of 2023.

Sporting and Technical regulations for the LMP3 Endurance Cup, part of this year’ FIA Motorsport Games, have been approved.

ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

As of this weekend’s New York City E-Prix, the FIA Race Director will have the jurisdiction to stop a Formula E race that begins behind the Safety Car in order to resume the action with a standing start once drivers have had the chance to acclimatise to the conditions. This decision gives the FIA Race Director an additional option when conditions do not allow for a normal standing start straight away, such as in the case of a wet track.

The WMSC also ratified the Season Eight 2021-2022 FIA Formula E World Championship Sporting Regulations. In agreement with the Gen 2 Car Technical Roadmap, the power of the cars in normal mode during races will be increased from 200kW to 220kW. From Season Eight onwards, the FIA Race Director will moreover have the option to recommence interrupted races with a standing start, as an alternative to the existing Safety Car rolling re-start.

Lastly, the Season Eight 2021-2022 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship calendar was approved as follows:


Rd 1 & 2  28 & 29 January 2022 Saudi Arabia Diriyah

Rd 3  12 February 2022  ,Mexico Mexico City

Rd 4  26 February 2022 South Africa  Cape Town

Rd 5  19 March 2022 China TBD

Rd 6 9 April 2022 Italy Rome

Rd 7 30 April 2022 Monaco Monte Carlo

Rd 8 14 May 2022 Germany Berlin

Rd 9 4 June 2022 TBD TBD

Rd 10 2 July 2022 Canada Vancouver

Rd 11 &12 16 & 17 July 2022 USA  New York City

Rd 13 & 14  30 & 31 July 2022 United Kingdom London

Rd 15 & 16 13 & 14 August 2022 South Korea Seoul

FIA World Rallycross Championship

The Technical Regulations Appendix J - 279E for RX1e (electric Supercars) were approved.

FIA Karting Championships

The change of date for the 2021 FIA Karting World Championship for OK and OK Junior classes, due to take place in Birigui, Brazil, from 28-31 October to December 2-5 was approved.

2022 FIA Karting Championships, Cup and Trophies calendars


15-18 September  Italy Sarno


15-18 September  Italy Sarno


01-04/09 Le Mans (FRA)

01-04 September France  Le Mans


07-10 April  Portugal Portimao

28 April – May 01  Spain Zuera

02-05 June Sweden Kristianstad

07-10 July Italy  Franciacorta


07-10 April  Portugal  Portimao

28 April – May 01  Spain Zuera

02-05 June  Sweden Kristianstad

07-10 July Italy  Franciacorta


12-15 May  Belgium Genk

16-19 June Italy Adria


12-15 May Belgium Genk

16-19 June Italy  Adria


01-04 September France   Le Mans


12-15 May Belgium  Genk

16-19 June  Italy  Adria

01-04 September  France Le Mans

FIA World Cup for Cross-Country – Rallies and Bajas

From 2022, it will be mandatory for Priority crews in the new FIA Cross-Country World Championship, as well as the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas, to wear the latest FIA 8856-2018 standard of safety wear. From 2023, this will become mandatory for all crews.

FIA Rally Commission

FIA European Rally Championship promotional agreement

The Council approved the nomination of WRC Promoter as the new promoter of the FIA European Rally Championship from 2022. The decision was made following constructive talks involving the FIA and the series’ current promoter Eurosport Events, the latter of which will cease its activities one year ahead of the existing contract term.

This new structure with a single promoter for the FIA World Rally and European Rally championships will strengthen the FIA Rally Pyramid. As part of this collaboration, WRC Promoter is committed to guaranteeing the current level of prize money for ERC Junior Champions.  

The WRC Promoter will be responsible for developing the ERC with a view to leveraging its profile and commercial value, with a focus on TV production and management of media rights, innovative digital media strategies and social media.

All FIA Regional Rally Championships

In the Regional Rally Championships, the use of electronic road book has been allowed, with the ambition to continue reducing paper waste and organisation costs. The use of an electronic Road Book must be mentioned in the Supplementary Regulations and it must be available latest at the publication of the entry list.

The restriction to test for drivers and/or registered teams of the FIA European Rally Championship has been changed to an area within a 300 km radius around Rally HQ – as opposed to the territory of the country hosting the ERC round - in order to be suitable for rallies held on islands or in smaller countries.

In the FIA African Rally Championship, the competitors classified in the first five position on the Qualifying stage will now choose their starting positions, with the aim to prevent the slowest competitors from opening the road, and to improve safety.

FIA Motorsport Games – Rally

The Supplementary Regulations for the Rally2, Rally4 and Historic Rally Cups of the 2021 FIA Motorsport Games were approved. The competition will be based on the Regional Rally Sporting Regulations and will feature an innovative Super Special Stage to award medals to the three fastest crews in each cup.

FIA GT Commission

The date, venue and Sporting Regulations for the 2021 FIA GT World Cup have been approved, with the event set to return to Macau’s Guia Circuit from November 17-21.

The event will only take place should the requirement to undergo mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Macau be removed beforehand. A deadline for this has been agreed between the FIA and the local National Sporting Authority, the Automobile General Association Macao-China (AAMC).

Modifications to the FIA Electric GT Homologation Regulations were approved, removing the minimum selling price for the road-going models that the race cars are set to be derived from.

FIA Off-Road Commission

FIA European Autocross Championship

A restructuring of the 2022 Technical Regulations (Article 279A) was approved.

FIA Karting Commission  

A comprehensive FIA Karting Strategy to foster development of the sport was approved by Council members.

The strategy aims to increase the number of drivers from grassroots level through karting and then offer them new opportunities to move up to the top level of karting before advancing to other compeitions.

Four pillars of growth have been identified:  

    Improving the promotion of karting to generate the widest possible interest

    develop digital karting in line with the current popularity of digital motor sport

    broaden the base of the motor sport pyramid through initiatives to attract the general public

    facilitate access to competition through the creation of the FIA Karting Regional Cups


From this FIA Karting Strategy it has been decided to launch first two specific projects:

Mass Inclusion Initiative – Karting

The aim of this initiative is to introduce youngsters to the world of motor sport through karting – and educate them to road safety. The format will be a day of entertainment with Slaloms for 6–8-year-olds and temporary 300-meter circuits with timing for 8–10-year-olds, all powered with electric Kart, to be combined with an educational program.

FIA Karting Regional Cups  

The Regional Cups will be set up according to the basic principles of the FIA Karting Academy Trophy, including one-design equipment, through a collaboration between the ASNs of the same geographical region.

The FIA Karting Regional Cups will involve three categories using karts homologated by the CIK-FIA: Mini from 7 to 11 years old, Junior from 12 to 14 years old with the OKJ engine and Senior from 14 to 18 years old with the OK engine. Specific invitation to tender for each category will be launched by the ASNs.

FIA Truck Racing Commission

The FIA Truck Racing Commission has set an objective for the FIA European Truck Racing Championship to reach net zero emission by 2038 at the latest.

In accordance with the sustainability roadmap, the championship is set to develop its strategy around the following fields: environmental accreditation, evolution of the sporting format and technical transition of progressive implementation of sustainable energies to truck racing.

FIA Circuits Commission

To support circuits during their recovery from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission voted to postpone the mandatory installation of light panels by the circuit owners on Grade 1 circuits hosting a round of the FIA Formula One World Championship by one year.

Allowing a longer transition period until 2023 for circuits to adopt FIA Standard 3504-2019 has no safety implication as Formula One will continue to transport light panels to all events in the meantime.

FIA Drag Racing Commission

The FIA Drag Racing Commission presented a comprehensive update to the guidelines for building and licensing international drag strips, with the goal of the project being to continually improve safety standards.

FIA Drivers’ Commission

Following a proposal from the FIA Drivers' Commission, the eligibility for drivers seeking an e-Licence under Article 6.1.6.d has been expanded to include top championships outside the single-seater pyramid.

FIA Women in Motorsport Commission

FIA Girls on Track – Rising Stars has been launched for 2021 and 71 applications have been received from the ASNs for this season’s worldwide talent detection and nurturing programme. This year, the programme has been further expanded and, in collaboration with Ferrari, will now provide a long-term development pathway for junior drivers in karting, as well as the more senior drivers qualifying to race in Formula 4.

The third FIA Women in Motorsport Seminar took place within the framework of this week’s FIA Conference. More than 100 delegates attended, both physically and virtually, to discuss and debate how to further accelerate change and inspire actions that will have a positive impact on equality and inclusion for women in the sport.

FIA Electric and New Energy Commissio

The technical regulations for the E-Rally Regularity Cup and for Category I and Olympia Class Solar Vehicles have been reviewed and updated in line with standard procedures, thereby preserving their stability.

FIA Motorsport Games 2021

The WMSC has approved the Sporting Regulations applicable to the 18 disciplines of the 2021 FIA Motorsport Games.

FIA Land Speed Records Commission

Changes to the Land Speed Records Appendix D were approved to take into account the availability of modern accurate timing equipment.

The homologation of seven new BEV (battery electric vehicle) World Land Speed Records set by the Blizz Primatist team at Nardo Technical Center on 30 April and 1 May 2021 were presented by the LSR Commission. Record speeds ranged from 130 to 150 miles per hour.

Upcoming World Motor Sport Council Meetings

Dates of future FIA World Motor Sport Council meetings in 2021 are as follows:

15 October  Paris

15 December  Paris, on the occasion of the FIA Annual General Assembly

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