International Formula Masters Debut

International Formula Masters Debut

25.04.2007: International Formula Masters Debut

International Formula Master will come alive tomorrow, when the full grid of 33 confirmed drivers get their first chance behind the Formula S2000 wheel at Monza.

The prestigious venue is an appropriate backdrop as motorsport history is made with the introduction of the first international single-seater series to combine excellent TV coverage, top-class venues, great racing potential and affordability.

This first official shakedown of the car represents a new chapter in the motorsport hierarchy, which comes after months of work by collaborators including N.Technology, Yokohama, Tatuus and Heini Mader Racing.

The new series will run alongside all the FIA World Touring Car Championship European meetings, with the exception of Zanvoort, Netherlands, and receive guaranteed TV coverage on Eurosport for the next five years.

Positioned as one of the foremost feeder-series to Formula One, IFM intends to be a proving ground for future world champions.


Sami Isohella, Finland, Team Soderman

"Because you are a race driver and you want to drive something like a F1 car. This looks like a F1 car and it is fast. I have great expectations. This is by far the most powerful car I have ever driven and I’m very excited; not nervous at all.

I have never driven at Monza and it will be a huge privilege. Everyone knows it and there is much history."


Nicolas Maulini, Switzerland, Team NMRT

"I saw the car last weekend and it was really impressive, aerodynamically and everything. It makes me want to drive it! I don’t have any ambitions for tomorrow; I just want to ride with the car. It’s new for me, the gear box, the clutch in the steering wheel. I just want to try the car."


Johnny Cecotto Jnr, Germany, Ombra Racing

"Monza is a very high-speed circuit with quick corners. We have to see tomorrow after the testing but the car looks very nice; I think it will be quick.

It’s built extremely well. All the little details, everything, every little bolt and nut, is made very well and there is a lot of attention made to make it really nice.

For tomorrow we just want to run in the car without having any problems and try to do a good time. The most important thing is to run in the car well.


The first IFM round will take place at Valencia on 19 May 2007.


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