AutoSport Promotions Has Strong Start and Rough End at Barber 200

AutoSport Promotions Has Strong Start and Rough End at Barber 200

16.04.2011: The AutoSport Promotions team headed into Round 3 of the GRAND-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge with their BMW prepared for battle. Taking place at the beautiful Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama, this would be the first true road course event o


The AutoSport Promotions team headed into Round 3 of the GRAND-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge with their BMW prepared for battle.  Taking place at the beautiful Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama, this would be the first true road course event of the season, leaving the AutoSport Promotions team optimistic and ready for the Barber 200.

With its technical layout, Barber Motorsports Park suits the rear wheel drive BMW platform which would prove to favor the #23 AutoSport Promotions in qualifying.  Jason Workman was in the car for qualifying and began clicking off top-10 lap times. 

Continuing to push, Jason would ultimately qualify the car in the 7th spot.  “Our car is good here.” commented Workman.  “I was thrilled to be sitting in the top-10, but I wanted to see if we could do a touch better and we did.”  With their strongest start of the 2011 season, drivers Todd Hanson and Jason Workman were focused on the race ahead.

Before Workman strapped in for the start of the Barber 200, the team made a slightsetup change to the car with the help of engineering partner V-pack Motorsports. This change would continue to improve the handling of the #23 car, making the BMW more competitive than ever.  As the green flag flew, Jason made a good start and ran strong until something abruptly caused the motor to quit, forcing the BMW to drop out of the lead pack and await a tow into the pits. 

Trying to get going again, Workman fired up the engine, which would only stay running for a few seconds.  Unfortunately, the team had to wait for the first caution period to come out before a truck was dispatched to take #23 back to the pits, nearly 35 minutes into the race. 

Owner Todd Hanson immediately fixed the small electrical problem and sent the BMW back out, but the team lost nearly 50 minutes of race time due to the issue.  After returning to the track for only a handful of laps, Jason was immediately able to mix it up with the fast cars again. 

Unfortunately, within 5 laps another ST-classed car overshot a corner and collected the right front corner of the AutoSport Promotions car.  This would be the end of the day for the #23 entry as the right front suspension and steering were destroyed. 

“What a frustrating race for us today…” said Todd Hanson.  “Our car was the best it has been and we showed we could run up front this weekend.  The delays we suffered and eventual car contact did nothing to help us.  We are frustrated but will regroup”  This small team is currently working hard to make the next round of the series at Virginia International Raceway in May.

AutoSport Promotions continues to proudly represent their partners,, Harrison Motorsports, Arai Helmets, and for the 2011 season.

The GRAND-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge series heads to Virginia International for the Bosch Engineering 200 at VIR, May 22. 

AutoSport Promotions is a brand new Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge team with vastly experienced personnel. The Atlanta-based team was founded in October 2010 by team and car owner Todd Hanson, who is also the chief mechanic and driver of the No. 23 BMW E46 330i in the Street Tuner class.

The team has an engineering association with V-pack and Next Generation Motorsports, and has partnered with veteran motorsports expert Alex Graas of M3 Motorsports Marketing & Management, LLC.

AutoSport Promotions welcomes partners,, Harrison Motorsports, Arai Helmets, and to this Street Tuner-class campaign for the 2011 season.

Visit our website for details and contact information…  Official Website >

 eprodius  photos credit: Kevin Hinton


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