ENOVOS READINESS INDEX: Break-even only just reached in the energy transition

ENOVOS READINESS INDEX: Break-even only just reached in the energy transition

06.11.2014: ENOVOS READINESS INDEX measures the performance of the energy transition in

ENOVOS READINESS INDEX measures the performance of the energy transition in Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium

Top score remains a long way off in all four countries

Climate change, the increasing shortage of fossil fuels and rising energy prices will pose an ever greater challenge for an intelligent energy supply system of the future and thus for every business location.

In order to incorporate critical success factors more strongly in the energy road map of the four European countries Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium, Enovos has teamed up with the market research companies TNS Ilres in Luxembourg and TNS Infratest in Germany to design the ENOVOS READINESS INDEX.

In the index, expert opinions (531 interviews) and the results of an online survey of a representative sample of the population (1,000 respondents in each country) assess the status quo, how far these four countries have come in the restructuring of their energy supply systems, and what influencing factors are driving or putting the brake on the energy transition there.

According to the ENOVOS READINESS INDEX, Germany scores 55 out of a possible 100 points and leads the ranking of the four countries. Germany's performance on its road to a new energy supply system is thus seen by citizens and experts alike as only half as good as it could be in the best-case scenario.

 Luxembourg and Belgium are tied in second place, with 54 points each, while France brings up the rear with an index value of 53 points.

In the view of the general public, Germany records an index value of 53. Experts from the country's real estate industry, architectural and engineering sectors, energy industry and skilled trades assess the progress that has been made at a slightly higher level, scoring it at an index value of 57 points.

 In France, the index values produced by the experts and the citizens were 55 and 51 points respectively. The Luxembourg and Belgian experts both came up with a score of 54 points, while the citizens of both countries awarded 53 points.

Energy transition? Yes, please!

78% of all professionals and 70% of all citizens surveyed in the four countries agree on the need for the energy transition. Only 4% of both experts and citizens consider the transition to be unnecessary.  Luxembourg is out in front: 90% of experts and 79% of citizens agree that the change in energy use is necessary.

Judgement is also clear on the measures already taken to implement the transition in energy use. 45% of all citizens surveyed in the four countries, and 43% of experts, consider the current state of the transition to be unsatisfactory.  In Luxembourg 54% of experts and 45% of citizens are unhappy with the measures taken so far to revolutionise our energy supplies.

Experts and the general public are also in agreement that the energy transition will not be completed in their countries by 2030. 51% of Luxembourg's experts are uncertain (options: "rather uncertain" or "certain") whether the energy supplies will largely come from alternative sources by 2030.

This uncertainty is shared by 42% of German experts, 40% of French, and 37% of Belgian experts.  Among citizens, the figures for "uncertain" are 49% for Luxembourg, 44% for Germany, 41% for France, but only 34% for Belgium.

When it comes to the experts, on the other hand, 37% in Germany and Belgium, 24% in France and 20% in Luxembourg believe ("very certain" or "certain") that the energy transition will be completed by 2030. This opinion is shared by one fifth of the population in Luxembourg and France, 25% in Belgium, and 22% in Germany.

"Our course for the year 2030 is already being set today. It is essential that both civil society and businesses grapple with this topic in depth.  We need society to form a consensus so that we can bring about these profound and necessary changes in our energy system," says Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Affairs, Etienne Schneider.

Are the European Union's objectives too ambitious?

Respondents were asked about the feasibility of European Union aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% before 2020. The experts' response was that 62% in Luxembourg, 61% in France and 57% in Germany, but only 36% in Belgium deem this to be unrealistic.

The experts also tend to be sceptical about whether the proportion of renewable energies will grow to 20% of gross energy consumption by 2020. 59% in Germany, 36% in France, 39% in Belgium and only 15% in Luxembourg believe that this EU goal can be completely met on time in their own countries.

51% of the Luxembourg experts, 47% of the Germans, 45% of the French and 33% of the Belgians regard as unachievable the goal of a 20% reduction in energy consumption through savings and enhancement measures by 2020, as demanded by the EU Commission.

Dissatisfaction with energy policies and unstable energy prices are inhibiting the transition to renewable energies.

A clear majority in the public of all four countries agreed that the change in energy use is necessary. When asked to give factors that inhibit the transition, both residents and experts consider current energy policies to be at the top of the list of negative influences.

Citizens in Germany, France and Belgium feel that measures to date are "quite bad". Only in Luxembourg did the citizens give their country a better result, putting it in the category of "quite good". As for the experts, only the French expect the quality of implementation for political measures to improve by 2020 to a level that is "quite good".

"The overwhelming criticism of current energy policies should be a clear signal to political figures that they should take more action than before and build up trust.

Citizens and experts don't necessarily want government regulation, preferring more flexible support systems, the reduction of deficits in communication and information, and more clarity for consumers about incentives and the need to take action," claims Dr. Sabine Graumann from TNS Infratest, the head of the overall study project.

Experts and citizens in all countries mostly agree that price stability for energy and power as well as production costs for alternative energies are critical success factors, and they rate 2014 and 2020 pricing policies as "quite bad." Luxembourgers are the exception, rating today's price stability and that in 2020 to be "quite good." The French experts also consider this result likely by 2020..

The ENOVOS READINESS INDEX is based on the assessments of citizens and experts concerning the need for the energy revolution, their satisfaction with the measures taken so far and their expectations for the coming years. The results of each survey are then aggregated to produce the ENOVOS READINESS INDEX and sit on a scale of one to a maximum of 100 points as the highest score that can be achieved.

The interviews were conducted online with 1,000 citizens from each country in the period from 26 June to 28 July 2014 in the respective national language. A total of 531 experts from the real estate sector, architecture and civil engineering as well as the energy industry and the skilled trades were surveyed online about the transition to renewable energies, the drivers of and barriers to this transition, the achievement of defined targets in the energy sector and smart applications.

Prior to the survey, a team of international experts commented on the particular features of 'Smart Living' in each of the countries.

The team of experts was made up of the following representatives:


Construction business, plumbing and heating, electrical systems for residential buildings, electricians, skilled trades


Building and house administrators, real estate agents, architects, residential construction, engineers, civil engineering, construction industry, town planning, construction clients, facility management


energy suppliers, energy service providers, electricity producers, network operators, air conditioning manufacturers, manufacturers of electrical machines/household appliances


for the energy industry, property industry and residential sector: Relevant associations, clubs, organisations, business advisers, universities, professors and relevant government ministries

For more information and downloads, please visit www.enovos-future-summit.eu

Saskia Marx- photos Enovos

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