VoIP with all the comforts of your telephone

08.03.2008: VoIP with all the comforts of your telephone

CeBIT 2008, 4 to 9 March Hot Topics

More and more people are opting for VoIP - telephoning via the Internet - over traditional telephony. It's certainly a low-cost option, but it's not always user-friendly. Now, telephone manufacturers are really getting to grips with the idea and are developing models featuring convenient functions derived from ISDN telephony.

Tiptel will be unveiling its "Tiptel 83 VoIP" SIP telephone at CeBIT 2008 in Hannover. This brand new innovation can be integrated into a VoIP-enabled telephone system - this works particularly well with the Tiptel.com 410 to 811 systems.

With this product, users can receive and forward calls and use the call waiting functionality, just as they would with a conventional telephone. The extensions signal when they are engaged and calls can be answered from any phone using the pick-up function. Three-way calls are also available.

Using VoIP has never been easier. As well as relieving the pressure on your bank balance, it also gives the telephone system a break by processing VoIP calls directly in the local computer network.

Tiptel.com GmbH

Business Solutions

Halskestr. 1

40880 Ratingen


Tel.: +49 2102 - 428-216

Fax: +49 2102 - 428-210



- Andrea Staude, Deutsche Messe Hannover -

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