Critically acclaimed Silver Arrows Novel now available as eBook

Critically acclaimed Silver Arrows Novel now available as eBook

14.04.2015: Pieces of Silver - the must-read novel which brings into sharp focus the involvement

Pieces of Silver - the must-read novel which brings into sharp focus the involvement of the Nazis with the Silver Arrows Grand Prix cars in the run-up to World War II - is now available as an eBook.

Motorsport writer Mike Breslin's meticulously-researched book harks back to a time when the cars of Auto Union and Mercedes, the Silver Arrows - as the F1 Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton is known to this day - were heavily supported by Germany's Nazi government.

The large-format paperback edition of the book has sold extremely well since its launch in the autumn, while it has also garnered critical acclaim from the motoring press, which has praised its "cracking pace" and described it as "a compelling read" and "an enjoyable page turner" that is "full of twists" (details below).

Pieces of Silver follows the fortunes of a fictional British racing driver through some of the most dramatic, spectacular and horrific true events of the 1930s and the Second World War.

Explaining the motivation behind writing Pieces of Silver, Breslin says: "I've always been fascinated by this particular period in the history of Grand Prix racing. It's not just the 600bhp cars and the colourful characters that raced them, but the dark politics of the time, too."

One particular story from this spectacular era especially interested Breslin: "For many years, I've been intrigued by the story of Richard Seaman, the English driver who drove for Mercedes in the 1930s. He was killed in a crash at Spa in 1939, just a few months before the war started. I have always wondered how his war might have turned out, what with the deals he had struck and the friends he had made. With that 'what if', this book was born."

Mike Breslin is a former Formula Ford racer who works as a freelance writer. He has published two other books: The Unfair Advantage (fiction, 2000) and The Track Day Manual (non-fiction, 2008). Breslin is originally from south Wales, but is now based in London.

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Pieces of Silver is available as an eBook for Kindle and other devices (£3.50) and as a large-format paperback (420 pages, £11.99) from Amazon.

Pieces of Silver is published by Pie Shop Publishing.


"The story develops at a cracking pace and the mix of characters, historical and technical facts combine to provide a compelling read." Classic Car Weekly.

"It's an enjoyable page-turner . . . Breslin's enthusiasm for his story is genuinely engaging and you soon find yourself wanting to know what happens next to his colourfully drawn characters." Motor Sport.

* * * * "Full of twists". Auto Express.

Verified purchasers on Amazon said:

:: "Loved this. A proper, old-fashioned adventure with Nazis, race cars and fighter planes - what more could you ask for? A cracking read."

:: "This is a really enjoyable book, with great characters and authentic scenes, and a story that's intriguing, exciting and ultimately satisfying..."

:: "A nice, long read, encompassing Germany before and during WW2. Both aspects were original and highly readable."

:: "Great story. Really enjoyed it. Recommended."

Blurb from back of book reads:

For the Nazis, conquering the race track was just the beginning.

English racing driver Westbury Holt sees the Auto Union Grand Prix cars as nothing more than his chance to be the fastest. To him, the Nazi involvement is just politics; nothing to do with sport and speed.

But others see the access West has to superior German technology through his links with the racing team as an opportunity. He is soon drawn into a web of intrigue that is as dangerous and unpredictable as the 520bhp racing car he drives.

With the coming of World War II, the boundary between right and wrong becomes blurred, and friends become enemies. But will West, now at the controls of an RAF Hurricane, find that the past is the most dangerous foe of them all?

From the race tracks and the record runs of pre-war Europe, to the bullet-laced skies of Crete and the frozen killing fields of Russia, Pieces of Silver is a 200mph journey through a world of speed, love, war and betrayal.

Mike Breslin

by Colin Wilson - photo Mike Breslin


14.04.2015 / MaP

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