Overview of key 'Business Solutions' display category at CeBIT

21.01.2008: Overview of key 'Business Solutions' display category at CeBIT

CeBIT 2008, 4 to 9 March

Concentrated topics - solutions-oriented focus
Core of 'Business Solutions' in halls 2 to 7
Additional highlights: Future Parc, Networking, Banking & Finance 

In keeping with the new CeBIT concept, the organizers at Deutsche Messe have restructured the show's traditional 'enterprise IT' sector and given it a new name: 'Business Solutions'. This display sector is the biggest of the three so-called 'CeBIT pillars', consisting of software products and services, vertical industry solutions and special topics, including the Future Parc innovations platform, network technology and IT for banks.

The core of the 'Business Solutions' display sector will be located in halls 2 to 7 in a layout reflecting the individual functional areas of an enterprise, beginning with internal and external communication, product development, products, sales and customer relationship management and ending with administrative processes like financial accounting and human resources management.

Related topic areas will be placed in direct proximity, guaranteeing a fast, easy and comprehensive tour for the professional user looking to improve his or her business processes and pick up some new ideas.

Halls 2 to 7

CeBIT 2008 marks the first time Hall 2 has been included in the 'Business Solutions' sector. The featured topics in this hall include business storage, servers, IT services and virtualization. Exhibitors in Hall 2 include IBM, Datev, Novell and leading storage providers like HITACHI, Promise Europe and Iomega.

The 'regular' features of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (CM) in Hall 3 are being supplemented this year by Document Management Systems (DMS). System Software and Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Integration (bi & eii) will round out the offerings in Hall 3.

Along with numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, Microsoft, SAP and Software AG will make up the backbone of the displays running from 4 to 9 March in Hall 4.

Apart from Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), visitors here can get a first-hand look at service-oriented architectures (SOA) and intelligent Business Process Management systems (BPM). Customer Relationship Management applications (CRM), online marketing solutions and the new Consulting & Services platform for management consultants will also be presented in Hall 4.

Apart from playing host to numerous vertical market solutions and Supply Chain Management applications (SCM), Hall 5 has developed into an 'ERP hall' over the last few years. Here the visitor will find all the applications needed for efficient resource planning.

'The new hall alignment has inspired numerous ERP manufacturers to appear additionally in Hall 5. We are delighted to be able to give our visitors an even more comprehensive overview of the latest ERP solutions in Hall 5,' reports Dr. Sven-Michael Prüser, CeBIT Senior Vice President. Hall 5 will also feature the 'CeBIT SME Forum' as well as LinuxPark.

A special highlight at the show involves the merging of Human Resources Management (HR) with the topic of Security in Hall 6. 'Exhibiting enterprises like Kaba or Interflex are traditionally closely involved with the IT security segment. For this reason we decided to consolidate both topics at a shared location,' explains Prüser.

The 'CeBIT Security World' is one of the world's biggest IT security events, featuring a comprehensive range of offerings from a technological, physical and logical-organizational standpoint and guaranteeing the visitor access to all products and services for enterprise data and network protection.

Equally closely linked to the issue of HR management and therefore also located in Hall 6 is the 'CeBIT Job & Career Market' as well as the new 'Learning & Knowledge Solutions' special presentation. The exhibition program in Hall 6 is rounded out by displays of biometric systems and card technologies.

Two dynamic categories will round out the core themes at the 'Business Solutions' display sector: AutoID/RFID and Professional Output/Office Solutions in Hall 7.

The 'Auto ID/RFID Solutions Park' will serve as a magnet for anyone interested in cross-industry solutions involving automotive, aviation, retail/wholesale logistics, not to mention health care and pharmaceuticals - all presented in pavilion clusters. The Metro Group is among the exhibitors this year.

Visitors can also examine professional office applications at the stands of Kyocera, Xerox and Casio.


Additional topics covered

Future Parc in Hall 9 features the digital world's most exciting future trends. Halls 12 and 13 will serve as the exclusive showcase for networking and visitors to Hall 17 will be treated to the first holistic presentation of the complete spectrum of software and hardware systems for the banking and financial services sector.

The 'Banking & Finance' segment has been a key display category at CeBIT for years - in 2008 it will be extended by a 'Point of Sale' special display.

Varied supporting program - some highlights

Above and beyond the standard range of exhibits, CeBIT 2008 also offers numerous special events, discussion forums and networking platforms. Over 20 topical events are planned in the Business Solutions display sector alone. Here are a few highlights:

Hall 2 will be the venue for the new Virtualization Forum, staged by Deutsche Messe in cooperation with the Magirus Group. This forum features big-name manufacturers of hardware and software solutions which can help make an enterprise's global IT structures scalable, secure and easier to administer. The virtualization market is booming.

Companies today are more interested in virtualization technology than ever before, since it has a direct relationship with the IT challenges of the future such as consolidation, IT capacity utilization, computer and data security, archiving and hardware independence.

As a key technology for more energy-efficient data centers, virtualization is closely related to the CeBIT focal topic of green IT. Virtualization solutions, for example, allow companies to split up individual servers into smaller, 'virtual' units or to merge small individual machines into large-scale systems.

In the CM Arena in Hall 3, the featured topic will be Web 2.0 in connection with improved corporate communication. The conference program at the CM Arena will be supplemented by the international 'Enterprise 2.0 Summit', an event held entirely in English.

Another highlight involves the bi-eii forum, dedicated to presenting the latest enterprise management software solutions and occupying around 600 square meters of space in Hall 3. Visitors to Hall 3 will likewise be treated to a presentation of innovative solutions for electronically capturing, searching and archiving digital corporate information at the DMS Area, where the issue of legal compliance will also be covered.

At the 'crm arena' in neighboring Hall 4, leading CRM suppliers and service providers will present their innovative products, strategies and concepts for comprehensive and effective customer relationship management.

In response to the growing significance of IT in the financial services sector, an independent Finance Forum has been specially established in Hall 17. This CeBIT Finance Solutions Forum will be opened on the first day of the show by Dr. Ibrahim Karasu, a member of the Management Board of the Association of German Banks.


- Deutsche Messe, Hannover -

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