World's Fastest Neurosurgeon Book Authored by Dr. Jim Lowe Now Available at

World's Fastest Neurosurgeon Book Authored by Dr. Jim Lowe Now Available at

14.12.2017: - New Book Chronicles a Doctor's Balance Between His Personal and Professional Life While Pursuing Motorsports Glory

- New Book Chronicles a Doctor's Balance Between His Personal and Professional Life While Pursuing Motorsports Glory

- The Perfect Christmas Gift for a Racer or Anyone that Has Undertaken the Delicate Balance of Maintaining a Career and Family While Chasing a Dream

- A Fast-Paced "Who's Who" of Modern-Day Sports Car Racing Endorsed by Skip Barber, Paul Tracy, Leigh Diffey and Bob Varsha

World's Fastest Neurosurgeon is the first-hand story of Dr. Jim Lowe and his personal journey on a 170-mph path less traveled in pursuit of sports car racing glory. More than simply a book about striving for motorsports success, World's Fastest Neurosurgeon provides the reader with a fast-moving and multifaceted tale that touches on several universal and familiar human traits and motivations.

Available now on, World's Fastest Neurosurgeon is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone, in the fast lane or otherwise, that has undertaken the delicate balance of maintaining a personal and professional life while chasing a dream. Click here to order World's Fastest Neurosurgeon on

Putting an engaging and high-speed twist on the ageless tale of facing challenging odds in pursuit of greatness, Dr. Lowe gives readers a look at the demands of top-tier, modern-day sports car road racing and the complexities of balancing his need for speed with his successful surgical career and family life.

"My 'real' occupation as a Neurosurgeon remains always in the background of the book," Dr. Lowe said. "Throughout the narrative, stories from the world of the hospital and operating room interrupt the race track activities, as they did in real life, and allow readers an insider peek into the world of the Neurosurgeon.

One struggle that remains front-and-center throughout the story is the need for balance between my day job and the demands of a racing season, especially for the neophyte that I was."

Readers will be able to take a look at their own lives while delving into this multi-faceted tale of challenge, failure, success and redemption. The fact that Dr. Lowe writes about the various aspects of his life and careers in an open, unreserved and frequently humorous manor makes World's Fastest Neurosurgeon an entirely honest and refreshing read.

Easy-flowing but offering gripping glimpses into every aspect of Dr. Lowe's life, World's Fastest Neurosurgeon chronicles a tireless, personable, intelligent and multi-talented man who seemingly has it all but is somehow willing to risk it all in pursuit of glory on the track. It all adds up to a meaningful and moving story that readers will long remember as a manual for living life to the fullest.

For hardcore racing enthusiasts, particularly sports car racing aficionados, World's Fastest Neurosurgeon is a must-read and motorsports Who's Who.

"I recall how I bumped accidentally into a smallish older guy at a driver's meeting before a Rolex 24 At Daytona race, only to discover that I had nearly felled Mario Andretti himself," Dr. Lowe said.

Later, I shared a podium with Jeff Gordon, diced on the track with Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick, and got sideswiped by Indy 500 winner Eddie Cheever. All in a day's work for the average 'Joe Neurosurgeon.'"

The story begins with Dr. Lowe surviving a flat-out and nearly 180 mph spin through the tri-oval at Daytona International Speedway practicing for the 2009 Rolex 24 At Daytona and - appropriately for the season - shifts just a few pages later to how the seed for his need for speed may have been planted 40 years earlier with "the greatest Christmas present ever" in 1969.

In total, World's Fastest Neurosurgeon masterfully moves through various important, defining and memorable periods of Dr. Lowe's life while also deftly going back-and-forth from the race track to the operating room.

The similarities between the emotional highs and lows of both motorsports and the medical profession will not be lost on readers, and it seems appropriate that a story that began at a race track ends in the final pages with Dr. Lowe on his "day job" in a Trauma ICU.

World's Fastest Neurosurgeon is available now and in time for Christmas delivery at  Click here to order World's Fastest Neurosurgeon.

World's Fastest Neurosurgeon - What They are Saying:

Paul Tracy - IndyCar Racing Champion and Television Motorsports Commentato
r: "Dr. Jim Lowe and I were co-drivers for the grueling, twice-around-the-clock Rolex 24 At Daytona sports car race. Part of my job was to coach and Jim would steadily get better, never spinning or flying off the track or making a bad mistake.

This is how I gave him his nickname, 'Jimmy Smooth,' and made a great new friend in the process. World's Fastest Neurosurgeon let me relive a fun time in my career, and it will be just as pleasurable for anyone who enjoys an insightful personal journey of perseverance."

Leigh Diffey - Television Motorsports and Olympics Commentator
: "Jim Lowe's World's Fastest Neurosurgeon brought me back to a memorable and enjoyable time in my career and well into the fascinating personal and professional life of a man that, until now, I only knew at the track.

This outstanding book opened up to me they mysteries and miracles of surgery while offering a unique perspective on reaching for our dreams. It all adds up to an entertaining read that truly has something for everyone."

Skip Barber - Racing Icon and Owner of Lime Rock Park:
"A very enjoyable read. Jim shows his talents with the scalpel, the keyboard and the steering wheel in his first-hand account of what many people dream about doing and a few actually make happen: going racing."

Bob Varsha - Television Motorsports Commentator:
"Jim Lowe's tale of how a dedicated, confident and otherwise rational Neurosurgeon took it into his head, and well into his personal life and professional career, to start driving racing cars is a fun read.

 From tracing his racing dreams to a much-loved toy racetrack of his childhood to finally realizing them as an adult, everyone who has ever tried racing, or simply just dreamed about it themselves, will be able to connect with the emotions of the journey, from self-doubt to exhilaration and everything in between."

 Adam Saal- also photos


14.12.2017 / MaP

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