Best Free Oculus Quest Games

Best Free Oculus Quest Games

31.08.2020: When Oculus VR released Oculus Quest in May of 2019, it became an instant hit. This virtual-reality device will go down in history as one of the first hugely successful VR headsets used primarily for gaming.

When Oculus VR released Oculus Quest in May of 2019, it became an instant hit. This virtual-reality device will go down in history as one of the first hugely successful VR headsets used primarily for gaming.

However, as it is always the case with groundbreaking gaming platforms, Oculus Quest is not exactly a cheap gadget. Its price starts at $400, and you will have to pay a few bucks on top of that if you want to own the 128-gigabyte version.

You also need to take into account the price of each game that’s compatible with the device. Some of the most popular Oculus Quest titles run between $20 and $40, so if you want to own a sizable collection of games, you will have to reach deep into your wallet and spend almost as much as you did on the device itself.

Luckily, there are plenty of Oculus Quest games that are made for people on a budget. Yes, there are free Oculus Quest games, and although rarely any of them can match the blockbuster titles, they are still worth a try.

Here are some of the best ones!

1.    Bait!

Even though they don’t feature eye-popping visuals and special effects, fishing games are very popular among VR users. The zen-like atmosphere and the thrill of finding and catching rare fish is what a lot of people like to experience in both real life and a virtual setting.

So, if fishing is your cup of tea, we suggest that you try Bait! This game was already downloaded by over three million people, and more than half of reviewers gave it a five-star rating.

Some still don’t believe that this game is completely free. While many agree that Bait! is not as good as Real VR Finish, another Oculus Quest fishing game, the main advantage of it is that it’s free, so it’s definitely worth it.


2.    Elixir

Many Oculus Quest free games are there two show off the various capabilities of the device, being more like tech demos than anything else. One such game is Elixir. In this game, you play the role of a sorceress’ apprentice and experiment with all sorts of wacky liquids and creatures in an alchemy lab.

The best thing about Elixir is that it maximizes the use of Oculus Quest’s hand-tracking technology. You can put your fingers in various pots and interact with all sorts of elements using hand gestures. The technology is very accurate and responsive, and it will probably blow your mind if you’ve never tried VR games before.


3.    Poker VR

Poker VR enjoyed massive popularity when it came out as a social app on Oculus Go, which is what made the developers upgrade it and move it on to Oculus Quest. If you like competitive casino games and would like to experience them in a VR setting, Poker VR is just the game for you.

You can create your personal avatar and interact with other players. The game is played just like in real life. Tap on the table to check or throw your cards to fold. You can also fiddle with your chips, do tricks, and create a massive stack in any way you like.

Another great thing about Poker VR is that you can participate in tournaments and compete for the highest spot on the leaderboard. There’s no real money involved but poker is still competitive enough to make you want to play the game for hours and improve your strategies.

Once you have improved your strategies and have some spare cash use the toplist to compare online casinos before you pick your favourite.

4.    Epic Roller Coasters

If you have a weak stomach, this game is not for you. But if you enjoy the thrill of classic amusement park rides, you will fall in love with Epic Roller Coasters.

Apart from letting you enjoy the rides, the game also takes you on various quests. You can shoot at things, escape from zombies, race against other players, and more. It’s truly a unique experience, and the graphics and physics of the game make things very realistic, so you might get a serious adrenaline rush even if you’re not really riding on a roller coaster.

While the game is free, there are a few paid add-ons and expansion packs you can download that let you explore new themes and environments. They only cost $3 a pop.

5.    Rec Room

Rec Room is probably the most popular free game for Oculus Quest, having a near-perfect rating on the Oculus’ official website.

Design a space according to your liking and participate in various activities with your friends. You can customize your look and create a completely unique avatar. The advanced creation tools let you make custom rooms and explore almost endless possibilities. Not only can you create your own room, but you can also play in over 100,000 rooms created by other players.

There’s too much to say about Rec Room, and we just can’t do it justice. You will simply have to try it out for yourself. And why wouldn’t you? It’s free!


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