BMW brings Done, Lichtenstein, Stella and Warhol to Singapore

BMW brings Done, Lichtenstein, Stella and Warhol to Singapore

10.01.2007: BMW brings Done, Lichtenstein, Stella and Warhol to Singapore

For the very first time ever, four unique BMW Art Cars will go on display in Singapore from 24 January 2007.

The four, one-of-its-kind cars, part of the BMW Art Car Collection that has toured museums in Europe and the USA, were designed by artists Frank Stella (1976), Roy Lichtenstein (1977), Andy Warhol (1979), and Ken Done (1989). These objets d’art will be presented at a specially built, glass-and-steel structure at Empress Place from January 24 till February 11, 2007. The three-week long exhibition is a rare opportunity for the public to view works by four of the art  world’s contemporary masters, before they travel to other Asia-Pacific capital cities as part of a world tour.

Normally showcased in museums like the Louvre in Paris, the Royal Academy in London and the New York Whitney Museum of Modern Art, the BMW Art Cars Exhibition in Singapore is being staged with the support of the National Arts Council, the Association of Empress Place Attractions (EPA) and various other government agencies.

The four Art Cars, part of a 15-car collection, are being shown here in Singapore because the BMW Group wants to share world class art with a city that is increasingly making its cultural mark internationally, said the Managing Director of BMW Asia, Mr Roland Krueger;

"With Singapore’s growing stature as a city for the arts, the BMW Group felt this was an opportune time to contribute to the excitement and dynamism of the arts scene here. The BMW Art Cars are the fusion of technology and art by the world’s great contemporary artists. These artistic expressions, using cars as the canvas, embody the innovative spirit that is at the core of our company."

The BMW Group’s commitment to fine arts started as early as 1973, when it commissioned German painter Gerhard Richter to contribute to the foyer of the Group's architecturally captivating Munich headquarters by contributing three very large canvases. Today, it cooperates with cultural institutions around the world, primarily to support young artists who are at the cutting edge of current developments and take on new challenges.

Said the Chief Executive Officer of the National Arts Council, Mr Lee Suan Hiang,"BMW is a strong supporter of the arts around the world. In Singapore the NAC has recognised BMW with an Arts Supporter Award. This unique exhibition of BMW Art Cars shows the power of art in business and technology.

It is another example of BMW's firm commitment to the arts in Singapore. I hope that this exhibition of works by such world-famous contemporary art masters will provide a source of inspiration for our artistic and creative communities, and be yet another unique focal point for visitors to Singapore."

After Singapore, the "rolling sculptures" by Done, Lichtenstein, Stella and Warhol will travel to the Philippines for exhibitions at the Ayala Museum of Manila and the Artsonje Museum in Seoul, Korea. The showcase will continue to the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and the Te Papa Museum Auckland of New Zealand.

India's capital Delhi will be the last Asia-Pacific stop for the treasures of the BMW Art Car Collection before they are next exhibited between 2007 and 2010 in museums in Turkey and the US prior to their return to Europe. France, Spain and Portugal are also planning museum events.

In a parallel tour, another four BMW Art Cars painted by Alexander Calder (1975), Matazo Kayama (1990), David Hockney (1995), and Jenny Holzer (1999) will be exhibited throughout Taiwan, China, Russia and Africa. Stops are the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, the Long March Space in Beijing, La Villa des Arts in Casablanca as well as the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" in Moscow.


- Karyn Tan -


10.01.2007 / MaP

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