Strategic design for the future of the yacht industry.

Strategic design for the future of the yacht industry.

29.01.2010: Since the beginning of 2008, the BAVARIA Yachtbau GmbH has been a part of the client portfolio of DesignworksUSA, an international design consultancy and subsidiary of the BMW Group. The design studio, which apart from serving

Since the beginning of 2008, the BAVARIA Yachtbau GmbH has been a part of the client portfolio of DesignworksUSA, an international design consultancy and subsidiary of the BMW Group. The design studio, which apart from serving the automotive and yacht industries has also created trend-setting design for a multitude of other market sectors, was commissioned to assist BAVARIA Yachtbau GmbH with its fundamental reorientation after the business had been sold from private ownership to a shareholder company. This was considered necessary after the business had been sold to a shareholder company.

The new owners were convinced that the design factor would need to play a decisive role in establishing a successful realignment of the company. With the aim of repositioning the company in the market and generating more growth, BAVARIA commissioned DesignworksUSA with the development of a new design strategy. “We could have employed a genius from Italy to design some beautiful looking boats for us,” comments Andrés Cardenas, CEO of the BAVARIA GmbH.

“However, it’s not just about drawing pretty lines but also about integrating design into our manufacturing process. This is why we choose DesignworksUSA as they have the necessary know-how to achieve a harmonisation between design and series production,” Cardenas adds. The president of BMW Group DesignworksUSA, Laurenz Schaffer, praises the consequent reorientation of the company by its new leadership team:

„Since 2008 BAVARIA has impressively changed from a production driven shipyard to a company regarding design as an integral part of their business strategy to create products that can compete in the market through independent design”.


Design as a cornerstone of the corporate strategy.

Together with its client, DesignworksUSA launched a comprehensive strategic reorientation of BAVARIA’s range of motor boats and sailing boats in successful cooperation with Farr Yacht Design. Not only were existing boat lines and types modernized, but each line was given a concise character that can be transferred to all boat classes and also permits a great deal of variability in the final production stage.

While a clear differentiation between each line was the main focus, it was at the same time crucial to secure design consistency within the lines to offer the customer a familiar orientation and strengthen BAVARIA as a brand. In January 2009, the two companies together took an even further step into the future by giving potential BAVARIA customers a glance at what can be expected of the Giebelstadt-based company in the years ahead.

Customers can look forward to an entirely new boat line, positioned above the established two lines and representing a considerable leap in the direction of progressiveness, superiority and motor-boating pleasure. However, the initial task was not only to define an updated exterior design for the existing models, but also to put functionality to the test. Moreover, during the entire process the designers focused on harmonizing the new design strategy, which aims at achieving maximum design quality with BAVARIA’s existing series production processes.


Knowledge of the production process – a crucial key to success.

Due to its close ties with the automotive industry and its cross-industry knowledge, DesignworksUSA is in a position to conceive the most discerning design solutions for implementation in the most diverse production processes. Regardless of the product, be it an individually produced high-end premium computer or a series-produced yacht that is built in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

 “The quality of design consulting is characterised not only by designing creative concepts. In today’s economic climate it is more than ever the task of a design consultancy to offer comprehensive expertise with regard to processes and production methods in order to render intelligent design successful, above all when it comes to complex products such as those found in the mobility sector.

The mixture of brand fascination, product understanding and market-driven implementation are the key factors for success, and this is precisely where our greatest strength lies,” emphasises Niko von Saurma, head of DesignworksUSA’s Munich studio, from where the new BAVARIA design strategy originated. Thus, just two years after the commencement of the company’s reorientation, BAVARIA is boasting a discerning new design while offering a better choice, optimized spatial concepts as well as enhanced quality at familiar prices.


Three boat lines, three different characters, one single demand: Emotional design that works.

First of all, as part of the new design strategy, the new face of the Cruiser Line and its largest sailing yacht, the Cruiser 55, was introduced. The smallest motorboat, the Sport 28 succeeded, and a glance into the future was granted with the presentation of the firstling from the entirely new Deep Blue line. With this mix, BAVARIA opened a new chapter in its corporate history in January 2009.

And after almost a year it became obvious that the new models from the existing line were achieving substantially better sales figures at the Autumn Fairs than in times of a booming yacht market. Consequently, BAVARIA’s well-timed actions and a design-focused approach to realigning the company has paid off, allowing the boat builder to successfully respond to the critical trend in the boat industry.


The CRUISER line: For sportive sailing in high winds.

The CRUISER line concept is a consistent further development of its predecessor. It represents a reorientation towards a concise architectural design vocabulary and a symbiosis of innovative impulses with highest functionality and premium styling. With a deck that dispenses with all superfluity and a well-organised arrangement of all functions, the line offers sheer sailing pleasure of a truly new dimension.

The SPORT line: For a sportive but relaxing sailing experience.

The design of the new SPORT line is an evolutionary further development of this successful line which aims to serve both the BAVARIA core target group, new target groups and last but not least the future orientation of the brand. The design features a sculptural, bullet-shaped hull that implies tension and speed as well as dynamic contours that give the boat a sporty, vibrant and agile appearance.

The outstanding characteristics of the new Sport Line include significantly enhanced functionality, an generous spatial concept and a new, high-class surface quality.  With a pilot-oriented cockpit and a generously conceived lying and seating area, the Sport line is designed for maximum convenience onboard.  As a whole, the design creates a significantly increased perception of quality.


The new Deep Blue line: For those who already have the future in mind.

With the addition of the Deep Blue line, BAVARIA will be extending its portfolio. The line is characterised by an uncompromising symbiosis of sporty dynamics, powerful-looking aesthetics, a generous and innovative spatial concept and a supreme appearance.

The classic boat design with its dynamic exterior contours, concise visual orderliness on deck and a harmonious composition of deck and superstructure give the Deep Blue its very individual and distinctive character. Impressive proportions and sculptural exterior surfaces additionally underline the boat’s power and emphasize its sophisticated silhouette. With the design of this line, BAVARIA is targeting future and potential customers and strategically following up its process of modernization.

Awards for the new BAVARIA design

Cruiser 55 – Good Design 2009

Cruiser 55 – iF Award 2009

Deep Blue 46 – Good Design 2009

Deep Blue 46 – “Powerboat of the Year 2009” awarded by jury of six European Yachting Magazines

Deep Blue 46 – Voted “Boat of the Year” at the Croatia Boat Show 2009

CRUISER 32 – Nominated “Yacht of the Year 2009”

SPORT 28 – Nominated “Powerboat of the Year 2009”


Dirk Arnold -  photo BMW-


29.01.2010 / MaP

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